Starting from scratch after a bump… ¿Impossible task?

Will start from scratch happened to you? You can spend?

I've encountered some cases of people who, After a blip in his career, they consider Starting over. Personal brand management we often talk about change. When someone searches for a new approach it may be due to many factors.

Causes that lead us to start from scratch

  • Dismissal. In this case I would like to recall that when a person involuntarily terminated his career in an organization, you are fired from the organization, not of the profession. Often occurs syndrome “I'll break all” leading to decisions not always appropriate. We must deeply analyze the reasons for dismissal, you may have no connection with the skills and achievements.
  • Dissatisfaction with career development . It occurs when a person realizes he was wrong career. Example: a person studying economics, and spent two years working as a consultant realizes that what he does not like. It's not the company's fault, simply that the vision and values ​​themselves are not aligned with the “job description”.
  • In environments “contaminated” (Interior dismissal). Be watching the clock, lose enthusiasm for work, leave a few minutes before the hour. It is not a problem of the type of work to be done. The Interior dismissal It has to do with emotional stability, with living with greater than or equal to no chemistry.
  • Uncertainty. In a recent post I discussed automation risk professions. If you are an insurance agent or accountant you will have seen that many of the tasks you desempeñabas now can manage software, CRM, an app. The risk of uncertain future is there.
  • Disease. Many people ask Starting over after suffering a disease that could be related to job stress. Heart problems, depression, some cancers… It is common to seek a new life, even at the expense of giving up income or other benefits. There is something very important at stake, more than any employment or entrepreneurial project.
  • failed entrepreneurial project. Maybe the most frequent case. Among entrepreneurs, raise your hand that you have not had one or more failed projects. In this, and experience, I can only say that every failure is a lesson that indicates the ways in which we must not return. Get up and insist.
  • New skills acquired. I comes to mind coaching. Many people I know have been trained in coaching as a parallel activity to work and ended up starting a new project from scratch. Or even changing department within the organization.

Starting over 1: Overcoming self-pity

In most cases the reason for the change is involuntary, a period of self-pity occurs. Not worth for anything, this is not my, there is no place for me. Curiously, This is a time instead of looking for answers, we keep asking questions. As if we did not believe in the diagnosis.

I declare myself a fan of the series Suits (the key to success). In a passage of the 7th episode of the 4th season I found a reflection in this sense that I leave here. Lasts less than a minute, but it contains an idea which helps to understand how to overcome self-pity:

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) It is a professional transit time. You will see one of your customers, someone who overcame a blip, and asks what was the key to success. The employer created a new concept called “fantasy baseball”. To get there was essential to stop questioning to start finding answers. But that was not all, and most importantly.

The employer supports their values ​​change, professional maturation process that led him to put forward human relationships that the economic benefits. I understand is it not a benefit to be surrounded by people with whom you share goals and values?

Starting over 2: Our personal brand carries scars, can not it be a different way

Starting from scratch is not an impossible task. The scars of our past experiences are pure sap for the future. We must assume that it is never too late to start again. yes, always analyzing what is the engine of change and what will be the fuel that will drive our new life.

If that's not motivation enough, Cheer up listening to the great Willie Nelson and On the road again.


Guillem Recolons and Enrique Rueda

20 August 2017

I dedicate these lines to my friend Enrique Rueda, someone who never trembled pulse to start from scratch, delude new projects, and I do always from from humility, The humanity, with respect for the values ​​and enthusiasm for life and friendship. It's a shame you are no longer in this world, Doc. The world needs more people like you. eternal embrace.


real, relevant, different #ARD_ebook

e-book for free download

The book is now available e-book format 2014 of Soymimarca with a selection of the best posts of 23 authors. The book's title “real, relevant, different” It reflects the philosophy of many who are dedicated to Personal Branding and follows a direct parallel with the personal brand Iceberg methodology (self-knowledge, strategy, visibility).


Authenticity is the driving value of all personal brand; in other words, if there is no own brand authenticity. But authenticity is also the result of a process of self-knowledge, the basic foundation and first step in managing brand. best phrase I can think of Oscar Wilde than that of defining the importance of authenticity in the personal context: “Be yourself; everyone else is taken”.


Authentic ebook, relevant, differentRelevance is the result of a strategic process. Of little use to communicate without message without relevance. What we do (not only what we say) You need to provide value to others, and if not it will be offering a proposal “commodity”, one more, perhaps only it based on price. Here you have to work and get empathy instead of another to understand if what we offer does improve others.


As the English say, last but not least. If what we are and what we do is cloned thousand people, our offer is linear. It is critical to work our value propositions and, at the same time, find a different way of communicating to not be part of the ether. My colleague Andres Perez approached me a phrase (I do not know the porpietario) the other day that fits well with this: “If you no difference for something, They discarded you for anything”.


It has been a pleasure to share the stage with this bunch of cracks: Jordi Collell, Alexia Herms, Xavi Roca, Eva Collado Durán, Pablo Adán says, Celestino Martinez, Elena Tecchiati, Javier Zamora, Gabriel auz, Oianko Choperena, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Rubén G. Castro, Miguel Angel Escobar, Reyes Ferrer, Pau Hortal, Javier Santamarta, Eva Ballarín, Enrique Rueda, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, of Pau Samo, Carmen Gibert, Francesc Segarra and Toni Muñoz.

And the ebook?

Here it is, in this link. Enjoy it, criticize it and also if you like, share. Thank you “in advance”


My balance 2014 it can only be good: I have met great people

When it comes to the year-end balances come get used to highlight very egregious facts. I will not be different. Or if. My egregious facts are not behind contracts signed, Job well done, Ephemeral News. My egregious facts are people like you, great people.


On the downside, goodbye to my friends Cristina Torrens soul and Javier Giménez-Salinas, two volcanoes good vibes that I will miss every day of my life.


The positive, I have met people who have helped me be a little better, people with whom grows day by day. I wish I was a sponge to absorb more of them. You welcome ye to my life: Eva Collado, Joan Clotet, Carmen Rodrigo, Enrique Rueda, Cristina Mulero, María A. Sánchez, Ricard Pons, Anna Moreno, Elena Tecchiati, Toni Muñoz, Celia Hill, Virginia Guisasola, Alicia Pomares, Jordi Hereu, Pilar Ruiz, Ivan Portolés, True Ribera, Ilana Berenholc, Eva Tabah, Richard Wakefield, Laura Cabezas, Patricia Dalpra, Adriana Motta, Francesc Segarra, Anabel Obeso, Pepi Belles, Jordi Cabrisses, Isabel Ricciardi, Rubén G. Castro, Anna Noguera, and more sure that I leave.

A large balance. Merry Christmas to all, my old acquaintances, my new acquaintances and that angels fill you with kisses and hugs , Cristina and Javier!