What's your best brand asset?

What is a brand asset?

Actually you are your most important brand asset. An asset that nobody can take away. Your knowledge, skills, performance, looks and experiences you make you a single person, unrepeatable.

But do not be fooled: Personal branding, managing your Personal Branding Is NOT about finding your best YOU. That's a very nice phrase, but unrealistic, or at least incomplete. It's about finding, developing and making visible your real YOU. And measure it. And modify elements of your strategy as needed.

If I had to list here my resume of mistakes, I would need an ebook. And almost always these errors have come from self complacency, sometimes to believe that a pat on the back or like on a social network could be assimilated as signs of success.

What do you want your brand assets to represent ?

As mentioned, your brand asset is YOU. Now you need to do an exercise in empathy to understand what positioning, the brand territory you want to occupy in the minds of your stakeholders.

I emphasize the word "brand" for something important. If only you embrace a proposed generic value, not unique, you're closer to represent a product that an active brand. I always like to remember the old definition of brand used by most advertisers: unique value proposition.

If you bet on functionality (hard skills) not related to emotional intelligence skills, you just compete by price. Low price. We are always willing to pay more for a brand, its field of meaning is very rich, and it solves rational and emotional needs. Ask yourself if you meet these types of needs, and if you do differently: you've identified your value proposition.

Surround yourself with unconventional people

If you surround yourself with gray people, you will not be better than those people, you will be gray. Jobs told the Stanford students "Stay hungry, Stay foolish". I could not agree more. Only curiosity and desire to try new things save us. And the gray people are conformist, who prefer to live in a safe mediocrity to risk and go every day the roller coaster of life.

It has always been my best when I have met with exceptional people. They spread curiosity, enthusiasm and a point of madness.

Do not ask those people what they do, asks how and why they do. Ask them for their purpose, looking for that utopian side, irreverent it is having an impossible dream and go after it. Their brand asset will be yours. Someone said we are the average of people we dealt with. I do not know how much truth is there in that, but just in case, better surround yourself with people who are paid to my insight of the value proposition: “If you don´t add value, you don't matter”.

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Personal Branding news on books

We are having an unbeatable 2019. First it came Andrés Pérez Ortega with his fifth book “Monetízate” (Alienta). Then it followed Eva Collado with his second book “El Mundo cambia, ¿y tú?” (Alienta). And now I am pleased to announce the imminent release of the second book of Ami BondiaMundo de Valientes” (Círculo Rojo) and the third edition (Not just printing) which was the debut of the mother of the personal brand, Neus Arques, with his “Y tú, ¿qué marca eres?“(Alienta).

Mundo de Valientes And you what brand you are?

Personal Branding World, the personal brand specialists GeoLocator created by Fran Segarra

My friend Fran Segarra had a great idea: put on the map to personal strategy specialists worldwide. A complex task “non stop”, but very useful to know where “the tribe” of personal brand is placed. A great post I invite you to read and “manipulate”: Personal Branding World.

If Apple loses, we're all going to hell

Today is a great day for innovation and creativity.

Today we learned that Samsung You shall indemnify Apple plagiarism. Specifically, They were at stake iPhone patents. Samsung, with all my respect, He had no qualms about copying your model Galaxy everything that was in the iPhone. Of course, also he introduced some new, just missing, but Samsung saved millions in research.

So far the news, not just. Samsung appeal (of course) and the wheel continues. But why it is important that Apple has won the first pulse?

Because if Apple lost, we're all going to hell. Mean that those who believe, those investing, those investigating, those who innovate have no place in the world. That place would become of those who plagiarize, those who imitate.

This morning I read a tweet from a guy who was wondering what I get if Apple gets compensation from Samsung. Such symphony lacks vision (Thank you Daniel H. Pink), and trees do not let him see the forest. If justice does not protect those investing in R & D, back to the caves.

What if I have an iPhone? Why not, and my daughter has a Galaxy.

Back to look at this ad campaign “Think different”. May help us better understand how creativity works. Thanks Steve Jobs, Today's sentence is a great tribute to your work.

[youtube] = EryxBXY8OHo[/youtube]

Happiness after dismissal

It is a topic to talk about dismissal and depression, mourning phase, of uncertainty, disorientation, crisis. As he had said Louis van Gaal, "Always negative". And, What about the positive side of dismissal? Why you would never talk about people who have discovered that there is a better life after an ERE? What about those who, From overnight, They have discovered that they were authentic entrepreneurs? Why do we insist so much on our coverfailures? Is there life after dismissal?

How could it be otherwise, I will begin with a case I believe I know well, mine.

