The 10 anniversary of “dospuntocerolandia”

What were you doing in 2004 when you dialed in Internet?

Possibly you read the email and you visited any web. You comunicabas with your closest friends perhaps also with some mail.

How do you dialed Internet?

Possibly through a computer, almost certainly connected cable.

What you do today when you connect to the internet? How you connect?

I think we all know the answers. The world has changed radically in 10 years old . The concept of 2.0 the participatory web, progress in 1999 P0R the four visionaries who wrote the manifesto Cluetrain (Fredrick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls y David Weinberger) It started shortly after the blogs as the first interactive phenomenon and was in 2004 when the student Mark Zuckerberg I believe Facebook to develop a new online community, initially directed to college students. This year marks 10 years that milestone. Today is the most popular social network in the world with 1.110 million users registered.

To understand the scope of the network par excellence, heartily recommend if you have yet seen urgently rent the movie David Fincher “The social network”, It is including beads as “are not made 500 million friends without making a few enemies“. Although Facebook has entered its maturity stage (Some talk of decline), the truth is that this network has been the lever other networks today are growing rapidly, as Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and hundreds more networks.

Facebook has allowed impossible encounters

Facebook has changed the way we relate with others, and I say positive. To friends lifelong those we continue to see in the real world. But Facebook has allowed impossible encounters with people who have emotionally alive in memory but the distance or time had forgotten. That alone is already worth having a profile. We have more information and coolest people we care.

If at first Facebook grew timidly, the explosion of smartphones that took place from 2004, but especially the launch of the first iPhone on 2007 They allowed access to the network without going through internet, making directly from an application and all the mobility that allow 3G signals from telephone operators.

Of course “Dospuntocerolandia” (stolen expression of good friend Andrés Pérez Ortega) It is more than Facebook, but it was Zuckerberg who laid the foundation stone, Apple who turned the network into a mobile phenomenon thanks to the iPhone and possibly Whatsapp who democratized the use of SmartPhones.

Despite data indicating that young people away from Facebook, I believe that humanity is indebted to Mark Zuckerberg, and from here my congratulations on this tenth anniversary.

Dad, I do not want to be on Facebook


Only two years ago, I remember my daughter, of 11, He sent me a powerpoint 20 pages several reasons they are justifying the create an account on Facebook. I still have it. One of the reasons, as it was imaginable, It was that many of her friends were already in the social network. The legal age to enter was and is 13 years old , so her friends had to “cheat” to Facebook and lying about his birth date. Here it is one of many networks gaps, there is no real control, just lie and one is inside.

I convinced my daughter to wait two years (long time for someone young children, I know) before having own profile, and from my mind we did “friendship” With her friends.

Two months ago my daughter turned 13, and one of the gifts was to create the expected and desired profile Facebook. But the changes that are occurring are so fast now, my daughter, which almost cursed me for not authorize their profile two years ago, My daughter does not want to be on Facebook.

What is happening on the network?

To understand the phenomenon of abandonment (to the input, and this is the case) many adolescents Facebook, I recommend reading the post of expert Francesc Grau “Teens Facebook“, that shows the migration of this group in two giant markets like the US and China to other digital platforms.

New preferences

Como says Francesc, everything points to new formats chat where there is less parental control. In the case of my daughter, the preference is three places, order of use:

  1. Whatsapp, which allows real-time chat, absolute immediacy and creating affinity groups.
  2. Instagram is, that lets you communicate with pictures and use hashtags to find all.
  3. Snapchat, chat for sharing stories (text, video, image) which they disappear in a few seconds without trace.

The dangers of Snapchat

1snapchat1According to the blog of Orange, Snapchat It allows users to send images, short videos or messages through their smartphones. The sender choose how long you want your message to be visible to the other person, with minimal 10 seconds. And then disappears.

The system is interesting, because it leaves no trace. But also it represents strength threat, because it allows teens to send content off-color and that it does not remain registered. A practice, named sexting, that worries parents, and should also worry the adolescents themselves, as for saving an image it is as simple as a screenshot with your smartphone before you clear.

The controversy is served. Snapchat's popularity spread like wildfire and in all the rankings of the major app stores (App Store de Apple and Google Play de Android). Forbes headlined that "guys like Snapchat because it is not Facebook”, a problem for Zuckerberg.

