#11S2013 Communication and contracomunicación: swords raised


Echoes of the past Via Catalan from 11 last September have exceeded covers the following week in the press. The War figures continues with the usual pace: those who are upset with the human chain have low numbers (400.000 people according to the interior minister, Catalan Jorge Fernández Díaz). Instead, those who would like to see Catalonia as a new European state initially welcomed the figure 1.500.000 people now, gigafoto as to the Via Catalana is becoming clear, It is talking about a mobilization of nearly 2.000.000 of people, which would mean a milestone without too many precedents.

Image: unique Sabadell

Image: unique Sabadell

With swords aloft, cabinets communication policy one side or the other are devoting great attention to find the best way to neutralize or maximize the effect of human chain. There are all kinds of contaminants, but perhaps the most notorious is the one involving far-right groups shouting "Catalonia is Spain" or "Puta Catalonia" in its irruption in the Blanquerna bookshop in Madrid. contaminants also appear in the side independence, the mindless classic burning flags etc.

The role of the press is key to to feed or neutralize this mobilization. In the state media would "The country"On one side and"ABC”, “The reason" for the other. “The world”, for free, always bet on the holder to help generate more controversy, go against one or against other. Televisions reinforce its role as pro or against, and so we have some more neutral as Mediaset (Four and Tele5) and others ruling as TVE or the group A3Media. in Catalonia, TV3, audience leader, He has given maximum coverage to the Via Catalana, and he has also done Grupo Godo to a lesser extent.

Rather than as a citizen Catalan me very striking it is the obsession of many media responsible for making this mobilization Artur Mas. Forgive me Mr.. But, but I would have liked to have the drawing power. Mr. But he did not read clearly the manifestation of 11S 2012 in Barcelona, he thought that much of that million and a half people were potential voters and their electoral crashed in advance. Mr. But it had nothing to do with the Via Catalana. As much, will be able to influence media coverage of the event, a little more.

Via Catalana has been a transverse movement an important part of Catalan civil society, a movement whose main fuel has a double source:

  1. The anticatalanismo visceral part of Spanish society, manifested by many of its political representatives in the form of economic pressure, explosive statements, constitutional breastplates, boycotts etc..
  2. The civil movements Catalan as ANC, all Culture and many others, they have achieved more respect and credibility that the political class.

In the communication war we are living, Catalunya has to lose, as it faces the world alone and with little support. Commissioner Almunia, few months ago I posed as something possible the automatic inclusion of Catalunya in the EU should become independent, He is championing the contrary speech since they have stretched ears.

However, messages have appeared by social networks that, not coming political color coated, are becoming excellent ammunition Catalunya: the letter of Catalan tennis, Jordi Évole article about the silent majority, Article “Catalonia” Andreu Buenafuente, Ona Carbonell demonstrations, Olympic champion… In social networks, communication that smells party or media does not get the viral interest from netizens. But everything comes from human beings, citizens, opinion leaders nonpolitical, it constitutes "the talk". And do not forget the power of a well planned conversation. Already said the introduction of Manifesto Cluetrain (1999): markets are conversations.

If the governments of both sides do not analyze in detail the transversality This phenomenon, their communication cabinets shoot salvos, little more. A exfalangista economist insinuating that you have to bombard Barcelona does not scare the Catalans, on the contrary, adds new followers to get out of Spain.

In Madrid I have been expelled twice from a taxi by phone speak Catalan ... with my daughter! Who feeds that ignorance, that pollution?. Communication is everything, and if politicians are willing to avoid hatred, they can get. On the contrary, Via Catalana will become more and bigger.

personal brand and castells

As you know, few weeks ago UNESCO castells designated as intangible cultural heritage. It seems a unique opportunity to establish a comparison with the creation of personal Records.

The Castells They are a typical festive demonstration of Catalunya, of over 200 years of antiguaty. It consists in raising human towers formed by the superposition of different levels (between 6 and 10). The Castells are erected by groups of men and women of all ages, called Collas. Castellers sport a traditional dress and each colla feature is distinguished by the color of the shirt worn by their members.

personal brand and castells

Ramon ilustration Curto

Lifting each castell It is accompanied by characteristic music, interpreted with a wind instrument called Gralla, which marks the pace of development of construction. Typically, the assistant to this kind of public exhibitions voluntarily join the human base on which the castells rise, formed by dozens of people.

pineapple: The secret of castells is similar to the secret of building personal brand: much basis, what is called “pineapple”. An important group of castellers, not seen, form the foundation, the basis for the endurance castell. In the personal brand that basis would be self-knowledge, analysis of the current situation, detection of skills and competencies. You can deeply into the base, strengthen; castells in this reinforcement called folre.

The trunk or central column: as they create new levels on the basis, weight decreases castellers, thus facilitating each person can hold in balance the weight of others. Personal brand in the middle column is the strategy, roadmap, which defines all the nuances where we want to go, deadlines, Partial goals.

The knob above: It is the most visible part of castells, which emerges with full force and with a hoist arm l'enxeneta indicates that everything went well. It is the metaphor of the top. Personal brand in this figure is represented by tools that facilitate visualization of the person, newspaper articles, lectures or public debates, the style, el networking, the presence in blogs, on social networks…

Do not trust who never calls itself “guru”, who believes in personal branding is to open an account Linkedin or who think that everything is solved with a blog. Personal brand needs three phases, like a castle, and that takes work, dedication and time. Shout out to casteller how many hours training before lifting a castell: all.