online presence: the visibility of your company

In the company, each new technological breakthrough has been made reluctantly. At the time, the use of the cash register questioned, of the computer, fax, mobile phone or Internet. Adopt the technology in question at the right time is always a great competitive advantage, so getting late can be very expensive.

In the company, each new technological breakthrough has been made reluctantly

Nobody disputes and whether to be on the Internet, but while we are witnessing a stage of adoption of social networking on a personal and business level. However many companies, especially SMEs, They are confusing the introduction into social networks with the adoption of technology: must be on social networks and are.

To this end, with more or less success, responsible learning tools to one or more persons. That is to say, They are taught to use a hammer, a handsaw and a palette, and hope to build a house, although they do not have very clear how this should be, or they deliver them to the planes should continue to build. As in the physical world, in the online also we find many "abandoned works", for having started without criterion, without adequate social networking strategy or for the brand itself.

Late 2011 They were recorded over 500 millions of websites, almost half of them created in the same year. With this data, We can imagine how the Internet is growing and how it will continue in the coming years. As for users, The figures speak of 2.000 million users worldwide, although this figure will rise so fast that extends the use of Internet in emerging countries thanks to smartphones and tablets.

They estimated about 1.000 million accounts on Facebook and about 500 million in twitter

Data from social networks are no less impressive, with some 1.000 million estimated Facebook accounts and about 500 million twitter, plus a number of social networks that appear regularly and accumulating users.

As e-commerce, the estimated billing 2011 It was around 700.000 million worldwide and is expected to be reached 1,4 trillion in 2015.

So, It is open a great opportunity for companies that want to take advantage to the environment 2.0 offers, not only consist of selling. This environment also facilitates brand building, customer service, the test product and, from customer contact, knowledge of consumer tastes or detection of trends.

The online presence is more than just having a web and be in social networks

These appalling numbers suggest as one of the keys to thrive in this environment: obtain adequate visibility. The online presence is more than just having a web and be in social networks.

Was long ago surpassed that of "if you're not online, do not exist "and almost is also another maximum: "If Google does not find you, do not exist ". The important thing for your business is what happens after that search.

Once the prospective customer has reached your site should be able to easily access the information you want and must find a simple purchase process and to provide security. Security and authority are values ​​that, among others, They provide the content offered on your corporate blog and the relationship with your customers in different social networks, and their opinion about your products or services. It should also be easy for the customer to share their discoveries, give your opinion or ask for more information.

Although this may seem somewhat convoluted, actually it is not very different from how we've done things before existing Google or Internet.

Until recently, when you wanted to know something about a brand or product, for example, when you wanted to change cars, you bought several magazines to inform, consultabas the opinion of your friends and you basabas on the experiences of other users around you to make a purchase decision.

Now we consulted Google instead of buying magazines, We ask the opinion of our friends on social networks and value the brand reputation online before making the decision. Even, throught social media, We can contact a skilled person.

We have not done anything but replicate in the digital world what we already do in the world of atoms, adapting to the new environment.

In the physical world, sure you're very clear that if you were to start a business you would in a crowded place, there where potential buyers will pass in front of your window. Also quite obvious to say that you'd try your local be as comfortable as possible for your visitors and, placing both the products and the information concerning these, priority would ease to be found and understood. Likewise, you would take care of providing excellent service to the favorable opinions of satisfied customers were your best advertisement.

This, which it is so obvious in the physical world, It does not seem so easy when we talk about the digital environment. On the other hand, In this environment new resources and tools appear daily, which require a significant effort both in knowledge and in the learning phase.

This fact is causing increasingly important copper design adapted to a "social ecosystem" strategy, whose operation is quite different from its physical equivalent. Social networks are composed of people who interact and share interests, so they are not welcome intrusive marketing techniques, more widespread in the physical world.

Visibility can not be achieved anyway. A wrong or no strategy will be a time bomb of unpredictable effects. Good online presence strategies combine the presence in several networks and manage various resources, each adapted to its peculiarities and to the objectives.

Deploy the necessary actions to achieve visibility in the environment 2.0 It requires less financial investment than in other promotional platforms to achieve the same results. However, if it lacks a strategy, You can waste a lot of time and resources and, like that and everything, not get results.

And people spend more time online than in any other media and much of that time is spent interacting in social networks.

Of course, visibility exists even if your company or brand are not using these channels. The bad news is that visibility and, therefore the image of your company in the environment 2.0, is in the hands of third parties and may be a point negative comment is all that appears on a search, with consequent damage.

And people spend more time online than in any other media and much of that time is spent interacting in social networks.

More and more companies who value what you have opportunity this trend. In fact, of the 100 largest companies in the world, 87 They are present in, at least, a social network.

Thus, it is important to use resources 2.0 (Web page, blog, social networks and other) based on a strategy to achieve the objectives, using appropriate tools to optimize actions, analyzing interactions and measuring results. This strategy should be designed, executed and monitored with the help of good professionals to make profitable investments in time and money and get results.

No hero without dragon

Today we talk about innovation. And we talk about the essential role of specialized consultants innovation to achieve appreciable interesting.

When I see a friend or client some type of innovation arises it is often asked these forms:

1. Looking from inside the walls of the company. It is most common. Creativity meets all internal limitations we can imagine: “this we can not do here”, “We do not have staff to develop this idea”, “our customers do not fit”.

2. Look from the outside of the walls of the company. Excess benchmarking can also generate the false belief that life is too beautiful. Not everything that happens across the Atlantic working on our side.

3. blatantly copy the closest competitors. It is a reaction known. They call us and tell us: “I want an equal approach that Fulano”. Your answer Why? You know if it works?. Usually they do not know, but the short-termism makes hasty decisions.

Few are those who try to approach the issue professionally, and less those who resort to professional innovation to find new ways.

In recent months I have been fortunate to meet one of these professionals, Gian-Lluís Ribechini, dragon trying to break paradigms.

One of the advantages of Ribechini is his training as an engineer. Why? because where there is no method engineer. And if the method is to innovate, We have a beautiful mix of vertical thinking and lateral thinking that is unrivaled.

Do you want to innovate? Want to be a hero? Perfect, but remember: No hero without dragon.