Why not, I'm from the 93% not hang this message on my wall and will RT


Indeed, I'm a fiend. I do not care cancer, hunger, the racism, the wars, AIDS. I do not mind the misfortune of others. I do not affect those messages they send me my best friends via Whatsapp, via mail or hung on the wall of Facebook. And… surprise! I am not alone. It seems that many people like me.

The final structure of these messages is always the same:

  • A mail o Whatsapp: “…I would appreciate you forward it. The 93% it will not…”
  • In Facebook: “…I appreciate you share it on your wall. The 93% it will not…”
  • In Twitter: “… RT please…”

But let's see: If someone does not know how to write something that gets us really, Did you have to meet with a threat? Do they need to really generate a sense of guilt?

Messages-en-chainYou will see, Dear reader. If by chance you were planning to start a campaign like this, think about this: Normally REJECTION CAUSED, They reach the opposite effect. At least for me and many people I know. I usually stop following people who ask me to forward or make RT to a chain letter.

Do I care cancer?. Of course, so I worked with the Spanish Association Against Cancer since 12 years old . Do I care racism? Of course, so I volunteer in a foundation that fights against social exclusion.

Please, more facts and less verbiage. I gladly accept that a friend sent me an altruistic message, kind: “By 5 Pedro euros per month can continue their studies in Bolivia. collaborates”. If I want I will work, but I do not accept that threaten me “You shall be of those who do not spread”.

We break the chains, fuck chains. He started in the email and this disease has already landed hard on social networks. Broadcasts a message only if you believe in it, if you please, and point. Not because nobody threatens.

If you are in all social networks, no “you are” any


Not wanting to miss a piece of the pie should not become an obsession. I note that many people are entering an amount of RRSS (social networks) so great that it gives them time to manage any properly.

Focus IS KEY

As we have 5 daily hours to properly manage those networks, it is best to focus. Although there is no dispute between tastes, I focus the issue on four networks:

Linkedin: It allows us to connect with professionals from all sectors and knowing your current activity. The Linkedin groups are discussion forums with good stories in which to learn and the ability to share our stories. True: lately there is enough spam… But where there is none?.

Twitter: is a open network, who can follow one wants without asking permission. It's a good place to learn and to discuss. I think the famous “Cluetrain Manifesto” of 1999 He was referring to Twitter (that nation 6 years later) when he is talking about “markets are conversations”. It is an immediate network, wild, It allows you to put videos, Photos… communicate in real time.

YouTube: If a picture is worth a thousand words, to add sound is a whole. This network allows us to transmit video to our brand 100%, because it helps us communicate comprehensively, including nonverbal language. And if that was not enough, YouTube also is the second largest search engine after Google, and more and more people have to have it on your home page.

Facebook: like LinkedIn, It allows us to recover friendships past. In the professional field, Facebook pages can become excellent places to move a professional offer, and are good reinforcements shop online.

diceAl blog I do not consider a social network, It is well above. We will speak another day. Depending on your professional activity, it is very possible that you can focus your digital communication networks image, as Pinterest Flickr, There are networks of all colors. But remember this, and we can not be everywhere. Must focus.

The most watched ad in history is not an ad. Goodbye, advertising.

The big jump

three players: Felix Baumgartner, Red Bull Stratos and the challenge to gravity. Got together with the leap Baumgartner the largest audience ever conquered an ad. Not even “1984” Apple got that level of impact.

  • 8 millions people watched the jump live (streaming) on YouTube (the event that follows, the London Olympics, they got 500.000 people connected simultaneously on this network).
  • After landing, Red Bull posted the photo of Baumgartner flexing his knees at landfall in Facebook. In less than 40 minutes, the picture was shared with more than 29.000 times, It generated about 216.000 “likes” and more of 10.000 comments.
  • During the jump and at times, half of the trending topics on Twitter spoke jump in the world – removing the role of other simultaneous events like Justin Bieber and games of the National Football League USA.
  • Only in Spain and through Teledeporte, 4,3 millions of people they followed the jump live (yes, 27,8% share).

But not everything is 2.0

Indeed, Baumgartner jump it was real, as Real was the huge investment in the ship and preparations for the jump. The ground control team was worthy of a space rocket launch, and the next day there was no cover of newspaper not to talk jump.

Red Bull advertising had spent years in the world with “te da alas“, so we could say that the jump event was the perfect culmination of the campaign. A company that invests 25% of its turnover in marketing is a business that risks… and in this case wins.


