Discover what your personal brand before starting to social networks

You know? What is your personal brand?

Yes, you know what is your management, congratulations. You are in a position to define goals, business model, value proposition, messages and jump into any arena to communicate.

And, Conversely, you do not know What is your personal brand, that mark you leave on others, you need activarte. I'll explain why a little metaphor:

Let's go to the doctor

You can go to the doctor for several reasons, preventive or curative. Let's say the vast majority of doctor visits are due to a problem we suffer as patients (healing).

Well, imagine you get to the doctor and say that you are wrong and ask for a prescription. The doctor will not extend any recipes (treatment) because you need to know before diagnosis.

Occasionally diagnose our brand helps us to know each other better

You need a diagnosis to know what your personal brand. And for this there is nothing like asking. I usually suggest two ways to do:

Ask for feedback to others

It's the most reliable, It is based on the true personal brand, the impression we leave on others, the perceived identity. The way to manage it is simple: You can do it by phone, by mail, or better, anonymously through a Google Form.

What to ask to know What is your personal brand? You can ask to be defined in three words, explain how you are a competent person, how you can improve. If you have your dependents you can ask for your ability to lead, to make decisions, to delegate.

Who to ask? To your stakeholders. Clients enter here, contributors, professional colleagues, classmates and -why not- family.

I advise reading Smart Feedback (Noemí Vico, Jane and Rosa Rodriguez Trunk, LID 2017) for gestionar you feedback properly.

Tests de autoimagen

Unlike feedback, self-image test generates a representation of oneself based on what we have answered a test.

Among the most interesting would be DISC, Crystal Knows (based on DISC), test Emotional intelligence and the brand archetypes How to Fascinate.

I would make them all. Note that DISC has a cost, but it is extremely reliable. The more information you have about yourself and What is your personal brand, better.

I already have it, and now?

It's time to define your personal SWOT. Internal information (weaknesses and strengths) and thank you feedback and self-image test. It is working on the outside (threats and opportunities) with the help of data, research and everything you have at your fingertips.

With the DAFO prepared, You can delve into your personal strategy and later in your communication plan and networking. That we talk later. Greetings and happy week!

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  • Tuesday 23 October of 9 a 14h, new edition of Knowmad space, this time in Cádiz, with my colleagues Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Elena Arnaiz, Susana Beato, Lola Rueda and the great David Barreda. Free assistance.
  • Thursday 25 October of 12 a 15h, Workshop on personal brand (free) the University of Girona, campus Montilivi.
  • Thursday 25 October of 18 a 21h, Class on Personal Branding (1 of 2) UPF Tecnocampus in Mataro. Graduate Social Media and Digital Marketing.
  • Friday 26 October at 17h (Spain): Webinar on Political Personal Branding taught with Nancy Vazquez for QUIFER Consultants
  • Saturday 27 October at 11h, Prince room in Barcelona Meeting Point, Talk about personal branding for real estate professionals. Inscription here.

My most personal hand Nilton Navarro

Navarro Niton this week published a video interview with my most personal and non-transferable. I hope you like it.

Internet is cruel to those without message and "are" but not "are"

The difference Castilian notably the verb to be. To be transient gives a connotation, according to a location (be there), while being is permanent and involves a complex structure that makes up the personality. these differences, of course, They remain in and out of internet, Although the Internet allows anonymities deceptive and is a great error amplifier.

Which is but it is not: The “unbranded”, a profile of broad

Internet wandering souls of all kinds. We will focus a profile for the purpose of branding personal: those who are aimless or message, these people are but they are not.

Sometimes we relate cruelty and Internet RRSS very active profiles and committed messages. True, A politician, for example, that uses Twitter as an agenda as a discussion forum and many fights will be, insults etc. But surely this person has a roadmap that foresees certain moments of crisis triggered by certain keywords or concepts. Porting a solid concept 140 characters is not easy, and often it requires opening the link includes an exhaustive explanation. Since most users do not open links, criticism focuses on the twit. But back there, no cruelty, exists rubbing commitment involved with ideas and values.

