Your influence on social networks is absurd if you do not have real life

This article appeared last Tino Fernandez 24/5/2013 on www.expansió and Andres Perez Ortega involved, s server and Ximo Salas

You say that you are and what you brag on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook can exploit you in the face when you're in front of an interviewer or desvirtualizarte with any of the followers who admire your personal brand.

Your brand is what others know you're, or what they think you are. It is the footprint you leave on the other. The important thing is that whoever speaks not be only you, but do who follows you and you really know.

For social networking professional teem some Mili Vanili (the Vanili Mili was a world-famous duo, until in 1990 It found that Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus were not the real singers group) who position themselves as true charlatans the world 2.0. Nothing more. In some cases, This exaggeration of one's skills in social networks, pathetic though, It is an anecdote. However there who builds a virtual personal and professional identity of papier mache that crumbles when that false self stands in front of an interviewer in a selection process or the time when the alleged influential is devirtualizes and actually there is nothing.

Guillem Recolons, partner Soymimarca, He explains that "in the network some say it can do anything, but it's not really what it claims to be. Personal brand that you build should be based on authenticity because, on the contrary, sooner or later you will be caught. The key is honesty and authenticity. Do not overdo ever because even if you can get hired, with that false self you not last more than six months ".

Andres Perez, Guillem Salas Recolons and Ximo

Andres Perez, Guillem Salas Recolons and Ximo

Personal branding must be based on authenticity. If it is not you 'you get caught' insuranceAndrés Pérez Ortega, positioning consultant staff, explains that "against those who insist that what matters is on the inside, We are who we think you have to consider you to be a good professional. If you want to position yourself as an expert most importantly be. We have forgotten to develop in our field; we confuse making a master after another to become better professionals. When someone says you have to reinvent itself, maybe I should worry more to improve or upgrade what you already know to try to reinvent the wheel. We should worry less about the attitude and fitness. The more you prepare yourself and be better professional, the easier it will be valued and will take into account ".

For Ximo Salas, author of Mejora y gana, "What others say about you is not brand, s reputation. The networks, when a third party who speaks, usually sincere. So you must be careful and be careful with the content you generate and what you do. Professionals in social networks should never go beyond certain red lines. Networks are viral, and if you decide to base them your personal brand you should be cautious: a tweet longer yours when you press the send key ".

notoriety empty

Andrés Pérez added that "suddenly seems that all professionals must devote 90% of our time visibility. And if that's absurd for a company should be equally foolish for a professional. Be very visible in dospuntocerolandia does not make you a good professional. You will be better known simply (and not always). Guillem Recolons agrees that "very influential on Twitter, for example, not important. Value rates influence the behavior of an audience towards you, and these indices cause an exaggerated overvaluation of networks such as Twitter ". Andrés Pérez's recommendation to all this would "forget to take first place in Google. Use the Internet as a catalog, as a professional showcase in which you can demonstrate your professionalism. It's not about being a star on the Internet but use it as a place where you can expose your accomplishments to whom you are interested and with whom you contacted by other means. Followers do not get to eat. The clients, yes".

Perez recommends that, If you are a professional of any kind, "You have to think about what I S.A department. you have problems: Your work product-outdated?; Your market has disappeared?; Are you invisible to your potential customers?; Are you not able to do more and better than other?; Do you know how to use the curriculum is like handing leaflets to the subway exit?… From there, Make your decisions and make the necessary adjustments. You can call or whatever you feel like reinventing ".

You are the business

In the case of I S.A., Perez believes that "we must consider our profession as a business, with all its departments, And that's where you have to take into account the reinvention or visibility. In addition, Human resources, Some strives to change the 'inner' aspects of professional. It would be equivalent to the HR department YO S.A. That's why they have become so important happiness at work, positive attitude, limiting beliefs, or coaching ... It's like trying to influence the work environment or culture of the company, but in this case the company is self. Do not expect to change your attitude to do things. Start doing things and change your attitude ".

