Tiickr, advertising in exchange for incentives

literally I transcribe an article which I found at about a new formula (very side, in my view) to recruit and retain customers through social media:

A few months ago, Alberto Lorente (then marketing director phone operator MÁSmovil) He had a revelation. Preparing a small action that Mark gave its participants 7.000 condones in exchange for filling out a short form and discuss it with friends. Within minutes she was over 40 comments Facebook.

tiickr"Beyond the campaign itself, I realised that we have an army in Red sells us”, explains Llorente. He joined this idea of ​​revitalizing power of social networks with the philosophy of Bzz Agents, an American agency specializing in word of mouth offline, and he launched Tiickr.

"This is helping brands to spread and chat in real time. There are a large number of users willing to promote you if you win your confidence talking to them honestly. It is important that everyone can say without censorship ". Lorente The idea is based on building a community divided between the major social networks, to become involved in projects, in exchange for certain incentives. "For example, a balance of 10 euros on your mobile if you agree to give your opinion or participate in contests ".

In addition to helping move campaigns and marketing strategies, Tiickr offers other services. "In the past, while he is working in a multinational, we pay 100.000 euros for a study that took three months to complete. It was not bad, but now I have that information in real time through social media ", explains Llorente. And how you plan to convince marketing managers reluctant to bet on social media?

"At the end, budgets such actions are so small that no longer interesting experiments. In addition, the return is super measurable and can create a similar report to a clipping of PR ". The company, which will start operating in November, already you have Másmovil as first client.