Who to follow on social networks (II)

(II) Who to follow in networks: YouTube, Instagram is, Google+

If the other day we talked three social networks like are LinkedIn, Twitter y Facebook, Today we enter YouTube, Instagram and Google+. Each of these networks have different monitoring procedures. Let's see them:


There are several ways to follow a user to provide us with value YouTube, but first it is worth identifying those users, and we will do so in two ways, For the name (if we know) using the keywords in the search; If the video is well labeled it will appear in a ranking that we can sort by popularity, by date, and also for channels and playlists. How can we activate this network monitoring?

Channel subscription. It is the most interesting option, that will make every time the user will upload a new video email us letting us know.

Creating categories: If you do not want to follow a user but a category (example: leadership ), from the same video we will ask “sort out” and then create a category. This option is very interesting because it allows us to have a own channel YouTube without having uploaded one video. Who connect with our channel will find all those videos that have classified.

Like: another way to follow videos is simply putting a like. In this case there will be others who will see this preference but we ourselves who will see this like we have made a video of another.

Conversation: if we generate any comment on a video of someone else we can keep track of all the comments that come later as happens in Facebook or LinkedIn.

Instagram is

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It is the social network par excellence labels. If the #hashtag was invented by Twitter, is in Instagram is where it develops its maximum potential. When we do a search on Instagram we have four results: Noted, people, hashtags and places.
Outstanding: here we see the most powerful being sharing in this network and give us an idea of ​​who are the people with profiles that we follow more closely.

People. Here you can search by the name of the person or put a @ in front. If that person is not using a nickname unknown find it quite easily. Tracking formula is similar to Twitter, We can follow who want regardless of whether or not still remains. The only difference is that there are many private profiles on Instagram. In such cases if the other party does not return us to follow we can not see images coming up this network.

Hashtags. It is the crown jewel of Instagram. It is the easiest way to search for content on the network and related concepts find what we seek. If you look closely the, Instagram each publication is followed by a number of hashtags. So if we want to see everything that is being published on drones only have to click on the hashtag #drone.

places. One feature of Instagram is the geolocation, ie every time you got a photograph asks us if we want to say where it has been made. Based on that we can also search for places that is, we can put a place such as the Escorial and see everything that is being published on the Escorial in real time. This will allow us to follow people who are posting about this topic.


This social network obtains maximum performance when other Google products are used such as browser Chrome or YouTube. In addition, to operate in this network need to have a Gmail account or associated with Google. Google+ distinguishes four follow-up formulas: your browser to find collections, communities, people and publications.
For example if we “abstract art” effectively find the four types of results.

The collections we can follow them to see all the new publications that include. It is important to know that if we keep a collection owner will know that we are following.

In the communities we can unite, and are simple as pressing the button together to follow everything that publishes community.

In the case of people Google+ is where perhaps has the greatest differential, because it allows us to track distinguishing whether they are family, friends, known or are followers.

Finally, in the case of publications, we appear those related to the search and may share the commenting or simply put the equivalent network like this, a +1.

We will continue talking about who to follow on social networks, we still Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Slideshare, baby,, Vine, Swarm…

Y… What will Mark Zuckerberg with 11.000 millions more?

The news of the IPO of Facebook will generate a value to the company 88.000 millions of dollars, a record in a dotcom since valued at Google by 23.000 million 2004.

It is clear that now all we can own a piece of Facebook, But that's not the point. The question is what will Zuckerberg with near 11.000 million dollars you can report this IPO. Be a little richer, yes, It is clear. But what will you do, which company will buy… Are you dare to Yahoo? Who will be the candidate?.

We have recently learned that Apple, the first market capitalization of the world, He has decided to distribute dividends to its shareholders. With that and you notice that Steve Jobs is not, because he sure had used the profits to buy other companies that do grow Apple. How Apple will grow now? Surely slower.

Clearly a Facebook IPO force Zuckerberg to grow steadily, and that means significant investments. That's probably why goes public, because it already has in mind buying a company key.

Bets are accepted.