Another critical Andrés Pérez obsessions is to differentiate. "We could call it the Lady Gaga effect of professional. Many people are determined to draw attention (original curricula that arise from time to time). The best differentiation is to be better than others, giving more (money, weather, productivity, customers) least (saving, deadlines, concerns) the rest. If you want to differentiate yourself, prove you're better than your competition and do not get to do strange things. If you want to be your profession Dalí, first you have to know how to paint and then, if you want, Do you fancy extravagances, and not vice versa ".

You really used a curriculum in 140 characters?

The Wall Street Journal recently stated that "Twitter has become a new job board. It is the new curriculum ". According to the financial daily, traditional job portals and use of the curriculum are increasingly ineffective, and why recruiters tend to solutions like social network to put her job, search for candidates and even investigate those profiles that may be interesting. If you really want your chances of finding employment depend on 'curriculum 140 characters', Here are some tips to make more reliable is original query:

* Use your profile to make it clear that you are seeking employment.

* Follow the companies and individuals responsible for hiring or human resources with which you want to work. Retweet and talks with those responsible for companies and also with employees.

* You must be very professional and show you all what you say (your opinions, links and photos).

* Be authentic. You can not be ashamed of tuitear with your friends and followers about personal issues. You must not show offended if some officer of the company that you go not respond to your tweets.

* Creates a 'curriculum' of 140 characters with a concise introduction to describe your skills, What are you interested and how you can get more information about you.

The most watched ad in history is not an ad. Goodbye, advertising.

The big jump

three players: Felix Baumgartner, Red Bull Stratos and the challenge to gravity. Got together with the leap Baumgartner the largest audience ever conquered an ad. Not even “1984” Apple got that level of impact.

  • 8 millions people watched the jump live (streaming) on YouTube (the event that follows, the London Olympics, they got 500.000 people connected simultaneously on this network).
  • After landing, Red Bull posted the photo of Baumgartner flexing his knees at landfall in Facebook. In less than 40 minutes, the picture was shared with more than 29.000 times, It generated about 216.000 “likes” and more of 10.000 comments.
  • During the jump and at times, half of the trending topics on Twitter spoke jump in the world – removing the role of other simultaneous events like Justin Bieber and games of the National Football League USA.
  • Only in Spain and through Teledeporte, 4,3 millions of people they followed the jump live (yes, 27,8% share).

But not everything is 2.0

Indeed, Baumgartner jump it was real, as Real was the huge investment in the ship and preparations for the jump. The ground control team was worthy of a space rocket launch, and the next day there was no cover of newspaper not to talk jump.

Red Bull advertising had spent years in the world with “te da alas“, so we could say that the jump event was the perfect culmination of the campaign. A company that invests 25% of its turnover in marketing is a business that risks… and in this case wins.


If I had to frame the jump in any discipline communication, I dare say that Red Bull has built the best story of history. Remember the permanent tension of all the hours and minutes before the jump, impeccable script. The sweat ground controllers. The thousands of radio and TV commentators who ventured worst for Baumgartner. The risk, to plot, the control (or decontrol) of time. The preparation of all teams in the wilderness that fell. Awesome. Marketing de atracción in pure state.


Red Bull used its own channels on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter… to relay the event. pure innovation. Another had organized an exclusive with any TV channel, a newspaper or magazine. Red Bull did not want to share center stage, He gambled too.

You have died advertising?

The question I ask myself as advertising and as a victim of indiscriminate bombing of low-quality ads is dead Has advertising?

Surely in its current stadium itself. Consistent advertising disrupt our lives with something we do not want is disappearing. People are rebelling against us notice 20″ interrupting us a film. We prefer to burn, rent it or see it for 2 € HD through Apple TV. We are tired of turning pages and pages full of ads daily on Sundays. We turned off the radio or change the station when entering advertising. Why? For several reasons:

  • there are other options, other channels at that time maybe not issue advertising
  • Lack of affinity: Do not emit ads for products or services that interest us, making it more tedious to have to listen.
  • The creativity It is doldrums. Solo 1 of 100 ads contain stimulants or surprising elements.
  • We have learned to value silence, peace. And a good time to turn off the TV or radio advertising is when you enter.
  • time is over “repetition is reputation“. Now repeat abandonment is punishable by brand. A campaign issued between October 2012 and February 2013 selection of waste in Catalonia (container where you) It has achieved the opposite effect by excessive repetition. Better little and good and bad lot.