For GR. Life begins at forty

Photo taken at my funeral advertising, on 2004

the what

I have the personal and professional privilege to have experienced a layoff, what was the lever launch of a new life with more flavors than unpleasantness. With more flashes of happiness than sadness. If today I dedicate to personal branding it is because of what happened at the end of 2004.

The how

I started my career very young. My first payroll, contract internship advertising agency Tiempo BBDO, It is dated January 1979. I had 16 and she is studying at night. I understood then that the environment communication, This iscreativity, advertising and all the madness that lead would become myprofession.

So it was. Pass 11 years J. Walter Thompson, then by Bassat & Ogilvy and then Saatchi & Saatchi. Total, some 20 years in the environment of international advertising agency, working for big-budget advertisers and global brands. after those 20 years I wanted a taste of being a shareholder of a company, so I accepted the offer to head the agency Barcelona Altraforma. Year 1998 and the experience could not start better.

I felt comfortable, It works with the same intensity or more, weekends, some nights. But it works "for me". A small piece of the result (If I recall one 15%) it was Min e. In 2000 and 2001 we managed to put the agency ranking places reserved for very large groups. We were a dreamboat. We receive many offers from multinational purchasing groups. The circumstances made no such offer was accepted (crass error) and that 2003 signs are sighted deceleration. I lost a client, some untimely dismissal, things happen in the best families and are often overcome.

But something happened that marked my life forever. Without knowing it, I settled on "comfort zone“, in the brain that obscures the need to change the way of doing things. It is possible that some adverse circumstance in my family environment influenced my mood, but outside any rate in September 2004 I reached out an agreement with the majority shareholder of the agency. Euphemisms aside, I was fired from the company. Let's be clear, please. I sold my shares and I went in December of that same year, after a Christmas party that became my funeral advertising.

In January 2005, and thanks to an advertiser who did not want to release my, I started my own business, Lateral Consulting. What side it came by the positive influence of Edward de Bono y su “Lateral thinking”, a book that should be read to babies in the cradle.

There I discovered that I could work like a donkey and be happy. The pressures were my pressures, nobody put me goals, I put them on my own. Without knowing it, iDEE my own personal branding plan. In 2007 I accepted an offer to manage the business in Spain TVLowCost, a young French agency that broke the mold and opened in two years subsidiaries worldwide defying its philosophy to large multinationals. The invention is not worked here, which it gave me new parameters to know what not to do, but fortunately my business with Lateral Consulting worked well.

In 2007, from Lateral, I started working on projects and communication strategypeople-oriented, professionals. Politicians, entrepreneurs, people who had suffered a layoff ... I still do not know, but my good friend Linda Reichard One day he told me that what I did is called "personal branding“.

Earlier 2010, hand that would later be my current partner, Jordi Collell, We attended a conference in Madrid on personal brand captained by sherpa Andrés Pérez Ortega, and in October of that same year we opened SOYMIMARCA.

The why. Key learnings.

Happiness exists. You just have to go get it. And that is achieved overcoming fears.

Risking is key. If you do not risk you can live reasonably well with a living wage, but it will be difficult to go to work with the appropriate degree of motivation.

You can live with less. Many people are closed in band to undertake for fear of not reaching the levels of remuneration they were working as employees.

Think big. Think big. If you have a good idea, ponle resources, do not be stingy. No idea prosper without a decent investment.

Surround yourself with the best. So far the topic. But I mean surround yourself with the best people, of people whom you can trust the keys to your life. Quickly detach yourself who do not share your level of enthusiasm for the project, It will become a toxic agent.

Become a plan. you map. Follows a script. And you see adapted according to circumstances. Do not close to change course, but keep the destination. And remember, as the Greek poet said Constantino Kavafis, the important thing is not only to reach the destination, but learning trip without forcing the crossing.


Routine delicious

September arrives and routines recover. A relief for parents with school-age children. A relief for entrepreneurs, freelancers and other animals of these species among which I include myself.

Why do so many people hate routines?, Why do many believe that routine is the enemy of creativity?

The opposite, a good creative process is a planned routine that can be seasoned with drops of inspiration. Lateral thinking does not flow spontaneously until the brain has assimilated as their own. Thus, the thinking is divergently by certain routines.

Season begins 2011/2012. You're welcome, routine.

#lateraltwits 15 Twitter as a stimulus to creativity

As it stands today the yard, any new stimulus to creativity is welcome. Y Twitter it is. Here are some advantages of Twitter as a creative stimulus.

  • Access to fresh information, quick opinions, the creation of a circle of people who can be a source of inspiration
  • Tell short stories fragments reduced. Runs much sympathy for Twitter
  • Follow people you trust, creators “spark” whose RSS hast discovered through Twitter
  • An opportunity to connect with creative minds from around the world
  • Twitter is good to generate brainstormings fast to new ideas and also to measure the interest that cause

This requires lose their fear of sharing ideas, Twitter is a open network, and if only you have 2 followers, If your idea is good it will be retuiteada to reach thousands of people.