If I had to frame the jump in any discipline communication, I dare say that Red Bull has built the best story of history. Remember the permanent tension of all the hours and minutes before the jump, impeccable script. The sweat ground controllers. The thousands of radio and TV commentators who ventured worst for Baumgartner. The risk, to plot, the control (or decontrol) of time. The preparation of all teams in the wilderness that fell. Awesome. Marketing de atracción in pure state.


Red Bull used its own channels on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter… to relay the event. pure innovation. Another had organized an exclusive with any TV channel, a newspaper or magazine. Red Bull did not want to share center stage, He gambled too.

You have died advertising?

The question I ask myself as advertising and as a victim of indiscriminate bombing of low-quality ads is dead Has advertising?

Surely in its current stadium itself. Consistent advertising disrupt our lives with something we do not want is disappearing. People are rebelling against us notice 20″ interrupting us a film. We prefer to burn, rent it or see it for 2 € HD through Apple TV. We are tired of turning pages and pages full of ads daily on Sundays. We turned off the radio or change the station when entering advertising. Why? For several reasons:

  • there are other options, other channels at that time maybe not issue advertising
  • Lack of affinity: Do not emit ads for products or services that interest us, making it more tedious to have to listen.
  • The creativity It is doldrums. Solo 1 of 100 ads contain stimulants or surprising elements.
  • We have learned to value silence, peace. And a good time to turn off the TV or radio advertising is when you enter.
  • time is over “repetition is reputation“. Now repeat abandonment is punishable by brand. A campaign issued between October 2012 and February 2013 selection of waste in Catalonia (container where you) It has achieved the opposite effect by excessive repetition. Better little and good and bad lot.

The truth is that excessive advertising in traditional media is changing the patterns of media consumption.

Goodbye, advertising. Hello, Branding

I sincerely hope that the present and probably the future- It is in the branding, the large umbrella of commercial communication. I understand branding as an integral process of value creation around a brand, either corporate, social or personal. I try to explain with this graphic:


What good branding?

Is a complete process around the brand.

A corporate branding, for example, It includes strategic communication planning, we el, research concepts and insights, field study meanings brand, Brand design (Logo, anagram…), el packaging, outbound, el storytelling, PR actions associated, yes, “publicity” (obtaining free press coverage), Social Media Strategy, the events, promotions, merchandising, sponsorship, el product placement, direct marketing, planning and media buying, construction of supports for events, graphic arts, The graphic design, the photograph, audiovisual production, the audience measurement systems, influence and reputation-and whether conventional or online-, el street marketing, shares of retail POS (tastings, promos, signaling…), yes, “city branding” or brand study of cities, web design and corporate blogs, all, all.

How it is ideally design a branding strategy

Heart out. From the vision (the why) to the mission (the what) through the differential values (the how). It is very difficult from what, the process must start with why. Luther King He dreamed of an America without racism (view), and so his message struck a chord. He did not just denounce whites, I had not done any. Instead, created collective consciousness, one huge social branding action. Something made Mahatma Gandhi. And so they did asked, who dreamed of making things easier for people or Bill Gates, who dreamed of 1975 each house could accommodate a computer.

In the commercial arena, vision or dream of Red Bull has been that people fly (and he has achieved, go if you have done). The vision of BMW -in Spain- It is to awaken the pleasure of driving. This is not to sell soft drinks or cars, It is about creating sensations and emotions, to reach the hearts of people, of attracted by passion, not repeat. The desired response to a well planned action of branding is not “this brand has convinced me”, is “this brand speaks my language, Do you get me, tunes”.

What will happen to advertising agencies?

Many have understood the change and are offering even without specify- processes branding. The other fear that eventually disappearing or becoming specialists serving companies branding. If only they dedicated to sell ads without wanting to see beyond ad agencies will be, little more. Recently, talking to a good friend, He came the idea of ​​calling “commercial communication” the entire set of processes that I have described above. But I think it is lame, lack a higher concept, miss the mark. And brand is all: Business, institutions, people, citizen groups. Everything leaves a brand. Why the word branding (Originally burn cattle with a distinctive symbol) filled both, It is an umbrella shaft.

And what will happen to advertising professionals

In my view there is an excessive specialization around the advertising profession; there are few advertising “holistic” and there are many art directors, editors, planners, Account Managers, media specialists… The truth is advertisers do not want to see a team 5 people in a meeting. They want to talk to one, with whom you can talk about everything knowingly. That story is repeated in meetings “it will consult with the editor” bores the most painted. Be solved, advise, get wet.

