Crisis and brand ambassadors

Crisis and internal brand ambassadors, a luxury booster

Internal brand ambassador programs (employee advocacy) are usually carried out as a reinforcement of corporate branding. But as I wrote in another post, one of the functions to take into account such programs is to help combat a crisis. Crisis? Until now fear prevailed over the … Read more

Happiness after dismissal

Es un tópico hablar de despido y depresión, de fases de luto, de indefinición, desorientación, Crisis. Como hubiera dicho Louis Van Gaal, “siempre negativo”. But, ¿Qué pasa con el lado positivo del despido? ¿Por qué nunca se habla de personas que han descubierto que existe una vida mejor tras un ERE? ¿Qué hay de todos aquellos que, of the … Read more

+45: Looking for a second chance

In 2009, more than 1.300.000 elderly people 45 years have gone on to thicken the queue of unemployment in Spain. I read a few months ago in Expansion that professionals over 45 years are among the most hurt by the economic crisis. It remains curious that this age represents the fullness of the … Read more

18. Do you often use Google to find answers?

If so, Well done. Google is one of the largest sources of knowledge. And not just because of your web search, also as an image finder, blog blogs, maps, alerts… If you also have knowledge of English, your answers expand, because the sum ravages. Google will move you to Wikipedia, to YouTube, … Read more

17. What was the last time you tried to create something new?

If anything good has the crisis it is that it forces the need for change. Not for nothing, the Greek word crisis means change. It's hard, unless you work in the public administration, that in recent years or months there hasn't been a change in your employment situation. Right now it's … Read more

Limitation of thought

Perhaps this time of crisis will allow us to recover old values that we had hidden in some drawer. The phase of the unsused growth of our economy in recent years 30 years comes to an end. Nothing will be so easy from now on, but you have to see the positive part: possibly we dust off the culture of effort, something very useful … Read more

Por fin aparece el pensamiento positivo (VW Passat UK)

La crisis pedía a gritos que alguna marca deje ya de ofrecer ventajas de precio y prestaciones para centrase en un enfoque que llegue mejor al hemisferio derecho de nuestros cerebros: Lo ha hecho la agencia DDB de Londres para un anuncio del VolksWagen Passat. El concepto no puede ser más claro y anti-crisis: POSITIVERead more