Political PRDS, Religion, Sports, sex and personal brand

Policy, Religion, Sports, Sex: PRDS and #MarcaPersonal

    I've been reflecting on whether politics unites us or separates us for a while, if religion unites us or separates us, and the same with sports and sex, the group I named PRDS. What do you think? Do we get joined by prDS aspects or do we separate? And what will that have to do with … Read more

Social Compliance Asch Experiment

What drives social compliance? (Asch's experiment)

Some time ago I participated in an article by Alicia Pomares with my colleagues Jordi Collell and Colia Hil entitled From fireflies to gleaming stars. It wasn't inherently about social conformity, but it does on the so-called "Solomon Asch syndrome" a pathology derived from the Asch Experiment. This pathology could be summed up as the … Read more