Disappearing Professions: Are you on the list?

We have heard and read by active and passive that any work that can be developed by a machine eventually disappear. And also that all work that does not provide a clear and differentiating value for their customers disappear. They are axioms of a time that has always existed: the invention of the wheel brought dramatic changes and opportunities for humanity, as did the introduction of the steam and subsequent industrial revolution in the late S. XVIII.

Disappearing Professions

This morning I read an article in La Vanguardia titled Do I work without workers? in which Bill Gates predicts the disappearance of dozens of professions by technological change. Of course, Article does not reveal anything that we did not know already, and perhaps it does is warn about the speed of change, something that since the invention of the wheel has occurred geometrically.

Although copyright issues I can not reproduce the article, we have drawn up the same image displayed professions “ready” disappearance. I really catches the eye the possible disappearance of the figure of tax consultant.

Is the tax advisor Disappears?

There are reasons for their disappearance, I do not deny it. His work can be replaced by a machine, This is clear if you have a good application, simple but powerful. But in terms of value I'm not so sure. Throughout my life I have encountered all kinds of tax advisers now say, Without fear of being wrong, that this profession can be transformed but I do not go away, since the value of a good consultant can not be replaced by a machine. What then? that, Fortunately, disappear bad tax advisers.

I think this is, in many cases, the news. professions do not go away, disappear mediocre professionals. Going back to advisory, I have met people who deserve to put on a street in the city: currantes, excellent connoisseurs of legislation, some lawyers, other economists. It was clear who the client was, but knew express clearly what were the red lines that could not be crossed. In recent years I came across an advisor who not only did not provide any value but let me profound economic and legal complications. The difference is between good and evil professional professional, and with that I do not want to deny that the watchmen no longer exist but sometimes transform professions, It becomes more sophisticated, to adapt to new times and acquire new connotations value. Often this involves the name of the profession change, but the background is still there.

What can you do if your profession is listed?

If your profession is on the list you need to understand the double meaning of the word crisis: danger and opportunity. And that requires a change, but not by profession, but the way the focus and how the anecdotes of real value to your customers. If a tax advisor is, Besides, economist and expert on international markets believe that their future is assured, but to differentiate themselves should be placed under his name a name that helps to understand that there is “one more” but someone “special”.

By last, Let us not forget that the machines also require engineers that manufacture, engineers who programmed and skilled people who use them.