Can be visual conversation?

Recall that markets are conversations (The Cluetrain Manifesto, 1999). And now, those conversations person-to-person, that dialogue, It is going to a visual platform.

If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, one picture accompanied labels (#hashtags) worth an empire. And that's what is happening with platforms like Instagram is (already owned by Facebook), Pinterest, Snapchat, and to a lesser extent Twitter and Facebook.

Instagram is

Instagram is

Networking conversation becomes visual because, among other things, synthesized images excellently concepts, if we add labels add nuance, and if we add the geolocation add places, the moments. The conversation becomes visual also because it is not necessary to reproduce literally in the world of bits we do in the real world, and We seek new languages that meet the new needs of immediacy (if you want, Call it lack of patience).

Someone will think that this is already invented video, but there is nothing synthetic and easy to interpret as a picture accompanied labels, requires only 10 seconds. Video is an excellent support, but the synthesis capacity is smaller and requires some connectivity to be seen in conditions.

From the standpoint of branding personal, visual conversation opens new Horizons, since many professionals who doubt their ability to write or star in a video testimonial can use this new support to strengthen his personal position / professional.

The phenomenon VISUAL THINKING finally finds the tools so that every human being can apply it in practice.

  • Instagram is He has revolutionized the visual conversation thanks, above all, to use in mobile devices, which gives you an unprecedented immediacy conversation. It also allows easily tiquetar, geotag and share tickets on networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and email them.
  • Pinterest remains one of the most attractive for graphic interface, very comfortable and that allows you to group images into folders (boards) and share them on other networks and tag.
  • The phenomenon Snapchat added elements Privacy the above: the post or posts just seconds are displayed, and then the trail disappears, resulting in, on the one hand that millions of "teens" have been released en masse to the network and, on the other hand, certain dangers. Dangers because as the image lasts a short time photos and videos are sent very committed (explicit content, OK?).
  • As to Twitter and Facebook, both support image and labels. Twitter was the pioneer network labeling with #hashtags, and it has adapted to the visual thinking. Facebook, on the contrary, It has gone from a very visual format to suit the hashtag to generate broader talks.

In summary, If you have a strategy Personal positioning and between your skills is not writing or speaking, I welcome the visual conversation, a phenomenon that already has powerful tools that will grow and expand their effectiveness and quality parameters. If you do not have a personal positioning strategy, what are you waiting for…

emotional specialization: It's not about being the best, it is be best suited


It's not about being the best, it is be best suited. I read this sentence in a post of coach Alfónso Alcántara “yoriento”. And the truth is that drives some reflection, because often those who are dedicated to branding personal We pretend something so stubborn that our customers are the best. And is not that. It is to be the preferred option, which are best suited to achieve your goal, whatever it is.

The distinction is important, since the effort to be the best it can be disproportionately high, since you have to cover many skills, many types of customers, many activities and do so in many channels. In this sense, I would like to tell you about something that I have in my head for some time. I call the “emotional specialization”.


It has been spoken much specialization as a way to gain an advantage position in the market. The problem is that positioning may not be relevant. I explain.

  • Innovate has a price, and that is to stay with an idea to let others you the excess. It has happened to many people and many brands. Look where he is now Blackberry, Look at Apple's efforts to be the N1: first Windows will copy the system, then Android, then…
  • Your niche may be too small. You may initially find customers, but these are exhausted very quickly. Relevance is key. Being welder diver is well, but specialize in sailing yachts you can become an irrelevant niche.
  • The difficulty of communicating, connect and sell increases as you move away from a market standard.

So, What can bring more emotional type of specialization?

Imagine that someone has just the right career and specializes, for example, in criminal law. There are many criminologists, You will have much competition. But there would be the opportunity to add a unique and relevant value to being a specialist in criminal law. It can be raised in two ways: the classic, hyper-specialization would format:

Criminal Law specialist lawyer violent crimes

But going beyond, an emotional specialization could add something unique:

Criminal lawyer maverick, I never give up

The big question is whether there is no market for this second assumption emotional specialization. But it is based on a axiom, possibly something that everyone agrees, It can greatly help the lawyer in question. From there you have to be consistent with the promise and prove, of course. If not, the thing goes unheeded.

In the case of emotional specialization second lawyer, What we do see is that you can afford a larger market than the criminal lawyer specializing in violent crimes, since the “nonconformist” you can work on all types of crime, and therefore chooses a greater portion of the cake. Returning to the title of this article, perhaps our lawyer “nonconformist” will not be the best, but it will be the most suitable.

