#lateraltwits 25 Twitter as a referral forum

While it's true that Twitter doesn't want to compete with Foursquare, day by day has become an interesting forum for recommendations. There are no excessive differences with classic forums, because placing a hashtag is very easy to follow the forum. If you want to know if a restaurant is interesting, or a play … Read more

#lateraltwits 22 Twitter as an open book

This week we've been on two news stories “Pump” they show that Twitter is really like an open book. On the one hand, Mr.. David Bisbal screwed up to the bottom with a tweet mourning that in Egypt the pyramids had no visitors these days. Of course, with which it is falling into … Read more

#lateraltwits 21 Twitter as a teaser

Those of us who have moved in the advertising environment know the magic of teaser. Remember those campaigns with powerful messages that no one signs? That's a teaser. (pronunciese tiser).It is also known as an unknown campaign. It's a preview of a campaign, of a pitch, of an event. Its main function is to create … Read more

#lateraltwits 05 Twitter as a public forum

En la serieLateralTwitshemos hablado ya de Twitter como medio de comunicación, Twitter as a platform for dialogue, Twitter como medio de información y Twitter como medio de contacto. Hoy el enfoque lo hacemos hacia Twitter como foro público. Twitter se está convirtiendo en un gran foro. Posiblemente nunca llegue a sustituir a los foros temáticosRead more