What challenge do you want reality 2030? Cheer up, there are only 20 days!

Citizen Agency for Science and Innovation has released this video with the big question What challenge do you want reality 2030?.
A marker in the lobby Brussels European Council It shows in real time the challenges we want to come true in 2030.

Here you you can connect to the web reto2030, which today has already collected countless proposals and near 20.000 votes.
[youtube= = iTs3u7yvBVs&hl = en_US&fs=1&]

17. What was the last time you tried to create something new?

If anything good has the crisis It is forcing the need for change. Not in vain, the Greek word crisis means change. It's hard, unless you work in the public administration, in recent years and months has not been a change in your employment status.

Right now it is when it is most important reinventing oneself. Something like a of construction Ferran Adrià, but your own ideas and projects. If you've done for years and no “sell”, urgently you need to change the perspective. Introduce new elements, evolve. The web 2.0 It has opened many new horizons. You can work online better than ever. TV viewing habits change, and increase the hours in front of computer and internet.

Can anyone imagine that personal branding might be just as fast and effective without the network?

Finally a tip. If you try while not creating something new, we go wrong. The changes come from creative processes. He spends a few hours a day to think of something new. If you need help, I suggest an old hand “A technique for producing ideas” of James Webb Young. It has years but it works.