I keep talking about it. If you liked my approach, share, please. If you liked a lot and need help emotionally specialize, I wait for you. Have a great day.

Will this be the year of personal branding?

Determining indications poke:

  1. Perceive in professional circuits that expression “personal branding”, “Personal Branding” or “branding personal” the They do not sound Chinese as a few years ago. These circuits include both independent professionals and those working in organizations.
  2. Search engine perceive that every day there are more people talking about it on the net. Unfortunately, many are “fake” Consultants who have not even taken the trouble to read a reference book.
  3. I perceive the growing interest publishing for publishing titles about personal branding.
  4. I sense that many responsible RRHH -even are approaching a timid- this world. Some do not because of ignorance or fear (not know what).
  5. I perceive that the US is no longer the only country referential personal brand. Latin America He is waking up and preparing professionals. And in Europe it burns.
  6. Perceive that the universities begins to open his eyes to the reality of personal branding.
  7. I perceive that companies, large and small, realize the power of people and the growing humanization of corporate communication.
  8. I sense that many people no longer are embarrassed recognize who they have been counseled by a personal brand consultant. Forgive the analogy, but other people think the issue should be treated as a breast enlargement operation: but it does not say.
  9. perceive that courses proliferate -Unfortunately the personal branding 90% son incomestibles- in the training scenario.
  10. I perceive, with great satisfaction, many already understand the personal branding as a personal investment medium-term.
Here you have a picture of Google Trends showing the evolution of interest about personal branding.

You have to thank many people this year, maybe, It will be the year of personal branding. On the right side of this blog is a list of link call “Personal Branding”. There are many of those responsible for spreading the concept.

Nonetheless, I have not gotten my mother knows what work. There is much to do, but the year looks good.

23 -the personal brand definition video-

If you had not yet clear what personal brand, This video helps to clarify concepts. Happy 2013!

I wish you had existed before, Graduate Personal Branding

Two years ago the newspaper La Vanguardia It placed the personal branding as one of the professions future 2020. They were wrong. The thing is ahead a few years.

Although it varies by author, my definition goes like this: Marca Personal It is the brand you project on others and Personal Branding It would be the strategic process to manage that mark.

We need to thank Tom Peters, Neus Arques, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Dan Schawbel, William Arruda, Brenda Bence, sappers personal branding, who began to talk about publishing reference books on the subject. then we have been others who have entered, as Jordi Collell, Pablo Adán says, Oscar Del Santo, Arancha Ruiz, much others… and myself.

Although everything evolves, Today there is a lot of literature on personal branding, but until now, and I know, It has not been treated the subject from a university formative perspective. Until now. The first step will be the last -no- it has dado Blanquerna Communication, from Universitat Ramon Llull, wherein the first Graduate Personal Branding.

What makes this unique graduate is new, but especially the quality of which will impart and its director and coordinator, Jordi Collell (Soymimarca) and Antoni Solanilla. Also noteworthy is the completeness of the program, you can refer to micro-site the graduate.

I would have loved that there was something a few years ago, When I was a student. I have no doubt that he had chosen. But I'm not complaining, now I can see from the faculty, I will share with colleagues except among whom are some of the pioneers of the personal brand.

If you have creative and entrepreneurial mindset, If you like helping people, If you want to feel the satisfaction of becoming one of the few personal branding consultants, do not hesitate, this is your graduate. I think it starts in October, so do not sleep, places are those that are.

The 16 May the On-line Self-Management Course Personal Brand launches

It is a pleasure to share a novelty with you @ s: next Wednesday 16 May it launches First Course On-line Self-Management of Personal Brand.

The course is aimed at anyone who wants to increase their chances of Professional success and it is structured as an authentic brand consultancy In the net.

The 16 May you can start improving your professional positioning from home

Together with my partner Soymimarca, Jordi Collell, They have actively participated in drafting some of the most recognized professionals Personal Branding: Neus Arques, Pablo Adán says, Oscar Del Santo, Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo, Arancha Ruiz and David Alcubierre.

Each course participant will have the permanent support of a mentor which will guide and resolve any doubts that may arise.

Geographical barriers and time will no longer be an obstacle to manage personal brand, the course will open the 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week and every day of the year.

From Model Iceberg personal brand each participant deepen its self-knowledge , will design its Strategy as a brand and will develop a plan Visibility on the net and in the real world. It will support materials and numerous practical exercises.

In twelve sessions and over about three months we suggest an exciting journey to discover, manage and give visibility to the Personal Personal.

I have personally dealt with two sessions: Positioning and Blog.