Any tips to survive on LinkedIn (II)

The mobile version of LinkedIn is operational

Complementing the post we published 21 last June (ver post), this time we more into detail on how to improve networking via LinkedIn. I owe text to Blog Frank Scipion, I think he has done an excellent job called “Vitamins cure for your LinkedIn profile“. There goes that:

LinkedIn it's a sovereignly wasted social network. In the interests of justice, I decided to write today one Linkedin guide for entrepreneurs. Many people think it's very difficult to make new connections, and end up simply using it as a place to hang up their curriculum, It is not like this?. And what I think is that it has a much greater potential than many of us are taking from it today.

First of all, Linkedin is itself a search engine and has a huge reputation in Google and other major search engines. That's just that reason, that's reason to be present., because if you only Google your name and have a profile on Linkedin, you'll see that you appear on the first pages of the results. Take the test and you'll notice how weight Linkedin has for Google.

Here I pass you eight main points that helped me give it the real value that this social network has.

Linkedin guide 1. Improve your search engine rankings

On your LinkedIn profile you'll find three spaces to add links to your own sites or blogs. Instead of using “My Website”, click “Other”. There you'll be able to enter the text that best matches what people can look for about your business.

For example, I used to stop my blog passive income, which is a key word that I want to position myself for. You can put here your Facebook fan page, your youtube channel, etc ... and also optimize the text of your link.

In my case, public view my profile on Linkedin has a PageRank 2. Nothing extraordinary, but not insignificant for a newly launched blog.

Of course, it's a tremendously simple way to boost your positions in search engines.

Linkedin guide 2. Promote the content of your blog

It is also possible to import your WordPress blog feed into your Linkedin profile, looking for the corresponding application in that program. This becomes an agile and simple way for others to take a look at the content of your blog in a minute.

If you do not use WordPress (unfortunate!), there's also you can use Blog Link. This app supports TypePad, Movable Type, Vox,,, Blogger, LiveJournal and several other.

We all know well that blogs are the best way to grow your brand, whether personal or your project. With this you will be able to automate the dissemination of your posts on Linkedin.

Linkedin guide 3. Launch an advertising campaign on LinkedIn

The truth is that until they told me, I had no idea that LinkedIn offered a contextual advertising service. LinkedIn is a site professionals for professionals, who is less randomly exposed to other environments, and conversely, gets visits and care from people more interested in business.

The system is simple and allows you to write in minutes, target and launch your advertising, and pay for it either by clicks or by impressions, budgets that start at the 40 euros. The advantage is that it allows you to quickly reach a really community premium of 63 million professionals with high levels of income (100,000 € half). And you'll also be able to target your ad based on the age, industry, job, yes, company size and Location.

For lack of funds, I don't use paid advertising services. Esto no quita el interés real de este servicio de publicidad pensando en una empresa, ya que linkedin ofrece un servicio similar al servicio de página de admiradores de Facebook, service Business Page.

Linkedin guide 4. To organize events

Me encanta esta herramienta de Linkedin que te permite anunciar eventos. Ni siquiera es necesario que seas el coordinador de ese evento para poder subirlo a la agenda de Linkedin. Un evento puede ser creado sólo con la información básica y el interés por difundirlo. Incluso podrás enviar invitaciones a través de tu red de Linkedin, aprovechando la utilidad de confirmación de asistencia. Y además puedes visualizar rápidamente todos los eventos de tus contactos.

Linkedin guide 5. Use groups to connect with people

In a group Linkedin, you can read / post news, lanzar un debate, Post a job, etc… Son entornos cerrados que gestionan miembros que pueden acceder al conjunto de contenidos.

Resulta más que frecuente que las personas se sumen a un grupo, pero luego no vuelvan ni por asomo a participar de él. Y la verdad es que yo no puedo tirar la primera piedra porque soy uno de ellos. In my case, en vez de tener una participación online continua en uno o varios grupos, visiting them every day, prefiero recibir los avisos por correo y solo entro en una conversación si tengo un interés real.

What is even more should start a new group, ya que te dará la ventaja de contar con las direcciones de email de los que se sumen, updated daily as it grows. Ya sé que puede darte un poco de trabajo armar y empujar un grupo, pero una buena forma de comenzar es directamente invitar a toda tu red de contactos. Cuando tus contactos se vayan sumando al grupo, estas novedades se harán visibles en sus perfiles, y allí otra gente podrá sentir interés y también sumarse. The result is a small empire..

