Personal brand diagnosis 13: Building the SDFO

In the 4 last chapters of the Iceberg series I have dealt with the "D" of "Weaknesses" with Elena Arnaiz, the "F" of Strongholds with Xavi Roca, the "A" of Threats with Arancha Ruiz and the "O" of Opportunities with Francisco Alcaide. A luxury. It's the turn to build the SDSO, and to do it in a practical and practical way … Read more

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Personal brand diagnosis 12: Analyzing opportunities

In the 11 previous chapters of the Iceberg series I have discussed the diagnosis of our personal brand: perceived identity, own identity, digital identity identity by name in search engines, on social media and by keywords. I have also discussed with Elena Arnaiz the "D" of "Weaknesses" of the STHFO, the "F" of Strongholds with Xavi Roca, The … Read more

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When the main threat leads to an opportunity for our personal brand

I guess you'll wonder.… What is the main threat? Cuando trabajamos nuestro DAFO personal (if you haven't, I encourage you to prepare it), we consider threat as an external factor. We don't have direct control, because these can be changes in laws, technological changes, Regulations… pero sí tiene una incidencia directa en nuestra actividad yRead more

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Find out what your personal brand is before you jump into social media

¿Lo sabes? ¿Cuál es tu marca personal? Si ya sabes cuál es tu marca personal, Congratulations. Estás en situación de definir objetivos, business model, value proposition, mensajes y lanzarte a cualquier ruedo a comunicarla. Si, por el contrario, no sabes cuál es tu marca personal, esa marca que dejas en los demás, necesitasRead more

How to fortify our strengths in the STEFO / Guillem Recolons / Personal Brand

How to fortify our strengths

Hace unos días hablaba de cómo debilitar nuestras debilidades, in what was the start of a series of articles about personal DAFO. Today it's the turn of the fortresses What to do with our strengths? How to fortify our strengths? Tipos de fortalezas personales Lo que nos diferencia de los demás. In short, loRead more