I hope to see you again next Wednesday 16 of May, I'll tell you all the details.

personal brand and lateral thinking

ago 40 Maltese thinker years Edward de Bono he published his "Lateral Thinking”, one of the best manuals creativity that has existed. I assure you that the method described in the book of Bono remains more relevant than ever. Today I will try to draw an analogy between the lateral thinking and personal branding.

If we consider that a personal brand is the bearer of a message and if we consider that this message should be compelling, Differential and relevant, we have a justification for using techniques divergent or lateral thinking.

To make a difference to help us generate a preference we need to think and act differently (Einstein got that too). Tom Peters, on “The brand You 50” It establishes forms of divergent thinking as "The main chance is becoming a free agent in an economy of free agents, looking to do your best work and to secure a remarkable track record”.

If we spend our lives trying to solve our weaknesses, We abandon our strengths and we will lose a unique opportunity to To position a linear environment.

Here we summarize some of the techniques that includes lateral thinking, both provocation and analogies:

random word

It is introducing a random word (entry point), then generate a word that is related to it, and so on, repeating this last step. Each time you change the word will attempt to link this to the problem for which you are looking for a solution, generating potential ideas.


In this case or objects involved in the problem under consideration and refuses or cancels a feature of it. From this new environment, this new situation created, They are seeking ideas with the usual tools.

Stepping stone

Here the idea is to exaggerate, distort or modify in any way an entity of the problem environment (is generally very useful to assume some entity is such that as it were want, not as it really is).

The method investment

Investment in these problems are altered in your direction to see what your hand and see how it can be solved, see the problem and turn to reach a favorable outcome. As this method is not planning to solve the problem of taking full but the main idea to invest serve to approach your solution. The investment approach also tries to avoid chain of ideas and stubbornness, find the craziest solutions may work sometimes. See the problem from different points of view, not look only at one, have different viewing angles that allow us to have a clearer view of the problem, not see superficially.

Fractionation or division

The purpose of fractionation is to break the solid model unit ideas, no matter what is confused at some points, but not about finding the parts or components split models, but creating new parts and fractionating the same components. Thus, by splitting the model, material is obtained for a restructuring models, It is attempting to form a new order. The purpose of fractionation is to avoid the effects of implicit models inhibition fixed by its decomposition.

appropriate responses

According to De Bono, There are three ways in which thought can be blocked: You may be missing some information, there may be a mental block or the obvious obstructs the vision of a better option. The third case would have a solution with the side logic. Once the information is structured and difficult to transform it into something else. Thus it seems obvious that the only way out is one that offers information and structured, so if responds to the problem being solved, it seems that there is no need to seek another.

I assure you that if you aplicáis one or more of these techniques to improve your personal brand. Often I meet clients presenting clear cases blocking. For example, people with extensive experience in a field, having failed in a project, They decide to reinvent renouncing experience.

I wish you well in trying. If you need a little help, count on me.

Professionals seeking 'personal branding'

Here's the article María Paz López appeared last Thursday in La Vanguardia

Employment strategies in times of crisis

Professionals seeking 'personal branding'

The method has two phases: Self-analysis of strengths and how to communicate them to others | Digital identity is built upon interaction and contacts; If you do not interact, do not exist

few years ago, talk about Personal Branding suggested a sporting universe of improving race times. But the words mutate social uses, and the emergence in the world of business and professions of Anglo-Saxon concept personal branding -this is, brand commercial sense applied to the people- has given expression personal brand new meaning.

augusto costhanzo

In Spain, more and more managers and business executives, and professionals from different disciplines, including master craftsmen, turn to agencies and experts to help them set up their own personal brand, which, in the best case, it will take to get a new job, advance your career or shine more in its scope. Internet and social networks have become essential elements of that bet.

"The method of creating personal brand takes elements of psychology, marketing, business management, communication and philosophy ", explains chemist Andrés Pérez Ortega, advisor of personal branding ( and author of the books Expertología. The science of becoming a professional reference (ed. Alienta) and Personal brand. How to become the preferred option (ed. Basic). Attention, Pérez Ortega clarifies: "Creating a brand, either a person or a product, It has two stages. The first is self analysis, their beliefs, values, strengths and abilities, and the second is that brand communication, establishment of relations. And everything has to be looking for authenticity, no makeup or false appearances ".

Mark -recalcan the experts is not a mere container; is confidence of others in that person or product, transmission is credibility. Among the cases cited by the agencies consulted, There are some illustrative (who they prefer not to be named). A steering Barca, for example, Consolidated employer in its sector, made abroad a refresher course for entrepreneurs. In that course he was awarded, so he grew his reputation as a "young entrepreneur", which paradoxically injured his profile entrepreneur and seated. For reposition, He lectured in business schools, and thus he created a personal brand senior expert in business management.