But perhaps internet show your higher degree of aggression against those who They have not defined a target and a message: “is it so” but no “son”. They move through loose networks leaving comments, constantly repeating what others have said (end to an unhealthy), but without leaving a mark that identifique, to talk about their values, of its value proposition, your career goals. Possibly these people no one criticizes: simply They pass so unnoticed as inactive profiles, “is it so”, but no “son”. Part of the digital landscape, They get confused between zeros and ones. They are “unbranded”.

As for the inactive, we know that They represent about 40% created profiles on social networks. People who opens account, look, testing and finally leaves, but without deleting the profile. That causes a similar post profiles without photos or erroneous information sloppiness. Why these people do not remove their profiles? Do you think the fact that they do not see others not see them?. There are many people who create a profile “so you do not remove me”, in an attempt to protect the name, but eventually those profiles are either eliminated by the same networks or required by other people who seriously want to use.

So much for the profile that “is it so” without being.

Branding Personal: The question is how can “to be” and “to be”?

How? Working on personal branding. Nobody says it easy, but it has its compensations. And since the boundary between personal and professional increasingly blurred more, when we work our personal branding will also work our professional area. All this has little to do with internet, personal branding uses many media in their public visibility area. But to be true to the title of the article, Internet has to be a reflection with 100% fidelity of what we are and what we can contribute, our brand.

A process personal brand management is continuous and is defined in three basic steps:

1. We need to know what we are, what we are good at and what we do better than anyone (self-knowledge)

2. We need to know our north, know where we want to go, with whom, what solutions, our vision, mission, values, prospects, partners, messages, stories (personal strategy)

3. We need to make it known to all those who can extract an advantage of our value propositions, using conventional or new media with the intensity that allows us our time (Personal visibility)

We have to imagine a iceberg. The visible part is very small compared to the whole. And the mass of ice submerged, not exist visible iceberg. That is to say, You need to be grounded iceberg, as a process of personal branding. You need from a better knowledge of oneself (is not) and a personal strategy (is not) to ultimately be perceived by others.

In summary

With a strategy behind, our messages are not isolated salvos, They are pieces of a puzzle that we will build slowly and we will positioning itself as specialists without neglecting our human side, our story. And that goes for an autonomous, for a professional employee or for someone looking for work: aimless we are nothing, we don't leave a valuable mark and we just “we're”, but no “we are”. Finally, one like Mario Benedetti to explain the difference between being and being with his poem “To be and to be“.

self-knowledge, and visibility strategy, the keys to managing an attractive brand

Review appeared in EQUIPMENT AND TALENT

self-knowledge, and visibility strategy, the keys to building an attractive brand

Does the online image of a professional is as important as offline? How important plays in improving employability? Viadeo along with Guillem Recolons, personal branding expert and co-founder SoyMiMarca, They have presented the keys to building, improve and enhance the brand that projects an individual personal and professional level, both online and offline.

In this sense, Guillem Recolons noted: “The strategic goal of personal branding is to help us visualize where we want to be in ten years and learn to use the tools to reach that destination”. Thus, Recolons has highlighted three key steps for creating professional positioning we want:

self-knowledge: It is important to start by asking yourself some questions about our current situation. Who I am? What are my skills? How far my education and training arrives?
Strategy: How do others see me? How did I get here? What is my competition? What I want to achieve target? Once we have an accurate idea of ​​how we see ourselves and how we see, we are in a position to raise the best strategy for our positioning.
Visibility: It is time to start communicating our mission, vision and values, as if it were a business, and build our personal brand.

Likewise, Recolons stressed the need to work the message we convey and how we do. Bearing in mind that our brand communication occurs in any context, either offline level (on a business card, a networking session, el popular ‘elevator speech’, among others) as online (social networks, professional and nonprofessional, blogs, Online Reputation, among others).

Personal Branding Plan: -and manages- the script of your life

Today it launches Personal Branding Plan, the first self-management course online personal brand. An ambitious cooperative project that answers these questions:

  1. Are you waiting for opportunity of your life and not just come?
  2. These dissatisfied with your current job, but you're afraid to change?
  3. Your project is powerful but not get to heart your customers?
  4. Have you lost your job -or you're about to lose- and you do not know what to do to find another?