The truth is that excessive advertising in traditional media is changing the patterns of media consumption.

Goodbye, advertising. Hello, Branding

I sincerely hope that the present and probably the future- It is in the branding, the large umbrella of commercial communication. I understand branding as an integral process of value creation around a brand, either corporate, social or personal. I try to explain with this graphic:


What good branding?

Is a complete process around the brand.

A corporate branding, for example, It includes strategic communication planning, we el, research concepts and insights, field study meanings brand, Brand design (Logo, anagram…), el packaging, outbound, el storytelling, PR actions associated, yes, “publicity” (obtaining free press coverage), Social Media Strategy, the events, promotions, merchandising, sponsorship, el product placement, direct marketing, planning and media buying, construction of supports for events, graphic arts, The graphic design, the photograph, audiovisual production, the audience measurement systems, influence and reputation-and whether conventional or online-, el street marketing, shares of retail POS (tastings, promos, signaling…), yes, “city branding” or brand study of cities, web design and corporate blogs, all, all.

How it is ideally design a branding strategy

Heart out. From the vision (the why) to the mission (the what) through the differential values (the how). It is very difficult from what, the process must start with why. Luther King He dreamed of an America without racism (view), and so his message struck a chord. He did not just denounce whites, I had not done any. Instead, created collective consciousness, one huge social branding action. Something made Mahatma Gandhi. And so they did asked, who dreamed of making things easier for people or Bill Gates, who dreamed of 1975 each house could accommodate a computer.

In the commercial arena, vision or dream of Red Bull has been that people fly (and he has achieved, go if you have done). The vision of BMW -in Spain- It is to awaken the pleasure of driving. This is not to sell soft drinks or cars, It is about creating sensations and emotions, to reach the hearts of people, of attracted by passion, not repeat. The desired response to a well planned action of branding is not “this brand has convinced me”, is “this brand speaks my language, Do you get me, tunes”.

What will happen to advertising agencies?

Many have understood the change and are offering even without specify- processes branding. The other fear that eventually disappearing or becoming specialists serving companies branding. If only they dedicated to sell ads without wanting to see beyond ad agencies will be, little more. Recently, talking to a good friend, He came the idea of ​​calling “commercial communication” the entire set of processes that I have described above. But I think it is lame, lack a higher concept, miss the mark. And brand is all: Business, institutions, people, citizen groups. Everything leaves a brand. Why the word branding (Originally burn cattle with a distinctive symbol) filled both, It is an umbrella shaft.

And what will happen to advertising professionals

In my view there is an excessive specialization around the advertising profession; there are few advertising “holistic” and there are many art directors, editors, planners, Account Managers, media specialists… The truth is advertisers do not want to see a team 5 people in a meeting. They want to talk to one, with whom you can talk about everything knowingly. That story is repeated in meetings “it will consult with the editor” bores the most painted. Be solved, advise, get wet.

If we add that few professionals understand much publicity promotions, The street marketing, events, we find that advertisers are forced to hire 10 agencies to resolve the management of the same brand: the advertising, the media, the social media, the promotion, the CSR, to the….

So, I venture to guess that the comprehensive professional branding It is imposed, will be the guardian angel of communication companies, institutions, professionals… Isn't it?, there is still no university degree of branding. Branding experts have gained their experience working in many places and with an open mind. It will be a more creative profile management, I do not doubt that, but you will have to share your right brain with some analytical capacity. An all terrain, a burner.

the brander

Although there are no studies yet to be "Brander", may I recommend some readings to understand the phenomenon of branding

Puro Marketing article published in the 11 March 2013

Will this be the year of personal branding?

