Building Trust with presence and brand essence

From the beginning of their times, people, in our role as consumers of goods and services, we have moved through different parameters when making purchasing decisions, as the price, the proximity, after-sales service, ... But the packaging andl which remains the key factor for our choice is still on trust.

When we go to an Asian bazaar and buy, for example, shower hose, We do not expect to work well 100% and last us three years. The reason to go to the bazaar is the price, but never trust.

When we faced with the decision about which brand of coffee shop in a supermarket line, They mix many factors (price, experience, promotions ...) but just being confident that directs our hand to brand or non-brand elected. If it's a white mark, It depends on the force that has taught the supermarket, but often that non-brand could be greater confidence that the traditional brand. If the price difference between brand and non-brand is minimal, our brain will guide our hand to the traditional brand.

Some argue that behind all this is the neuromarketing. I read some literature on the subject and there seems to be more complex reasons, but what we talked about is now trusted.

How trust is generated?

In my time advertising agency often he repeated the phrase "Knowledge creates confidence”. Under this universal principle, specialized companies working more with an eye to overexposure in the media about the message itself. It was to be the first ad unit TV or having the first odd page in this newspaper or magazine such. Some advertisers, especially drugstore and food sectors, They forced the creative agencies in each ad to TV, the brand (what some call "the logo") appeared 7 times to be set in each client's consent and that audio was not necessary to understand the announcement.

Today these practices are considered pure SPAM. Brands need to build trust and to do so no longer be worth only knowledge (presence) and a message issued from the mark to their public, but will try to use the external recognition, of the opinion that people outside the brand emit about their experience with the brand itself. Is about branding, and branding, today, It builds confidence.

Such a popular tool like Trip Advisor It does nothing to issue external experiences and opinions about a particular service, a specific location, a concrete experience. That is pure branding. Confidence comes from people who have actually experienced with the brand, not from a promise that comes from the mark.

brands, both corporate and personal, They have before it a dual mission; from one side to get rid of their old routines, and the other embrace the idea that today the market is a huge conversation in which many bands have to be and be, manifesting an "essence" brand addition "brand presence".

we can change the old phrase for this "recognition builds trust”, and it is clear that trust is a means, and that the end is that our customers “buy”.