If you are not identified in these four questions you do not need to keep reading.

But if you feel identified, welcome to the club, read this article: you can help a lot, as:

  • Opportunities never come alone, because luck -although it seems a paradox- It is not the product of chance.
  • We are the only officials what happens to us and we have the opportunity to change the course of events, and this is our real luck, it is our opportunity.
  • We can move from troupes to be protagonists write our history and in our own benefit and that of the people around us.
And now, if you have 2 minutes, mírate this video: = e2ojkz3spKE[

Seen? I tell you more things:

Manage our personal brand is writing the script of our lives

  • The crisis He has put things in place permanently, rely on us and no one will come to our aid. Neither the State, nor the company, nobody will be our backer, This is part of the past, Prince Charming will not come to our rescue, rely on us.
  • manage our management is writing the script of our lives, learn to know, discover what our real dream, pave the way for it and explain it to others to share and to become the elect.
  • Starting today managing your personal brand is more at your fingertips. As I took a few days ago, Today I present the Personal Branding Plan the first course on-line self-management Paradox.

24x7x12: Hand of a mentor have at your disposal at any time of day, seven days a week, the method connect with yourself, develop your project or your dream, do what viable and communicate to others. In how much time? It depends on you, but on three months if we get some time each day.

I have had the honor of collaborating in the authorship of some content, specifically the session 8 POSITIONING and session 9 MESSAGE FORMATS, but perhaps the best thing has been to share the stage with professionals like Arancha Ruiz -Stories Cracks-, Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo -the writer-, Neus Arques -the pionera-, Oscar Del Santo -attraction marketing 2.0-, Pablo Adán says -marketing staff saved his life-, David Alcubierre -the teacher geek- and my partner Soymimarca, Jordi Collell -the vessel always full-.

Special mention deserves the consultant and friend Ladislau Girona, the locomotive of this project that I'll never be sufficiently grateful and honorable mention for Andrés Pérez Ortega, the sherpa who unknowingly has accompanied us on the climb to have opened the gap.

Finished. I can think of many more reasons for you to develop your plan and achieve your career goal, but I invite you to visit the course website for you to discover for yourself @

personal brand and castells

As you know, few weeks ago UNESCO castells designated as intangible cultural heritage. It seems a unique opportunity to establish a comparison with the creation of personal Records.

The Castells They are a typical festive demonstration of Catalunya, of over 200 years of antiguaty. It consists in raising human towers formed by the superposition of different levels (between 6 and 10). The Castells are erected by groups of men and women of all ages, called Collas. Castellers sport a traditional dress and each colla feature is distinguished by the color of the shirt worn by their members.

personal brand and castells

Ramon ilustration Curto

Lifting each castell It is accompanied by characteristic music, interpreted with a wind instrument called Gralla, which marks the pace of development of construction. Typically, the assistant to this kind of public exhibitions voluntarily join the human base on which the castells rise, formed by dozens of people.

pineapple: The secret of castells is similar to the secret of building personal brand: much basis, what is called “pineapple”. An important group of castellers, not seen, form the foundation, the basis for the endurance castell. In the personal brand that basis would be self-knowledge, analysis of the current situation, detection of skills and competencies. You can deeply into the base, strengthen; castells in this reinforcement called folre.

The trunk or central column: as they create new levels on the basis, weight decreases castellers, thus facilitating each person can hold in balance the weight of others. Personal brand in the middle column is the strategy, roadmap, which defines all the nuances where we want to go, deadlines, Partial goals.

The knob above: It is the most visible part of castells, which emerges with full force and with a hoist arm l'enxeneta indicates that everything went well. It is the metaphor of the top. Personal brand in this figure is represented by tools that facilitate visualization of the person, newspaper articles, lectures or public debates, the style, el networking, the presence in blogs, on social networks…

Do not trust who never calls itself “guru”, who believes in personal branding is to open an account Linkedin or who think that everything is solved with a blog. Personal brand needs three phases, like a castle, and that takes work, dedication and time. Shout out to casteller how many hours training before lifting a castell: all.