Why not, I'm from the 93% not hang this message on my wall and will RT


Indeed, I'm a fiend. I do not care cancer, hunger, the racism, the wars, AIDS. I do not mind the misfortune of others. I do not affect those messages they send me my best friends via Whatsapp, via mail or hung on the wall of Facebook. And… surprise! I am not alone. It seems that many people like me.

The final structure of these messages is always the same:

  • A mail o Whatsapp: “…I would appreciate you forward it. The 93% it will not…”
  • In Facebook: “…I appreciate you share it on your wall. The 93% it will not…”
  • In Twitter: “… RT please…”

But let's see: If someone does not know how to write something that gets us really, Did you have to meet with a threat? Do they need to really generate a sense of guilt?

Messages-en-chainYou will see, Dear reader. If by chance you were planning to start a campaign like this, think about this: Normally REJECTION CAUSED, They reach the opposite effect. At least for me and many people I know. I usually stop following people who ask me to forward or make RT to a chain letter.

Do I care cancer?. Of course, so I worked with the Spanish Association Against Cancer since 12 years old . Do I care racism? Of course, so I volunteer in a foundation that fights against social exclusion.

Please, more facts and less verbiage. I gladly accept that a friend sent me an altruistic message, kind: “By 5 Pedro euros per month can continue their studies in Bolivia. collaborates”. If I want I will work, but I do not accept that threaten me “You shall be of those who do not spread”.

We break the chains, fuck chains. He started in the email and this disease has already landed hard on social networks. Broadcasts a message only if you believe in it, if you please, and point. Not because nobody threatens.