Many of my post Side or SOYMIMARCA They have been inspired by mini-stories found on Twitter. Often I am looking at my twits breakfast of my favorite lists, They are a great source of inspiration and motivation.

I hope on Wednesday “#lateraltwits 16 Twitter as public agenda (political and Twitter)”

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Creativity applied to business cards

Stay in unemployment is not a problem to have business cards zero cost. Magazine fire Life published today some very creative.







Creativity and the Risk Factor, new message from Edward de Bono

The new message from Edward de Bono talks about the need for new approaches to the times of crisis, and greater need for creativity. I prefer that you read the original version:
lightbulbToo often people think of creativity as being concerned with new products, new services and new markets. All of these imply a risk factor. So in difficult times people tend to reduce their creative efforts.

It could be argued that in difficult times there is more need for creativity than at other times. There may be new situations to consider and new problems to solve.
Too often it is forgotten that one of the main outcomes of creativity is ‘simplification’. This may reduce costs, manpower etc. The current way of doing things may not be the best. There may even be operations which can simply be dropped. In my book on Simplicity I suggest dropping passport control on leaving the UK. Three months later this was dropped. I cannot prove any connection.

Left hemisphere, right hemisphere, lateral thinking and mathematics

It seems that there is no creativity and lateral thinking in mathematics

Previously it was common in schools include creative activities or lateral thinking in areas linked to arts education and literature. Little is linked with mathematics, to which notions and procedures already closed was considered that the student had to repeat.

What is creativity?

The creativity, as we have spoken from this blog, is the process present a problem clearly to mind, It is the ability to see new possibilities and do something about it. The school is the essential space, It is ideal for the development of thought and creativity place; by applying systematic action to promote a gradual development of mathematical thinking skills.

Creativity is potential in humans and is capable of being developed; It is not exclusive to geniuses, but it is present in all human beings imagine, transform and create something. Obviously the individual who has inherited creative skills and has enjoyed an environment that stimulated and encouraged creativity, will achieve a higher level of creative performance.

Current research claims that with daily training in this discipline, an incredible brain stimulation is achieved, improving both analytical skills and creative.

left brain and creativity

Traditional schooling tends to partial development of our mental capacity as it favors only the development of the left brain that has to do with our logical behavior, thorough and prudent and little deals with the right hemisphere that has to do with creativity, intuition and audacity.

lateral thinking in schools does a pending issue?

The school is an enabling environment for students to carry out activities to develop their lateral thinking, and mathematics is an important source of problematic situations suitable for this purpose.

It comes to my mind the essential TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson, English specialist based in the US, a little gem of 2006 if you have not seen yet, I recommend with heart:

Mathematics, Creativity and Lateral Thinking

Since mathematics, what can be done it is broad and diverse, from the approach to the implementation problems of playful exercises that encourage students to believe in himself, in their abilities and self-esteem, so can help promote lateral thinking of our students.

As proof that math can be creative, Here we have an equation that ends with the result SEX = FUN.

Human Brain by Doggygraph on

A must for those seeking new forms of creativity: "Electoral Spots. The spectacle of democracy. "

Under this very descriptive title is being held at the Palau de la Virreina in Barcelona (Ramblas 99 next to La Boqueria) an exhibition on the election campaign spots around the world. In total analyzed 2.800 spots classified by 13 categories: Catastrophe, Firm hand, Tears, Provoto, Twins, opponents, Fiction, Animation, Musical, Parody, Homeland, Change and TV.

I recommend a visit, because it is not easy under normal circumstances see spots in Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, remember the first spots of Bill Clinton, or our first pro-voting spots of Spain in early 80.

In addition the classification is very original, and it allows from a few guffaws in the section "catastrophic" to admire the famous spot youtube "Yes we can" in the "change".

The initiative of the exhibition and book published (DVD's included) following the same part of the City Council of Barcelona, Institut de Cultura and very specifically from Jorge Luis Marzo and Arturo "Fito" Rodríguez. Marzo and Fito explained in the foreword that the idea of ​​some papers found at the hotel where murdered Guatemala Roberto Alfa, known creative advertising specialist in political campaigns.

I also recommend the book, which allows go into greater detail about the bowels of political communication, and includes a selection of 200 Best spots on DVD.

Without further ado, I leave you with youtube piece "Yes we can".


Creativity is not just thinking something different. That something must add value.

effectively, reciting Edward de Bono, generating an idea of ​​a triangular door is different, but it provides little value. Thanks to technology we can now see and hear live Bono. Deputy defining this video better than any other lateral thinking.