Determining indications poke:

  1. Perceive in professional circuits that expression “personal branding”, “Personal Branding” or “branding personal” the They do not sound Chinese as a few years ago. These circuits include both independent professionals and those working in organizations.
  2. Search engine perceive that every day there are more people talking about it on the net. Unfortunately, many are “fake” Consultants who have not even taken the trouble to read a reference book.
  3. I perceive the growing interest publishing for publishing titles about personal branding.
  4. I sense that many responsible RRHH -even are approaching a timid- this world. Some do not because of ignorance or fear (not know what).
  5. I perceive that the US is no longer the only country referential personal brand. Latin America He is waking up and preparing professionals. And in Europe it burns.
  6. Perceive that the universities begins to open his eyes to the reality of personal branding.
  7. I perceive that companies, large and small, realize the power of people and the growing humanization of corporate communication.
  8. I sense that many people no longer are embarrassed recognize who they have been counseled by a personal brand consultant. Forgive the analogy, but other people think the issue should be treated as a breast enlargement operation: but it does not say.
  9. perceive that courses proliferate -Unfortunately the personal branding 90% son incomestibles- in the training scenario.
  10. I perceive, with great satisfaction, many already understand the personal branding as a personal investment medium-term.
Here you have a picture of Google Trends showing the evolution of interest about personal branding.

You have to thank many people this year, maybe, It will be the year of personal branding. On the right side of this blog is a list of link call “Personal Branding”. There are many of those responsible for spreading the concept.

Nonetheless, I have not gotten my mother knows what work. There is much to do, but the year looks good.

Mistakes to Avoid When presented

I read an interesting article Pete Leiman, author of “I Got My Dream Job and So Can You” it reveals a error common, seemingly innocent, we make very often when we meet someone who does not see time.

The conversation, a whole classic, I could go here:

  • ONE: How are you? How are you doing?
  • OTHER: Well you can see, one year older and a little fatter

Leiman warns that this conversation is doomed to follow a very different path to type a reply “"Good!. I had my first child and my life has changed for the better since, I can not complain!”.

In the first case you are forced to ask why age and obesity, a conversation little positive. The issue here is that if it had been a first meeting, Mr. “Other” certainly he had not responded with the old and fat.

This obsession self-degradarse It is deeply rooted in our culture: Typical answers to how are you? son, for example:

  • If you do not go into details, good
  • I've been better
  • Taking, doing
  • Well, I can not complain at all
  • Are bad times

Although very familiar everyday expressions, the truth is that condition the conversation and lead to a depressive scheme, from which nothing good can come.

Leiman stresses that, instead of that, demos a good reason to rejoice the meeting. Try to be positive in times of crisis, safely, be different, leave a Personal Branding interesting. On a positive conversation it is more likely to appear possibilities of a new personal or professional reunion they can leave benefited both parties.

Smile, that something is.

The pain in the ass of the name Garcia (I)

According to him OTHER, in Spain there

  • 1.484.707 García, of those who 82.190 They called García García
  • 935.931 González, of those who 43.028 They called González González
  • 933.764 Rodríguez, of those who 44.479 They called Rodriguez Rodriguez
  • 928.656 Fernández, of those who 53.978 Fernandez called Fernández
  • 879.868 López, of those who 36.070 Lopez called Lopez
  • 841.250 Martínez, of those who 40.333 Martinez called Martinez
  • 822.946 Sánchez, of those who 35.769 They called Sánchez Sánchez
  • 786.515 Pérez, of those who 27.396 They called Perez Perez

We could go with Martin, Gómez, Diaz, Hernández, Jiménez, Alvarez, Moreno, Muñoz, Gutiérrez… I call Recolons, which can also be considered a bitch (Catalonia is easy prank call “Recollons”, which refers to the size of the testicles). But the good part is that we are only 213, and almost all related.

What happens when someone has a common name? How to differentiate? How to protect personal brand?

Today we study possible solutions to a common name may be unique. You can not perform miracles, but there are some ideas that perhaps may be able to take advantage:

