Finding a job is fucked. If you also opted for a good job, It is very fucked. Friends of Infojobs, who they know Latin in terms of employment, They have launched digital publishing e-book “NETWORKING, Tips, ideas and tricks for employment in 2015”.

I have had the honor of working with true artists professional development, as Dolors Reig, Alfonso Alcántara, Bethlehem Claver, Elena Huerga, Iñaki González, José Luis Orihuela, my friend Celia Hil and Eduardo Moreno.

Index of contents / authors

  • First you think, when you find someone from your profile (José Luis Orihuela)
  • How to know which excel. Stand is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity (Guillem Recolons)
  • Social networks: technologies of empowerment and participation (Dolors Reig)
  • Networking 2.0: stop looking for work and start meeting people (Alfonso Alcántara)
  • Are you really unemployed? (Bethlehem Claver)
  • Your contact: practical tips to start creating it (Elena Huerga)
  • Coping with networking (Iñaki González)
  • No networking just will access the 20% employment (Celia Hil),
  • personal brand for professional improvement (Eduardo Moreno)
  • Getting the most out of networking (InfoJobs)

Here I leave a link to download the book from Slideshare.


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NETWORKING, ebook cover

I gather the words of Dtr. General Infojobs, Jaume Gurt, to help understand the new context:

Today the revolution in the world of work is here. Social and technological changes, concentrated in recent years, They have affected and forever alter the ecosystem of employment and labor market.

  • The emergence of social networks
  • The explosive growth of smart phones and mobile devices
  • Collaborative economy
  • The economic crisis that has left Spain with an unemployment rate of 22%

Four data illustrate better how these changes have affected the world of work:

  • In Spain there are over 17 millions of people who use a social network
  • more than 50% of people visiting InfoJobs it does so from a mobile device
  • In September 2008 He was in InfoJobs 80.000 live vacancies. The crisis has lowered this figure to 27.000

The combination of these factors has caused a major change in the habits of people, They are seeking greater capacity ratio, ubiquity and immediacy. Largely, social networks have come to meet this demand with new spaces, new forms of communication, relationships and opportunity for personal projection.

Job search is a social activity. Social networks offer possibilities, not only for those actively seeking employment, but also for those who are open to new opportunities, those who want to develop, those who want to experience and those who aspire to grow in reputation or personal brand.

In this frame, NETWORKING opens a world of possibilities endless so broad that, without a good guide without tips for beginners and advanced, It can be very easy to get lost and do not take full advantage that unfolds before our eyes.

Learn how to build a network of contacts from scratch; how to make good use; how to project our personal and professional profile; how to make the most; how to guide our actions to the goals we have set ourselves; and how to optimize the time you spend, It is only part of what you will find in this book.