What kind of unassefiable risks can an organization that devotes efforts to its employees fully advocates their uniqueness?

Confieso que el título se lo he robado a un post soberbio de Miquel Àngel Escobar titulado Empresa y Personal Branding. La singularidad genera marcas fuertes (a veces demasiado) Me preguntaban hace pocos días unos colegas si la singularidad de las personas es relevante y arriesgada en las organizaciones y la marca que éstas proyectan. … Read more

The most-watched ad in history is not an ad. Goodbye, Advertising.

Advertising has lost its role as a leader in commercial communication. What's going on? Is branding the natural evolution of advertising?

Carlos Graell brings an excellent side view of art

I strongly recommend a visit to Carles Graell's blog to enjoy what could be a sideways way to understand art. As the writer Joan Fuster said in her book “The discredit of reality“, art that has become abstract has set aside the representation of reality after … Read more