  1. Always use both names, inseparably. It is an advantage that we (and does not work in countries like France, United Kingdom…): Pau García Milá, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Antonio Garrigues Walker, Miquel Roca Junyent, Andrés Pérez Ortega
  2. Joining the first name with the second. The compound name was used for families to retain the mother's maiden name. It is an issue of civil registration. If your name García Rivero, you could call García-Rivero. There are many examples: Ruiz-Gallardón, Two Sicilies, García-Valdecasas…
  3. Place the “From” before the first name. It's something that became fashionable in France to distinguish the nobles and came to have some influence in Spanish-speaking countries. We have a current example in the Spanish economy minister Luis de Guindos, my good friend Oscar Del Santo
  4. Eat the first name (provided that the second is not common): It is commonplace among journalists: Zapatero (by Rodriguez Zapatero), Rubalcaba (by Perez Rubalcaba), but it is not uncommon to find people who have gone through the registration and have requested.
  5. Brazilian system. In Brazil the mother's surname comes first, which it has much logic (there is usually no doubt about motherhood). I know people who have invested their surnames to achieve greater differentiation.
  6. Simplify the names: For example, Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Crispin Crispian of the Holy Trinity Ruiz and Picasso is known as Pablo Picasso. Imagine the trauma small lad when someone asked the name.
  7. nicknames, trademarks. For a professional colleague, Arancha Ruiz, he has resolved in interesting ways: on Twitter has the profile @alterarancha , which gives a personal touch, and she is united with her trademark “Stories cracks
  8. Apply creativity. If your name is Juan Garcia Garcia and also the third name is Lopez, things look bad, so we have to resort to divergent thinking. For example, You could pose a Juan Garcias, one John Garcilópez, one John Grace, one John G. García, one John Dosgarcías,… imagination has no limits.

 insidethemagicAnd what is the next step? Brand protection

Indeed, Once we have resolved the issue in the civil registry (or not) we have to go to a business internet domains and book our or or whatsoever ye. For example: is free, also is, When we have the domain, it costs little money per year (from 7 €), we can create our own website or blog.
The same we do with the different social networks if we want to throw the ring (I recommend no do if you are unclear what to say, To who, how and when). It should be clear that we want to stick his head, worth checking if it is clear our name Twitter (This network does not accept two equal), Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, Pinterest, Tuenti… But that'll tell you in another post.
I hope I have helped, even a little.
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Y… What will Mark Zuckerberg with 11.000 millions more?

The news of the IPO of Facebook will generate a value to the company 88.000 millions of dollars, a record in a dotcom since valued at Google by 23.000 million 2004.

It is clear that now all we can own a piece of Facebook, But that's not the point. The question is what will Zuckerberg with near 11.000 million dollars you can report this IPO. Be a little richer, yes, It is clear. But what will you do, which company will buy… Are you dare to Yahoo? Who will be the candidate?.

We have recently learned that Apple, the first market capitalization of the world, He has decided to distribute dividends to its shareholders. With that and you notice that Steve Jobs is not, because he sure had used the profits to buy other companies that do grow Apple. How Apple will grow now? Surely slower.

Clearly a Facebook IPO force Zuckerberg to grow steadily, and that means significant investments. That's probably why goes public, because it already has in mind buying a company key.

Bets are accepted.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner autoinmola

I do not usually third-party items rebloguear, but “Do not cry for me Argentina. Weeps for you” economist Xavier Sala i Martín It is required reading to learn the party and family interests that lie behind the decision to expropriate 51% Repsol. There I leave you with this pearl, which actually comes from a speech at the radio station RAC1 last 17 of April.

Foto: Flickr

Do not cry for me Argentina. Weeps for you

Let's see if we understand each other. It is true that the Argentine neo-nationalism has played a role in the expropriation of Repsol, It is true that the violence raging naciolismo appears whenever the government needs camouflaging serious problems (and the Argentine government is no exception) and it is true that the nationalization will harm, essentially, a Argentina (and here the only thing that has hit the nail is the mayor of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, which it seems to be the only sensible politician nationwide): He asked me yesterday if public who had shot himself in the foot was Froilan, King Juan Carlos and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The answer is… All three at once!

All this is true, but I think that Argentine citizens should begin to see that their political leaders not only use nationalist populism to win their sympathies, they are corrupt thieves who steal the wealth of their country. YPF nationalization has nothing to do with the energy needs of the people but by the incompetence of Dona Cristina, the desire to hide a nefarious management and, above all, with the corruption of its environment… and her son Maximo.

The story begins between 1992 and 1999, when the Peronist government of Carlos Menem (the same party of Kirchner) decides to privatize YPF because of the huge amount of losses of the company. It was a time when the company was mismanaged (like almost all public companies around the world) and the price of oil was around 15 dollars a barrel. The Spanish company Repsol, then directed by Alfonso Cortina, YPF bought the government of Menem (I repeat, the same party that Kirchner).