Another case: a Mexican journalist specializing in project management communication in his country wished to turn around his career. With the help of an expert in personal branding, redefined his: focus on communication projects in the field of women and work in Europe. The sessions were conducted via Skype and paid services by PayPal.
Internet tools are basic to create and transmit personal brand. It should be business card also in electronic form, and packaged in the classic curriculum vitae network as new modes teach professional knows what to do, with minivídeos, graphics and links. Keeping a blog theme help (the search engines favor), as well as having profiles LinkedIn andFacebook, and not neglect messages Twitter.

"The digital network identity is characterized by the interaction and contacts", Explain Neus Arques, partner and director of digital identity management companies ( and author of Y tú, ¿qué marca eres? 12 keys to managing your personal reputation (ed. Alienta). Interaction: "If you do not interact, -alerta not exist Arqués-. The mere fact of having discharged a profile online is not enough, must interact. And the contacts are on the network, people you know, They make endorsement of that digital identity ". Arqués and his team work with companies, not individuals, but they give seminars to groups of executives and business school students, They encourage those who manage themselves that personal brand online.

"The blog is an excellent tool visibility, as well as being in social networks, but we must also take care of the networking classic", Add Guillem Recolons, partner and consultant for a consulting career high ( Exchanging business cards at conferences and congresses still works, Just as the eye contact generates an empathy that does not give a photo, so it makes sense to combine both types of networking.

To define and direct the personal brand, Recolons and its partners and team practicesystem iceberg with a multidisciplinary approach: "The part of the iceberg that is not included self-knowledge and introspection, in the hands of a psychologist and a Coach, and product strategy, leading marketing specialist; while the visible part of the iceberg is the brand communication, of which an advertising deals, in this case ". Its clients include: Masters students loaded, entrepreneurs and unemployed professionals or active.

"Personal brand has to do with the values ​​we want to project, both at work and in society, with how we want to be perceived ", stated Nadine Kazerounian, British living in Barcelona, owner of the agency Praxis Image Consultants ( And, according Kazerounian, do not underestimate the classical concept image, understood in face mode. "First impressions about someone, and even the following, They are largely formed through visual cues: locker room, ways, body language and tone of voice, he argues,, so having a good self-image is essential to project the values ​​of personal branding, As the packaging is fundamental to the brand of a product ". As well help position it's welcome.

#lateraltwits 26 Twitter as a means of attracting people

I hope that companies engaged in HR are not angry with me, but the truth is that Twitter It is becoming gradually an interesting tool networking and capture “talent”.

I have seen him in person when two customers asked me to locate very specific profiles with time constraints that made it almost impossible mediation by a human resources specialist. And I found them pretty quickly. Over time, It is not difficult to overcome 500 or 600 twitter followers (remember that you also should follow), which creates an interesting belt. If you also place a hashtag easy to remember what you can accelerate.

I have the feeling that Twitter + Linkedin they can become perfect platforms for active job search. its immediacy, low costs (nulos a Twitter), and above all, synthesis capacity versus heavy curricula formats, are its main advantages. Of course, If I worked in that sector I'd get in there head.

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#lateraltwits 13 Twitter as a way of life

It sounds a bit harsh, but yes, There are companies and individuals who make their living with Twitter. And lots! In the same way there are people who earn their living with esoteric services on mobile 900 and websites of questionable content, Twitter is for many professionals a livelihood.

to get started, application developers make their August with Twitter, one of the fastest growing networks with more than 100 million users. For example, Here are some of the most commonly used:

