How weaken our weaknesses

Can we weaken our weaknesses? Clearly we all have weaknesses. Even Superman had his, This is Kryptonite. Weaknesses could simply be things that do not interest us, or areas where we have not focused our efforts: in the end, the day only has 24 hours.

Types of weaknesses


Weaknesses can move anywhere between convenience and toxicity to our interests. They can be a sign of:
  1. Lack of interest: This does not go with me
  2. Lack of education or training, including bad habits
  3. Lack of ability: The job requires a gorilla 200kg and are human
  4. limiting beliefs
  5. overused strengths: Use our strengths in excess can be harmful. as a detractor
Possibly you have heard or read the phrase, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. The same applies to our strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to know thoroughly. That way we can say “yes” those things that involve our strengths, and simply say “no” activities that we will not be useful.

We identify our kryponita

To identify our personal kryptonite we need to question them and score:
  1. What I am aware weaknesses?
  2. When teamwork What roles that would be important to avoid my personal brand plan?
  3. When we faced with an insurmountable obstacle, What do we pay?
  4. What has been less successful project that we have addressed and what has been the cause?

Validation phase


With previous data, contrast with others to validate these weaknesses.
Ask someone passing detected a weakness of which we are unaware.
We will see that what for us many things representing weaknesses, for others are strengths.
Let weaknesses reviewed on a scale to weigh the value that can be a hindrance to our race and not (example: have poor handwriting can not be an operational weakness).

Action Phase

The Personal Brand Workbook PWC at this point defines a start action based 3M: mitigate, manage, master, which translates as minimizing, manage, mentorizar.
1. Minimize the impact of our weaknesses to not enter into projects requiring skills not mastered. Or better, find a way to delegate to another teammate so he can play to his strengths.
2. Manage. Focus only on solving those weaknesses that can get in achieving our objectives.
3. Mentorizar. To take full advantage of the opportunities that will give us to weaken our weaknesses, we might consider the help of mentors.



We see that when we work our staff DAFO is not enough to identify our weaknesses, we need to validate and create an action plan aimed at, by perplexed as it may seem, It weakens our weaknesses.

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