If we add that few professionals understand much publicity promotions, The street marketing, events, we find that advertisers are forced to hire 10 agencies to resolve the management of the same brand: the advertising, the media, the social media, the promotion, the CSR, to the….

So, I venture to guess that the comprehensive professional branding It is imposed, will be the guardian angel of communication companies, institutions, professionals… Isn't it?, there is still no university degree of branding. Branding experts have gained their experience working in many places and with an open mind. It will be a more creative profile management, I do not doubt that, but you will have to share your right brain with some analytical capacity. An all terrain, a burner.

the brander

Although there are no studies yet to be "Brander", may I recommend some readings to understand the phenomenon of branding

Puro Marketing article published in the 11 March 2013

I do not care if my own marketing, how can I take care of yours

1. In the world there are 634 million web pages. So, we should be among the 10 first million have a distinctive website or blog. To know, placing the domain of the web search the related The will of the basic data. The position of the web ranking and reputation. Reputation based on the sites that link to that web. For example, This blog is ranking 4.500.000 / 25. that of Soymimarca, for example it is in 329.000 / 208.

2. The internet domain Top searches amount to . Only in .with there are 100 million web pages, it's not bad at all. One can have a domain .net or .info, but they take longer to find.

3. In the world there are 2.400 million Internet users, of those who:Screenshot 2013-01-27 to 12.48.49

  • 1.1oo million - Number of users Asia.
  • 519 million - Number of users Europe.
  • 274 million - Number of users North America
  • 255 million - Number of users Latin America.
  • 167 million - Number of users Africa.
  • 90 million - Number of users Middle East.
  • 24.3 million - Number of users Oceania.
  • 565 million - Number of users China, more than any other country in the world

With so many millions of Internet, You differentiate it becomes complicated. But it is a necessity. Capsize network quality content, well labeled, still the best the best formula to hover between much information.

4. Facebook has more than 1.000 millions active users, with an average of 40 years old

5. Twitter has more than 200 millions active users, with an average of 37 years old , 307 tweets y 51 followers (followers). In addition, there is already 123 heads of state or presidents of countries with their own account in Twitter.

6. Mobile phone, there are 5.000 millions Users with phone itself, of those who 1.300 millions They are smartphone with the ability to surf the Internet and use quick messaging networks (Whatsup, Messenger, e-mail…).

Where do I want going with both numbers?

Traditional media continue their way, with developments. Many newspapers and magazines have been, tota after a life on paper, the online edition as unique support. Most TV channels offer causes an unavoidable loss of hearing. And when a content is good, social networks will repeat ad nauseam.

Having accounts in social networks will be essential RRSS, but it will have things that interest at a predetermined public for each. Marketing staff is a part of personal branding is the strategic process that each person and their personal communication strategy. As much as we seem to be on the net is enough, it is not. It's like going to give a talk and go blank. If you have an inactive account on Twitter, better delete. And the same in other networks such as Facebook, Linkedin, Foursquare. Should not be, you have to be.

I see many profiles in networks of people who call themselves advisers or consultants or experts in something. But when you check its contents, in most cases they are limited to forwarding to the network things have liked. Do not create own content, no value. If you do not look after their own marketing, What credibility will have to look after mine?.

*Source: Royal Pingdom / Internet 2012 in numbers

Dangerous developments in Facebook

I really catches the eye a promotion Facebook of Bodegas PradoRey: If you give the “I like it” participate in a tenth of the Christmas lottery held today in Spain.

It is an effective promotion? Naked eye, yes. They have achieved a 90.000 “I like it” for promotion and a 3.700 for the page. And not only that. The cost, a priori, It is low: 20 € it costs a tenth.

But analyzing the impact for the brand, It may take several things:

  1. The number comes out winning. As are many to be shared, will play a few cents per person. I can not even imagine the logistics of distribution of prizes, which necessarily include the creation of a comprehensive database for each prize, with thousands of resignations (by 2 I do not give my data cents).
  2. The number does not leave awarded. It must have been a good attempt, but they have achieved the essentials: Grow the “I like it” Corporate site for.

