Rodolfo Chikilicuatre: In defense of notoriety. It is also creative freaky.

Rodolfo Chikilicuatre eventually will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with the piece “Chiki Chiki”. I've read countless reviews tacky, freak, Song and singer. But the truth is that a song totaling almost 3 million viewings in Google has to be something special, and it is. Aside if one does not like or the type of music, the letter or character, the truth is that the whole blunts. It is out of the norm, It does not go unnoticed. The singer is not a singer, This is David Fernández, the team's Roof, inseparable from Buenafuente. The song is not a song, It is a multidisciplinary dance. The letter, which it has been censored to compete, not wasted.

Actually is the set which constitutes an absolutely remarkable and creative piece. Lo freak, in this case, It is novel. In a few months, when everyone wants to imitate Rodolfo, freak it will no longer be creative, will no longer break.