1999 It was a time when "Spain went well". Remember him? It was the Spain of pelotazo, New-rich slicked giving lessons worldwide management and heads of government who smoked cigars with his feet on the table. That arrogance was etched in the minds of many Latin Americans who have waited years to collect their moral debts. To all dog has its San Martin (not your Sala i Martín, which it is a different phenomenon) and it seems that Spain has come time to pay the humiliation to which he treated the citizens of Latin America.

Having said that, and accepting the arrogance of the nouveau riche Spanish, the truth is that REPSOL paid (I repeat, PAYMENT) the price asked by the ruinous government company: 15.000 millions of dollars. The merger was exemplary to the point that the Financial Times awarded the annual prize for the best REPSOL merger of year.

In addition to these 15.000 initial million, REPSOL has invested a total of 20.000 million between 1999 and 2012, including some 3.200 million 2011. 20.000 million 12 years is not a small investment, whatever it says the Argentina President. In fact, one of the results of these investments has been the discovery of Vaca Muerta deposits that can give extraordinary economic results despite yet to see the quality of oil deposited there.

In 2007, Antoni Brufau and already in front of the oil, President Nestor Kirchner asked REPSOL an Argentine group became part of the company. It was the Petersen family group of Enrique Eskenazi. The Eskenazi family was a family of the high bourgeoisie of Santa Cruz, region that had been presided (oh! chance!) by Nestor Kirchner, before he became president of Argentina. In fact, Enrique Eskenazi was a close friend of Don Nestor, so intimate that he had funded election campaigns that brought him to power. That is to say, President Kirchner forced into 2007 REPSOL to accept an Argentine partner, casually, He was a close friend of all life and that he had some political favors. Antoni Brufau accepted because I knew it is always good to have local investors with political connections. It is good that insiders will signal the existence of amber lights before they become red. Why he accepted the Eskenazi family has first 15% and then him 25% of the company.

But there was a small problem: the Eskenazi were the richest people in Santa Cruz, but one thing is that your children will wander through the village in gaudy red Ferraris or luxury chuleen by the hottest clubs in the area and something else very different is to buy the 25% a company worth tens of millions of dollars. The Eskenazi were not so rich!

How does the family friend buy Kirchner 25% REPSOL-YPF? Thus forcing YPF to lend him the money! I repeat, Nestor Kirchner REPSOL forces to lend money to a family friend buy it for the 25% REPSOL. And how will such a family millionaire pay that amount? Well, with the dividends of own REPSOL. That is to say, REPSOL, Kirchner's government and the Petersen family group Eskenazi sign a contract (deposited with the Security Exchange Commission of New York) REPSOL forcing to give the 25% of its capital to the Eskenazi family and agrees to pay it back with dividends REPSOL. To ensure that REPSOL can collect that “credit” (or perhaps we should call it a racketeering), REPSOL is obliged to distribute as dividends the 90% its benefits.

That is to say, when Mrs. Kirchner accuses REPSOL not to allocate a greater share of its profits to investment and oil exploration, does not explain that her husband (I repeat, HER HUSBAND) REPSOL had forced to use the 90% of the profits to pay dividends for your friends (I repeat, HIS FRIENDS) from appropriating 25% REPSOL when they had a dollar to buy such number of shares(*).

But it does not end here. Mr. Enrique Eskenazi placed their children in the company (in particular, Sebastian puts his son as vice president) and instead of acting as the local partner playing the role of alerting the amber lights before they appear red lights, it behaves like a mobster who recently incompetent to defend the interests of the company that runs.

Little by little, REPSOL see who has gotten in trouble and that local partners play more in favor of politicians who have placed them in the charge for the company they represent and will soon appear nationalization rumors. They are the last days 2011 and REPSOL has discovered deposits potentially millionaires Vaca Muerta. The rest of the story is already known. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Remote Control by economist Axel Kicillof(**), Marxist scholar, mentor of the time Campora (association created by Kirchner) and close friend of the son of the president, Máximo Fernández Kirchner, announces the expropriation of 51% REPSOL-YPF. "Interestingly," the 51% of the shares expropriated come from 57% which is owned by the Spanish partners. exactly 0% comes from 25% with Argentine partners, Kirchner's Dad friends, the Eskenazi family (and also expropriates 0% US investment fund owner of 17%… and remember that spends three days after Mrs. Cristina met with Obama “negotiate” the topic).