Why this obsession of brands to get followers so quickly? Experience with Soymimarca and other co-pages shows me that I manage:

  • Best growth is organic, with good content policy that includes only subliminally or limited commercial messages.
  • Grow slowly is growing solidly. Very few “fans” leaving a page of which they have not felt forced into. The campaigns even from friends- of “Give to me like this page” not just running long term, as they fill our “timeline” things that do not really interest us and we ended up leaving.
  • Supernumeroso have an army of fans does not guarantee sales. It is a great confusion. Facebook is a communication channel, but it is not so clear that it is a direct sale. Sometimes it is better to have a small group of people acting as authentic brand specifiers. That is the potential of this network.

Definitely, we will make good the saying “Dress me slowly, I have to hurry”.

Y… What will Mark Zuckerberg with 11.000 millions more?

The news of the IPO of Facebook will generate a value to the company 88.000 millions of dollars, a record in a dotcom since valued at Google by 23.000 million 2004.

It is clear that now all we can own a piece of Facebook, But that's not the point. The question is what will Zuckerberg with near 11.000 million dollars you can report this IPO. Be a little richer, yes, It is clear. But what will you do, which company will buy… Are you dare to Yahoo? Who will be the candidate?.

We have recently learned that Apple, the first market capitalization of the world, He has decided to distribute dividends to its shareholders. With that and you notice that Steve Jobs is not, because he sure had used the profits to buy other companies that do grow Apple. How Apple will grow now? Surely slower.

Clearly a Facebook IPO force Zuckerberg to grow steadily, and that means significant investments. That's probably why goes public, because it already has in mind buying a company key.

Bets are accepted.

Ultra-discreet strategy CEO

I refer article Tino Fernández “Ultra-discreet strategy CEO” published last Thursday Expansion in which I participated with many other, and analyzing whether or not the CEO to face before the public. There are for all tastes and opinions. And what do you think?

They are founders, presidents and top executives of firms. Rarely granted interviews, Rationing and often exaggerated his public appearances. It may be a well-studied plan or simply his way of being, but this particular attitude has consequences on the mark, in the company and the people who work there.

In April 2009, two employees of an establishment of Domino’s Pizza North Carolina hung in YouTube a video in which repugnant acts performed with the food they thought to send home. That clip He achieved one million hits in two days. The speed with which the lethal joke for the good name of the company spread contrasted with the delay in responding to its first executive, who apologized in a video. The company also mobilized Twitter and Facebook, but the slow response made only saw 66.000 people at the end of the day. Someone commented then that “the damage done 30 minutes of exposure on the Internet 49 year history of the brand is not cured with this patch”.

CEOs are the public face of their organization and, in times of confusion, It is expected to be visible and honest about any problems that arise. The episode of Domino's Pizza raises the debate of managers, company founders or presidents who prefer to keep a low profile; I rarely give interviews or out on photos or participate in public events. The question is whether this is a strategy designed to the case or is it a personal matter. And whatever, should analyze what consequences this discretion excessively -sometimes in the company and its brand, as well as those who work in it.

Vivian Acosta, director general partner of consultancy Norman Broadbent, remember that “there is a style of leadership that turns out to be austere in communication. It is characteristic of those who link their success to their organization rather than seek personal recognition. They relate their personal mark with his job and the company; They work more inward than outward; and generate more equipment. Brand a company builds a team. And more cohesion and group consciousness is generated. It is therefore the management team that creates the brand and not a single manager”. A case of discretion in this regard is the CEO of the former Bankinter, Juan Arena, who he never allowed to take pictures during his tenure nor appeared before the media, except for shareholders' meetings. “The important thing is the bank, and not”, It seemed to be his motto. This attitude generated much sense of group membership, and a differentiation strategy. In his years at Bankinter he wanted to prove that you can manage a company in the shade without being the visible face of the company.

Santiago Alvarez de Mon, del IESE professor, explain what “there is even very transparent management internally but retract to the outside. They prefer that their teams are those who leave the fray and appear. It is a low profile typical of those who are comfortable with their work and who love what they do, but they want to minimize the external impact of the activities performed. They do not want to customize the company”.

Acosta remembers theories Jim Collins referred to fifth level of leadership, which are based on most of the great firms today have always been great. Most companies, nevertheless, only become good. Managers who make good companies in excellent stand out as being discrete, humble and do not keep too many public interventions.

according to Collins, the true leader level 5 It is what generates long-term change and sustainable; who is more interested in the success of the organization that their personal achievements and has enough self-confidence to hire competent people; which it is modest; who assumes responsibility-not blame others when things do not work as expected-; and one whose ultimate ambition is the organization.