Linkedin see some groups that are all the rage. Empiezo con 2 grupos en ingles a los cuales debes monitorizar, porque ahí pasan muchas cosas:

2 references in Spanish, daily conversations with active:

¿Te imaginas teniendo tú acceso a semejante base de contactos? Well, Maybe you should start today.

Linkedin guide 6. Get recommendations to attract more customers

Si hay algo que diferencia a Linkedin del resto de las redes sociales, recommendations are, something really unique. Y a mí no se me ocurre mejor manera de promocionar tu negocio que pidiéndoles a tus clientes y tus colegas que compartan con otros la opinión que tienen de ti.

Te estarás preguntando cómo conseguirlas. Simple: first give, then receive. Write good recommendations from your peers, y pronto recibirás mejores de parte suya. Conviene invertir algún tiempo en esto.

To credibility and convince, las recomendaciones de terceros son muy muy importantes. Con Linkedin tienes una fuente inagotable de testimonios de gente reconocidos (experts in their field, managers, etc..) que pueden apoyar tu proyecto y asentarte como una de los lideres de opinión en tu sector.

Linkedin guide 7. make questions, y responde a las preguntas de lo demás

Una forma rápida de destacar como experto es de responder a las preguntas que hacen otros. Es cierto que este servicio en español esta infra utilizado (si lo comparas con la base de datos de preguntas/respuestas disponibles en ingles), but still, no me perdería la ocasión de responder a un par de preguntas relevantes a tu actividad.

También puedes hacer tu mismo preguntas, y ver como lo responden otros. Es una gran forma de hacer encuestas antes de lanzar tu web por ejemplo, o de validar el interés de un posible producto que quieres lanzar al mercado profesional muy pronto.

Linkedin guide 8. Connect your twitter account to your Linkedin profile

Your tweets appear on your profile, y puedes lanzar un tweet desde linkedin. Hay un par de widget que te permiten saber que se estña diciendo sobre ti en Twitter. ¿ Porque hacerlo?. Because anecdotes relevant content to your profile, útil para tu posicionamiento en buscadores y también porque remites un tráfico muy cualificado hacia tu cuenta twitter, y si lo que ven al aterir en tu perfil les gusta, followers will be yours.

That's all for that Linkedin guide for entrepreneurs. Do not waste more time, Give him a chance to Linkedin. Worth.

Who’s talking? y personal branding

In many posts we talked about “googlearse” yourself to see what circulates on us on the web. The truth is that this should be the first step in building our Personal Branding: knowing where we are, a first diagnosis.

An interesting addition to Google It is a website called “Whos Talking“, set to “social media search tool”. The truth is surprising how much information you can gather about a person, and how well the information is classified.

Dispose of 7 search criteria “social: blogs, news, networking, videos, images, forums and labels.

Do the test, It is more than interesting.

It's not about the number of contacts, This is how we interact with them

In our personal brand management, often confused with quality amount.

It is true that the networking It is based on propabilidades, and the taller, better. It is also true that we are in the era of affinities, personal segmentation, del one-to-one, and, in, from personalization. To have 5.000 contacts LinkedIn It is very interesting, but it will be even more if we divide this heritage in related groups (consultants, managers, thinkers, journalists….) and we address them in a manner more akin.

Both Facebook and LinkedIn, Plaxo, Viadeo… Contact hunting sometimes becomes a nonsense. I can understand that a political candidate need a very broad base of “friends” for desvelear agenda, their thoughts and proposals. Perhaps the problem lies in the nomenclature “friends”. I do not deny that there may be someone with a lot, many friends. But these figures we see often 5.000 friends are unreal. In our personal brand management, often confused with quality amount.

Twitter case is somewhat different, since that's possible “follow” people for what they think and what they write, not because our relationship with those people. Twitter, Besides, its interface offers the ability to create affinity groups. So that, according to the mood of the moment, one would want to read things “Coach”, of “politicians” it “football”…

Twitter offers the ability to create affinity groups

In the background, online contact management should not be far from the offline management. When you create a database, there is always a field that defines the sector. That's the key customization. So that, It's not about the number of contacts, is about how we interact with them.