Just Tweet It, Twubble, Twittie Me, twit, We Follow, Twellow, Twitscoop, Trendistic (previously Flaptor Search), Tweet Scan, Twitterment, Tweetmeme, Twistori, Twitturly, GoodBadMe, Favotter, Twitterholic, Toptweet, Twitrank, Tweet Beep, Site volume, Tweet Volume, Monitter, Hashtags, Twemes, Tweetchannel, Twitter Meter, Flaptor Trends, Twitter Spectrum, Serendipitwiterrous, Twittertroll, Twitter Buz, Link Bunch, Tweetwire, Twitterlinkr, Twitturls, Twitter Split, Twittearth, Twitter Vision, My Tweet Map, GeoTwitterous, Twitter Map, Twitter Local, TwitSpy, Geo Twitter, Mibazaar, Twitter Atlas, Twitter Faces, Twitter Keys, Twi8r, Phweet, Micro Reviews, Notches, Louder Tweets, Twitter Digest, Tweet2tweet, Twalala, Tweet Wheel, Twitter Karma, Twitter Snooze, My Tweeple, Less Friends, Qwitter, Does Follow, Twitterless, Twitter100, Twitterator, Twitter Who, Twitterlex, What’s Up?, Add Tweets, Twitterfeed, Feed Tweeter, Twitter Counter, Twit This, Twitter Tools, Twitter for WordPress, Loudtwitter, Twitter Sharts, Twitt Twoo, Twitter Updater, Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget, WordTwit, Comment Twitter SMS Notification, Stammy’s RSS To Twitter, PingTwitter,, Hello.txt , Moodblast, Twibler, Twizon, iTwitter, Be Twittered, Twitter Facebook App, Friendfeed Twitter client, Twitku, Buy Later, Twitter Yedda, Twitget, Twitter Planet, Twitt, Twitter Viddler, Drupal on Twitter, Googlereader Twitter Script, Twitter King Widget, Your Minis, Group Tweet, Live Twitting, Crowd Status, Twitter Groups, Timer, Retweet Me, Remember the Milk, Twittercal, My Chores,Planypus, Server Mojo, Tweet Later, Twittertise, Tweet Ahead, Twit Response, Lazy Tweet, Toanswer, At Answer Me, Twitter Answers, Straw Poll, Twitter Polldaddy, Poll Tweets, Twittpoll, Tweet Burner, Twitter Grader, Tweet Stats, Twinfluence, tweeple Nonsense, Twit Graph, Tweet 140, Twitter Ratio, Twittad, Magpie, Easy Tweets, The Mattinator, Twitter Backs, Twitter Patterns, Tweet Backs, Siah Design, Buttons, Twignature, Twitpic, Autopostr, Snaptweet, Twixr, Visual Twitter, Twitter Poster, Twiddeo, Twitplus, Twittershare, Twixxer, Tweet Cube, Pikter, Twittermail, Twitter Reply, OuTwit, Vtwitter, mail2twitter, Twittytunes,, Wiiizzz, Twit a Bit, Take two, Twitter Safe, Hahlo, Twitter Blacklist, Twerp Scan, Twitspam, TwitterIM, Yahoo Messenger Twitter Sync Plugin, TwitterYM, Twessenger, Twit4live, TikiTwit, Twitterific, Mad Twitter, Tweet-r. Twidget, Twhirl, Tweetdeck, Twinja, Chopper, Pwytter, Teletwitter, Twitterlicious, Twitter CLI, BLT, Twitteroo, Chirrup, Twadget, Twitgit, Vim Twitter Client, ZenTwitter, Twitux, Deskbar Twitter, Gtwitter, Twit.el, Spaz, Tweeter, GTwitter, NatsuLion, Twitterpod, Twitterpost, Twittereeze, Twit Ki, Twitterfox, Shareaholic, Twitbin, Firefox Search Plugin, Twitterbar, Tweetbar, Twippera, Power Twitter, Yoono, Twitzer, Twitterlights, Twitterbook, Twitterline, Maxthon, Twitterfone, Twitsay, Twitter for iphone, Itwtr, Pocket Tweets, Twittai, CCtwit, Twapper, Twittelator, Twitterberry, Vlingo, Email Twitter, iTweet, Qik, Jargon, MoTwit, Widsets, Moby Picture, Twixr, Locify, Fring, Jitter Abiro, jTwitter, Twidroid, Twitteresce, Twobile, Tiny Twitter, Twitter SpellCheck, Secret Tweet, Curse Bird, Tweet What You Eat, Foodfeed, Xbox 360 Gamer Tag, Twee60, @Trackthis, Bkkeeper, Commuter Feed, Foamee, within Witter, Qwitter Tobacco, Post like a Pirate, Roll the dice, Twitter Me This, Tweet gift, Twaction, Xpenser, Twithire, GasCalc, Moonrise, Deal Tagger, LOL feeds, Textgasm, Sad Statements, Twitter Nonsense, Xbox to Twitter app, Twitterbox, Swotter, Twitterlit…
I do not follow, each day there are many applications created to enhance the experience with Twitter. For our latitudes, the most popular applications are Tweetdeck. Twitpick, Twit this y Quitter. I promise to make a “review” of the most significant applications in future posts.
In addition to applications, many companies getting you make a living “followers” or followers to your profile seem important. I personally bet on more qualitative profiles, but the truth is that many people earn their living with Twitter.

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