conversation to connect

Conversation to connect: #Networking to project your personal brand

    One of the biggest difficulties in the Internet age is at once one of the greatest opportunities: conversation to connect with the right person. We understand a suitable person for a potential Conversation customer to connect: from bit atoms If we have the practice of chatting to connect in the real world, The … Read more

Dialogue on personal branding / Guillem Recolons & Paula Fernández-Ochoa

Personal branding dialogue, the #BrandingWeekRD's preview

My colleague Paula Fernández-Ochoa and I offered a dialogue about personal branding that we titled “You stand out or go extinct“. It was within the framework of a webinar organized by Quifer Consultores (Dominican Republic) like warming up or warming up of events that will take place in the #BrandingWeekRD of early February 2019 in Santo Domingo. tea … Read more


#BrandingWeekRD Branding Days in the Dominican Republic

Save the date #BrandingWeekRD It's possible that little Caribbean paradise called dominican Republic will take you away. That's why, it's about the journey there worth it. And organizing events, my friends and partners Anabel Ferreiras and Issac G. Merino, “Guilty” MADI Congress and founders of Quifer Consultores, are unique … Read more