Personal brand management, strategy 1 – tools 0

This week disappear, or reinvent themselves- two tools that I have used in recent years to support personal brand management (personal branding): Klout and Storify.


Controversial from the start, Klout He was best known for his influence index online, a number between 1 and 100 indicating your “power” as influenciador, especially on Twitter (also measured other networks). In 2013 I published a blog post titled Soymimarca The Unbearable Lightness of Klout. In the article, said that despite their mistakes (very flagrant), Klout was here to stay. You see that as augurero I will not make a living. Have passed 5 years old , and Klout has closed this week.

Hootsuite keyword

Hootsuite, Keyword Tracking

Nor was visionary company Lithium Technologies, Klout he bought in March 2014 and that closes 4 years later after paying 200 million US $.

Lithium says they will build another tool that overcomes the imperfections of an algorithm to all improvable lights. Of course, You might not consider myself an expert in air conditioners me or my colleague Eva Collado Durán seen as the expert in humidifiers.

But for me, Klout was primarily a excellent source of content curation. Klout page you could search for content by topics, and the truth is that in #PersonalBranding and #MarcaPersonal was unbeatable. I will miss missing this facet of Klout, though of course there are many alternatives, as tracking keywords (hashtags) of Hootsuite, less glamorous but equally effective (in the image).

As for the index, It was used by many companies for promotional purposes. The marketeros understood that if someone had an index +70 It would be an excellent influencer to try a free service or product. In addition, many companies, especially in the US called for a minimum index Klout professional communication. That is over.

On the one hand, try to give a product to a influencer It has its risks (especially if it is a bad product or influencer perverted). For another, you can be a super-expert in online communication has not worked their own personal brand network; then the company that hires you not make a mistake, as you can handle much better networks than someone with a high index Klout.

Finally, so complicated. The best of Klout index is not measured the size of your community, but their engagement or level of interaction with you. That explains that profiles with discrete communities may have influence rates higher than “accumulators” fans. With permission Ridley Scott, all these profits will be lost in time like tears in rain… (until a tool that lime imperfections, possibly payment).


This hurts me especially, How now I will keep the memory of an event following hashtags? Storify allowed to collect everything published under a hashtag in a period of about three or four days, just enough to monitor an event.

The truth is that it was limited to Twitter (once again), the inventor of the hashtag, and Instagram (hashtag perfection). Today, many social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin… allow (They have yet to polish its software) follow hashtags. Make a test. Follow #marcapersonal in Twitter, Instagram is, Facebook and Linkedin and you'll see the differences.

I remember a BIG DEAL, yes, Personal Branding Lab Day first edition of 2015. He had multiple echoes, but one of the most complete (there were about 1.000 publications) It was monitored by the now defunct Storify under the hashtag #PBLabDay. That nothing remains on Twitter (that year). In Instagram is it is easier to find content.

Strategy 1, Tools 0

Once again, It shows that everything that is not in your hands to be missed. The strategy is what we own, and tools should be at your service. I'm not the only one (my colleague Andrés Pérez Ortega He was tired of saying) repeating again and again that it is better to post on your own blog (Your digital home) than in Linkedin. We do not know when Microsoft decided to get rid, make it premium Buying or selling blog Press.

Leave memory of what you want on your own, not outsiders. Do not trust tools. Many, including me, We picked our version of PBLabDay 2015, 2016 or 2017 our blog. As long as we pay the domain, the hosting and maintenance, that content It will be there although many of the links (as Klout or Storify) are already broken.

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A recommended reading

One of my great mentors regarding Personal Branding is Cuban, based in the Dominican Republic. My good friend, The teacher Vladimir Estrada, He has published an article a must read for all who want to know what works and how personal branding (as a result) and personal branding (as a process) in companies. Here I leave the link, with long boring 34.000 words of wisdom: Personal brand and company: the other truth.

The funny thing is that a few months ago I was at home and could not see for health reasons. He is now recovered, so hopefully soon shake hands.