emotional specialization: It's not about being the best, it is be best suited


It's not about being the best, it is be best suited. I read this sentence in a post of coach Alfónso Alcántara “yoriento”. And the truth is that drives some reflection, because often those who are dedicated to branding personal We pretend something so stubborn that our customers are the best. And is not that. It is to be the preferred option, which are best suited to achieve your goal, whatever it is.

The distinction is important, since the effort to be the best it can be disproportionately high, since you have to cover many skills, many types of customers, many activities and do so in many channels. In this sense, I would like to tell you about something that I have in my head for some time. I call the “emotional specialization”.


It has been spoken much specialization as a way to gain an advantage position in the market. The problem is that positioning may not be relevant. I explain.

  • Innovate has a price, and that is to stay with an idea to let others you the excess. It has happened to many people and many brands. Look where he is now Blackberry, Look at Apple's efforts to be the N1: first Windows will copy the system, then Android, then…
  • Your niche may be too small. You may initially find customers, but these are exhausted very quickly. Relevance is key. Being welder diver is well, but specialize in sailing yachts you can become an irrelevant niche.
  • The difficulty of communicating, connect and sell increases as you move away from a market standard.

So, What can bring more emotional type of specialization?

Imagine that someone has just the right career and specializes, for example, in criminal law. There are many criminologists, You will have much competition. But there would be the opportunity to add a unique and relevant value to being a specialist in criminal law. It can be raised in two ways: the classic, hyper-specialization would format:

Criminal Law specialist lawyer violent crimes

But going beyond, an emotional specialization could add something unique:

Criminal lawyer maverick, I never give up

The big question is whether there is no market for this second assumption emotional specialization. But it is based on a axiom, possibly something that everyone agrees, It can greatly help the lawyer in question. From there you have to be consistent with the promise and prove, of course. If not, the thing goes unheeded.

In the case of emotional specialization second lawyer, What we do see is that you can afford a larger market than the criminal lawyer specializing in violent crimes, since the “nonconformist” you can work on all types of crime, and therefore chooses a greater portion of the cake. Returning to the title of this article, perhaps our lawyer “nonconformist” will not be the best, but it will be the most suitable.

I keep talking about it. If you liked my approach, share, please. If you liked a lot and need help emotionally specialize, I wait for you. Have a great day.

What is personal branding?, What is it for?

It seems interesting to repost this article montse Taboada, personal branding coach de soymimarca. In it we find the essence of personal branding.

According Wikipedia, Personal Brand (in English Personal Branding) It is a concept of personal development consisting consider oneself as a brand, that as trademarks, It must be made, transmitted and protected, a spirit of differentiate and achieve greater success in social and professional relationships. Personal brand pursues the impression made durable and suggest the benefit of the relationship between the trademark holder and the observer.

In the times, create one Personal Branding It is more than necessary, It is hardly win an asset that can be assessed.

Like the great trademarks, those who want to be known and respected for our work, we need a clear strategy to develop and position our brand. Who does not know Bill Gates, asked, Michael Dell, Porter,... they are all great brands ... The concept of personal branding does not try to convert people into material objects, but on the contraty, is that the person is not listed as a curriculum vitae, Like other, but the person is seen as different and able to make its unique value and unrepeatable.

Unlike other approaches to professional improvement techniques that tend to improve personal characteristics, This approach tends personal brand personal promotion through the perception that others have one.