15. ¿Cómo has configurado tu marca personal?

Son muchos los elementos que configuran una marca personal. Of course, la formación es uno muy importante, que pone los cimientos de lo que luego seremos. Pero una vez entramos en el mercado de trabajo, ¿Qué nos distingue de los demás?… ¿Autenticidad? ¿Inquietud constante? ¿Espíritu guerrero? Imaginemos que sí, que seas una persona “Authentic” In … Read more

11. How many virtual connections do you have?

Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts, friends on MySpace, Twitter followers, blog readers… This is your virtual patromony. If you want it to be a real estate too, interact with them. Send messages, publishes notes, Tweets, congratulations anniversaries, create thematic groups. Your virtual connections are more important than you think. Maybe Twitter is the … Read more

10. What kind of business do you work in? Visionary or dinosaur?

As Bernd Schuster would say, “there's nothing else to do”. The truth is that the focus “Dinosaur” is often the preferred by banks when it comes to giving credit. Strong companies, often familiar, who have not made excessive changes to their internal and external approach. Everything's fine until in a recession … Read more

9. What are your goals? Have you written a plan to reach them?

What happens to us every beginning of the year, or right after the summer? That very often we take advantage of that circumstance to set personal goals. There are many kinds of them: Health: lose weight x kilos, sign us up for a gym, running 10km marches, follow a balanced diet, quit smoking, do yoga… Family: find a partner, Decide … Read more