What you put in your esquela?

For some reason unknown, the obituaries are written other. And they write what they want and what makes a family protocol. Rarely reflected the emotional legacy who has gone. Pay attention to the most common formulas:

“He died a Christian in Madrid at the age of 86 years old . His wife, brothers, children and grandchildren pray a prayer for his soul. The funeral will be tomorrow at that site”

“He died the 13 April 20o9. His wife as, your children may, of, such and such, politicians such children, of, such and such, his nephews, grandchildren and the whole family will transmit sensitive loss. The farewell ceremony will take place at the funeral of such, tomorrow at this hour.”

There is some data that hardly ever appear: What was the paw print he left that person in their environment, whether family, of friends or work. What was his passion, that kept him motivated for more than 80 years old . What he died.

Why? How is this data, the most important, They are dedicated to obituaries famous people? Why they are called finados, deceased, transferred? Is that during 86 years you have been person and that the heart stops beating raisins to be late. How sad legacy of a moment.

Now Imagine for a moment that we could write the obituary. It would be fantastic to reflect what we intuit that has been our Personal Branding, It would be great to ignore relatives we have not seen in recent 40 years and we care a hoot sovereign. It would be great to express emotions, which has helped us to live, who have loved, the dish we liked. It would be fantastic to remind friends, which we have imported a thousand times more than many families. It would be fantastic to remind teachers, Schoolmates, de mili, faculty.

We recognize that it would be a challenge, as the obituaries of newspapers work by words, and that we know that expensive quotes. It would be almost like writing a “twit” of 140 characters, or advertisement Adwords. Here are two obituaries that would reflect either a personal brand. Long version and short:

“One day I had to leave, this is not hard my friends forever. I dont complain. More of 80 years I have never missed my little game of dominoes with Pedro, Juan, Carmen, Mary and Pepa. More of 80 years taking the best cod in the world with Mary, my love forever. More of 80 chuckling years of dirty tricks from peers from school and teachers. More of 80 years enjoying all of you, without hating anyone. A lot of years working on my Paradita market, knowing all kinds of people. You can not ask for more. The love you forever, there where you are. If you want to come to say hello or knock Marta Silvia, my dear daughters to send a million kisses. Thomas, King of cod.”

“Stopped beating, but I leave the memory of my games of dominoes, My cod and my divine daughters. I follow from above #tomasbacalao”.