The big problem of the expropriation of REPSOL is that the government's response to Spain, chaired by Don Mariano Rajoy, It will necessarily be weak. Spain is an impoverished country with very little bargaining power and no ability to pressure their (theoretical) allies: the European Union and the United States. Both one and the other have less desire to help their Spanish "partners" that spending accounts for the arrogant attitude of the Spanish presidents (Aznar and Zapatero) not long ago they gave them leccioncillas when things went well. And I say that's the big problem of Spain for two reasons. The first is that Argentine leaders, seeing the weak reaction of Spain, They will grow your ego at the same rate decreased when Thatcher's England were humiliated in their stupid Falklands campaign and his inflated ego will increase your thirst or expropriating their anti-Spanish REPSOL revenge: they seriously think of expropriating other Spanish companies such as Telefónica, Santander or BBVA. We'll see.

The second reason why the spectacle of YPF is a problem for Spain is that other Latin American governments, also wounded by the Spanish neocolonialist arrogance of the Nineties, they are watching. And the desire for revenge Argentine can spread to the rest of the continent. We also have to wait to see how it evolves.

In the meantime, the crisis has turned Spain into an economic body that will induce scavengers around the world feed their spoils: the Argentine government will continue its cocky threats, the rest of Latin America humiliated not be left behind, But that is not all: Chinese oil companies try to exploit the deposits leaving REPSOL and Argentina can not afford to explore, American banks are going to fill the void that leave Santander and European multinationals, yes, yes, the European partners and brothers, They will be on the lookout, attentive to keep any part of the business that the incompetence of the Spanish leaders leave without defending.

(*) Everyone knows that, for more Dona Cristina now make lagrimita fall when she talks about her late husband, Mr. Kirchner had spent years living separate and parallel lives, very much in the direction of the kings of Spain, where the monarch is to hunt elephants (o eran elefantas?) Botswana while his wife is going to look for Easter eggs to Greece and when she learns of the accident it, It takes five days to give a visit… of 20 minutes!

(**) Axel Kicillof is the radical paleomarxista has managed to outshine the minister Amado Boudou, who he tried to ban books or Samuelson Sachs in Argentine universities as "neoliberal". Kicillof professional life, a teacher 41 years old , It has been a sniper at the University of Buenos Aires, where he majored in history of economic thought. Al doctorar said Keynes was a radical thinker distorted by bourgeois analysis. For him, Stiglitz and Krugman are almost as liberal as Mankiw or Barro. Come now! Close friend Max Kirchner and ideologue of expropriation. With these intellectual leaders directing the counter kirchneriana one should say, Although the episode of YPF is a sign of Spain has problems, the major problem is not Spain but Argentina!

Cartier: A good example of communication in the luxury environment

Communication in the luxurious surroundings: Not all that glitters is gold

While brands such as Loewe self-destruct with campaigns such as Loewe Oro 2012, Cartier It returns to give us a lesson in how things are done in their campaign of L'Odyssée. Would not stop him.

Some will think it's a matter of budget. What if, it is, but tasteful, that of Cartier. The announcement of Loewe is not exactly “low cost”.


Cartier It is true to a position, and takes it to the end. For Loewe is an easy resource and abuse of so-called “influencers”. Where appropriate, children of influencers.

Did he need Loewe reach a mass audience, breaking the codes of luxury communication environments?

goodbye Loewe, It was nice while it lasted

What has been that desired mark, reference of good taste, Loewe he named?

Judge for yourselves. Anyway, I will not step on one of its stores. goodbye Loewe. I have felt shameful to see the ad. Some people still confuse notoriety with extreme bad taste.

Some friends tell me that these ads works well in Madrid, but I call there and tell me not, that does not pass.

