Are you one of those who confuses selfishness with self-esteem?

Are you one of those who confuses self-esteem with selfishness?

Loving yourself isn't bad, the bad thing is to believe; believe the center of the universe. Yesterday I was talking to Julio Muñiz, in his podcast Unmistakably, among other things, on the differences between self-esteem and selfishness. There are, and bigger than we think. If you're short on time, here's a one-minute video-summary. Self-esteem is … Read more

no crisis no challenges

No crisis, no challenges: Moving from routine to challenge

Of course, no crisis no challenges I allow myself to use this phrase from Albert Einstein to influence an aspect of the personal brand that I think is important: the need to self-question with some frequency. I explain myself: while everything points to self-esteem being the key to good brand projection … Read more