Alvarez de Mon believes that this attitude of discretion is, rather than a strategy, a way to be, and coincides with Ovidio Penalver, managing partner of Isavia Consultants, in which “There are examples of leaders who are shy, They are suffering from resources to appear before the public; they do not have good image, or are not comfortable”.

He adds peñalver “for any company it is very convenient be present. It is a matter of survival, because if you're not, do not exist, and that presence can be very varied: publish books, make announcements, give interviews, be in fairs and events”.

For any organization is convenient 'be present’

The expert identifies three possible strategies: the first is “only brand image of the company and staff opacity”. It is characteristic of large companies, and it is carried out through responsible communication or a media agency. In this sense Andrés Pérez, positioning consultant staff, ensures that “some departments and communication directors has excessively 'hidden’ their managers. It is they who really dominate the enterprise communication and excessive discretion of those CEO, presidents or founders, rather than a thoughtful strategy or reason, It is due to a matter blocking, or to have gotten them a certain fear to intervene in public”. Peñalver explains that in this first strategy “the name of the organization is sold and who appears in public need permission from the. If we as a country example, we could say that Switzerland has very good brand image, but very few people could say the name of its president. In this case, what sells is the country”.

Another plan is to turn companies around the mark of a person. Peñalver clarifies that “It is very media leaders, with a strong personality. Here, rather than a strategy, It is the personality of these individuals. At Banesto of Mario Conde everything revolved around him. If we go to other examples, in Venezuela is much talk of Chavez and less country. And there are political parties, as UPyD, They are revolving around their leader, Rosa Díez“.

Isavia director partner also identifies a mixed model: which it is based on a highly valued company and a founder or president with a personal stamp splendid. “It is the case asked onApple. And one could say that is the case Emilio Botin on Santander“.

Minimum issue

Santiago Alvarez de Mon warns that you can not be a CEO without assuming that should represent the brand: “There must be a minimum for this. It goes in the salary and it is your responsibility. Discretion should be practiced in moderation so that it is not secrecy”.

Vivian Acosta meanwhile says “when one does not create a brand, others create it for him. If you let other minted that mark, which results can be negative”.

For Guillem Recolons, partner Soymimarca, the non-presence “It causes a dehumanization of the company. If there is a person in front is colder. Crisis management, there is no one to take responsibility, and it tends to charge the brand. Given the inaccessibility, Besides, a lack of dialogue is given, No one can give the face. The first brand ambassador is the CEO. If your image is opaque entire company oozes opacity“. Andrés Pérez agrees that “opacity that generates desconfinza. If you're invisible you may think you have something to hide”.

Partner Soymimarca adds that “Spain long term we will import the type of attitudes of leaders who use person to person communication“, taking into account how others perceive the message and how to transmit it to your network of trusted people. It is the case Barack Obama and actions around him, which they became his trademark a symbol and icon worshiped by the great social masses.

media leaders

During the crisis of the automotive industry in Detroit, in the decade of 1980, President Chrysler,Lee Iacocca, It made famous by putting its image and personality in the service of the company, becoming known worldwide phrase “if you find a better car, buy it”.Fifteen years later, Chrysler used its media potential for a new campaign deals.

The Spanish Iacocca was Manuel Luque, general manager Camp, that as a media leader became fashionable cars slogan applied to detergents. Even those who have never seen the announcement of Columbus known and “I searched, compare, and if you find something better… Buy”.

Just as an exaggerated discretion may be negative, leaders who choose to be media may fall into excess. Some think that the most effective leaders seem to be those who “son” their own business and they embody the image of your company, especially when it comes to transmitting values ​​and emotions. Andrés Pérez, positioning consultant staff, He cites examples of exaggerated media Donald Trump or Richard Branson.

Perez recalled that “leadership is based on someone with clear objectives, you must have defined the objectives of its people. Branson knows what he wants, what people want, and communicates perfectly”.

The decision to be a media manager may be due to a vision of the kind patrimonialista “the company's me”; or also the model “the company is my springboard”, something typical of those managers who use the media platform to get a shot headhunters. In addition, the great iconic personality of certain chiefs, as may be the case Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric, o Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, You can become an inconvenience, because a giant figure like these leaders can cause an eclipse of talent in the organization, which sometimes it is atrophied and is unable to respond appropriately when these leaders are leaving the company (Welch) or die (Jobs).

