#lateraltwits 27 Twitter as a fairplay formula (fin de la saga)

Ya hemos hablado más de una vez del famoso fairplay de Twitter. Pero os lo resumo en pocos puntos para una mejor comprensión: Go on and on, you'll be followed. No pretendas tener 1.000 seguidores si no eres famoso y además no sigues a nadie. Lo razonable en esta red de microblogging es tener un equilibrio entre seguidoresRead more

Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose. This maxim - from the Maltese thinker Edward de Bono- has been a constant in the Obama campaign and, Possibly, the key to their success.

"Valueless effectiveness is a tool without a purpose". It doesn't matter race or belief: import values. Only then did Obama win over his voters. When I was talking about economics, didn't do it with the cool macroeconomic figures, I was doing it looking at the families, the future of their children and their … Read more