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Start from scratch after a pothole… Impossible task?

Start from scratch has it happened to you? can it happen to you? I've come across some cases of people who, after a career bump, se plantean empezar desde cero. In personal brand management we often talk about change. When someone seeks a new approach they may be due to many factors. Causas que nos llevanRead more

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Authentic, Relevant, different #ARD_ebook

Authentic, Relevant, different are key in an impeccable personal brand, and they're also titled the last ebook 2014 from Soymimarca, already in free download personas

Mi balance de 2014 solo puede ser bueno: he conocido a grandes personas

Mis hechos mayúsculos no están detrás de contratos firmados, de trabajos bien hechos, de actualidades, están en las personas como tú, en grandes personas