Happiness after dismissal

It is a topic to talk about dismissal and depression, mourning phase, of uncertainty, disorientation, crisis. As he had said Louis van Gaal, "Always negative". And, What about the positive side of dismissal? Why you would never talk about people who have discovered that there is a better life after an ERE? What about those who, From overnight, They have discovered that they were authentic entrepreneurs? Why do we insist so much on our coverfailures? Is there life after dismissal?

How could it be otherwise, I will begin with a case I believe I know well, mine.

For GR. Life begins at forty

Photo taken at my funeral advertising, on 2004

the what

I have the personal and professional privilege to have experienced a layoff, what was the lever launch of a new life with more flavors than unpleasantness. With more flashes of happiness than sadness. If today I dedicate to personal branding it is because of what happened at the end of 2004.

The how

I started my career very young. My first payroll, contract internship advertising agency Tiempo BBDO, It is dated January 1979. I had 16 and she is studying at night. I understood then that the environment communication, This iscreativity, advertising and all the madness that lead would become myprofession.

So it was. Pass 11 years J. Walter Thompson, then by Bassat & Ogilvy and then Saatchi & Saatchi. Total, some 20 years in the environment of international advertising agency, working for big-budget advertisers and global brands. after those 20 years I wanted a taste of being a shareholder of a company, so I accepted the offer to head the agency Barcelona Altraforma. Year 1998 and the experience could not start better.

I felt comfortable, It works with the same intensity or more, weekends, some nights. But it works "for me". A small piece of the result (If I recall one 15%) it was Min e. In 2000 and 2001 we managed to put the agency ranking places reserved for very large groups. We were a dreamboat. We receive many offers from multinational purchasing groups. The circumstances made no such offer was accepted (crass error) and that 2003 signs are sighted deceleration. I lost a client, some untimely dismissal, things happen in the best families and are often overcome.

But something happened that marked my life forever. Without knowing it, I settled on "comfort zone“, in the brain that obscures the need to change the way of doing things. It is possible that some adverse circumstance in my family environment influenced my mood, but outside any rate in September 2004 I reached out an agreement with the majority shareholder of the agency. Euphemisms aside, I was fired from the company. Let's be clear, please. I sold my shares and I went in December of that same year, after a Christmas party that became my funeral advertising.

In January 2005, and thanks to an advertiser who did not want to release my, I started my own business, Lateral Consulting. What side it came by the positive influence of Edward de Bono y su “Lateral thinking”, a book that should be read to babies in the cradle.

There I discovered that I could work like a donkey and be happy. The pressures were my pressures, nobody put me goals, I put them on my own. Without knowing it, iDEE my own personal branding plan. In 2007 I accepted an offer to manage the business in Spain TVLowCost, a young French agency that broke the mold and opened in two years subsidiaries worldwide defying its philosophy to large multinationals. The invention is not worked here, which it gave me new parameters to know what not to do, but fortunately my business with Lateral Consulting worked well.

In 2007, from Lateral, I started working on projects and communication strategypeople-oriented, professionals. Politicians, entrepreneurs, people who had suffered a layoff ... I still do not know, but my good friend Linda Reichard One day he told me that what I did is called "personal branding“.

Earlier 2010, hand that would later be my current partner, Jordi Collell, We attended a conference in Madrid on personal brand captained by sherpa Andrés Pérez Ortega, and in October of that same year we opened SOYMIMARCA.

The why. Key learnings.

Happiness exists. You just have to go get it. And that is achieved overcoming fears.

Risking is key. If you do not risk you can live reasonably well with a living wage, but it will be difficult to go to work with the appropriate degree of motivation.

You can live with less. Many people are closed in band to undertake for fear of not reaching the levels of remuneration they were working as employees.

Think big. Think big. If you have a good idea, ponle resources, do not be stingy. No idea prosper without a decent investment.

Surround yourself with the best. So far the topic. But I mean surround yourself with the best people, of people whom you can trust the keys to your life. Quickly detach yourself who do not share your level of enthusiasm for the project, It will become a toxic agent.

Become a plan. you map. Follows a script. And you see adapted according to circumstances. Do not close to change course, but keep the destination. And remember, as the Greek poet said Constantino Kavafis, the important thing is not only to reach the destination, but learning trip without forcing the crossing.