The impressive history of the guy who found the job he wanted using Google Adwords

Subtitle: And it only cost 5 €!!

Sub-Subtitle: Based on a true story

Imagine your life's dream is to find work as a copywriter in one of the 5 best agencies in the country. Imagine also, you're broke and you can not spend more than 4 or 5 € to get your azaña.

I would say the same if your goal is to get into one of the best law firms, economists, engineers. I would say the same if you want to find a good place schoolmaster, commercial manager or whatever you want.

It is easier than it seems to be. You enter Google, are looking Google Adwords and buy some keywords. If you want to buy "adman" will cost a paste. And we only have 4 5 €. Adwords formula is not closed price, if not you pay for auction. If no one wants what you want, will cost 0,15 by clicking, really cheap. But if you want to buy general words like "creative side”, Be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

In our history, what we do is Buy the names of the best creative advertising the country. Why?

Because when searching your name on Google you will find our ad: "Hello Creative Director XXXX, Googlearte yourself is fun. Hire me as a creative in your company, as well. Giving me a call. You are late."

Well, this little story is true, and it ended well. Our friend, whose real name is Alec Brownstein He managed to enter as a senior editor at Young & Rubicam. the contrato Scott Vitrone, a creative director who was amazed Alec's ability to attract attention.

I thank my good friend and companion Linda Reichard by publishing it in its LinkedIn. The story published last 18 May the online newspaper "The Globe and Mail”, and here is the link to see the full story, including an interview with the protagonists.

18. Do you use often Google to find answers?

If so, well done. Google It is one of the largest sources of knowledge. And not only for its search websites, as well as image search, blogs, Map, alerts… If you also have knowledge of English, expand your answers, since the sum razes. Google will take you to Wikipedia, a YouTube, the millions of blogs in the world, social networks, online press, thematic websites…

I only see one but. And is that many of us we do not know properly use Google metabuscador. Not the same look that Lateral Consulting “Lateral Consulting”. In the first case we have more than 1 million answers, most unrelated. In the second case we have just over 3.000 but totally related. Try it with your name or your company.

More clues?

  • AND: by default Google launches for results by joining the words entered by the user using this operator. So the final result of a search without specifying anything or using the AND operator will be the results that contain both the specified word list. The searches “Used cars AND” or “used car” you'll get the same results, a list of websites that contain the word cars and the word occasion.
  • OR the symbol "|” : If you want to specify that the appearance of the two words is not necessary in each search result, but each of them separately, you must specify the OR operator among the terms that must meet this criterion. “Used cars OR” you will now result in a list of websites that contain the term cars or occasion.
  • The operator - : to exclude search results. It must be specified before the term to be ignored so that results that do not contain the specified word are searched. “car -ocasión” will look for websites that contain the word car but not occasion.
  • You can assign different scopes to operators by delimiting them with parentheses: “(car OR motorcycle) AND occasion” will search all the Websites that contain the word cars or motorbikes and with either of these two it is essential that an opportunity appears.

special commands:

  • “site:site_name words to search”, look only on this site.
  • “ mathematics”, searches for all the pages that contain the word “mathematics” within the web You can check a site even when it doesn't work by clicking the “cache” that appears next to each of the search results.
  • It puts one “define:” followed by a word (not: define:Human Body) See definitions and encyclopedic texts on the subject.
  • using “cache:” before a URL, we'll be shown the content of Google's cache (this is useful at times when for some reason an address is temporarily unaccessible).
  • If you type “filetype:” followed by the extension of a file will search for pages containing the extension of that file. For example: University filetype:doc

If Facebook were a country, It would be the number 4 The world after China, India and USA

Some chilling statistics web:

– Facebook : 174.000.000 users connect once a day

– Twitter has already 75.000.000 users

– LinkedIn has 50.000.000 users

– Flickr accumulates 4.000 million images

– More of 35 million Facebook users update their profile every day

– Wikipedia now has more than 14 million items

– In the world there are more than 200.000.000 blogs

– India has 3 million users LinkedIn

– The 70% bloggers talk about brands on their blogs

Plus? Take a look at this video. Is worth.

[youtube= = sIFYPQjYhv8&hl = Fr_FR&fs=1&]