This leadership implies that those who exercise spend many years as CEO, influencing the design and strategy of firms. How they manage institutionalized and it is almost impossible to find new leaders to replace them.

Professionals seeking 'personal branding'

Here's the article María Paz López appeared last Thursday in La Vanguardia

Employment strategies in times of crisis

Professionals seeking 'personal branding'

The method has two phases: Self-analysis of strengths and how to communicate them to others | Digital identity is built upon interaction and contacts; If you do not interact, do not exist

few years ago, talk about Personal Branding suggested a sporting universe of improving race times. But the words mutate social uses, and the emergence in the world of business and professions of Anglo-Saxon concept personal branding -this is, brand commercial sense applied to the people- has given expression personal brand new meaning.

augusto costhanzo

In Spain, more and more managers and business executives, and professionals from different disciplines, including master craftsmen, turn to agencies and experts to help them set up their own personal brand, which, in the best case, it will take to get a new job, advance your career or shine more in its scope. Internet and social networks have become essential elements of that bet.

"The method of creating personal brand takes elements of psychology, marketing, business management, communication and philosophy ", explains chemist Andrés Pérez Ortega, advisor of personal branding ( and author of the books Expertología. The science of becoming a professional reference (ed. Alienta) and Personal brand. How to become the preferred option (ed. Basic). Attention, Pérez Ortega clarifies: "Creating a brand, either a person or a product, It has two stages. The first is self analysis, their beliefs, values, strengths and abilities, and the second is that brand communication, establishment of relations. And everything has to be looking for authenticity, no makeup or false appearances ".

Mark -recalcan the experts is not a mere container; is confidence of others in that person or product, transmission is credibility. Among the cases cited by the agencies consulted, There are some illustrative (who they prefer not to be named). A steering Barca, for example, Consolidated employer in its sector, made abroad a refresher course for entrepreneurs. In that course he was awarded, so he grew his reputation as a "young entrepreneur", which paradoxically injured his profile entrepreneur and seated. For reposition, He lectured in business schools, and thus he created a personal brand senior expert in business management.

Another case: a Mexican journalist specializing in project management communication in his country wished to turn around his career. With the help of an expert in personal branding, redefined his: focus on communication projects in the field of women and work in Europe. The sessions were conducted via Skype and paid services by PayPal.
Internet tools are basic to create and transmit personal brand. It should be business card also in electronic form, and packaged in the classic curriculum vitae network as new modes teach professional knows what to do, with minivídeos, graphics and links. Keeping a blog theme help (the search engines favor), as well as having profiles LinkedIn andFacebook, and not neglect messages Twitter.

"The digital network identity is characterized by the interaction and contacts", Explain Neus Arques, partner and director of digital identity management companies ( and author of Y tú, ¿qué marca eres? 12 keys to managing your personal reputation (ed. Alienta). Interaction: "If you do not interact, -alerta not exist Arqués-. The mere fact of having discharged a profile online is not enough, must interact. And the contacts are on the network, people you know, They make endorsement of that digital identity ". Arqués and his team work with companies, not individuals, but they give seminars to groups of executives and business school students, They encourage those who manage themselves that personal brand online.

"The blog is an excellent tool visibility, as well as being in social networks, but we must also take care of the networking classic", Add Guillem Recolons, partner and consultant for a consulting career high ( Exchanging business cards at conferences and congresses still works, Just as the eye contact generates an empathy that does not give a photo, so it makes sense to combine both types of networking.

To define and direct the personal brand, Recolons and its partners and team practicesystem iceberg with a multidisciplinary approach: "The part of the iceberg that is not included self-knowledge and introspection, in the hands of a psychologist and a Coach, and product strategy, leading marketing specialist; while the visible part of the iceberg is the brand communication, of which an advertising deals, in this case ". Its clients include: Masters students loaded, entrepreneurs and unemployed professionals or active.

"Personal brand has to do with the values ​​we want to project, both at work and in society, with how we want to be perceived ", stated Nadine Kazerounian, British living in Barcelona, owner of the agency Praxis Image Consultants ( And, according Kazerounian, do not underestimate the classical concept image, understood in face mode. "First impressions about someone, and even the following, They are largely formed through visual cues: locker room, ways, body language and tone of voice, he argues,, so having a good self-image is essential to project the values ​​of personal branding, As the packaging is fundamental to the brand of a product ". As well help position it's welcome.