What would the Internet without these supernatural beings, los trolls?

Once again, I see the RAE needs updating:


Norwegian troll 'Supernatural being'.

  1. In Norse mythology, evil monster that inhabits forests or caves.

So better we stay with the definition of Wikipedia, something closer to reality:

In Internet lingo, a trol1 or troll describes a person posting provocative messages, irrelevant or off-topic in an online community, as a forum for discussion, chat room, blog comments, similar, with the primary intent to annoy or provoke a negative emotional response in users and readers, various purposes (even for fun)2 or, otherwise, alter normal conversation on a topic of discussion, achieving the same users are angry and face each other.

Not you think that the definition of Wikipedia excites me. This "cause a negative emotional response ..." it is not always characteristic of a troll. In my time I am wandering the Internet, I managed to distinguish five types of troll, From harmless to the "supernatural":


Seriously ... who does not have a rogue side? Alterego, providing a profile with your real name and very "clean" creates a second profile, a mask. And it does uncovering his side villain in FSRP (football, sex, religion and politics).

It is a very common troll: from senior executives who must suppress their primal instincts to freelancers.

It's advisable? I am nobody to recommend, but it is a harmless profile, usually it does not act against anyone but for a cause.

the graciosillo

This page is more annoying. We could call it a "busybody", one plays balls. Usually it get into forums and conversations that are alien and jokes from ignorance.

Does not reach the point of aggression, but members of the conversation would like to see it disappear. Usually creative in their expressions, use good words, but out of context.

The netizen garrulo, also know as hater

Perhaps it is the most abundant and striking troll. Have you ever come to see the comments in a newspaper online? Why not, are they. None acting under his real name, all are wise, disqualifying and can not write. Netizens are garrulos.

Its purpose is to let off steam. Many network repressing their frustrations. Often they abuse capitalization, smileys ...

In real life they are harmless, but in the network are bullies. It is not easy to get rid of them, They have more time than you and that always gives you the last word.

To put the point of humor this profile troll, nothing better than seeing this clip Hater Hater Antonia San Juan:

The troll hired

Why not, Many trolls charge, They are hired by companies, political parties, newspapers ... to crush his opponents. They are semi-professional, they can do much harm.

Their motto could be "nothing personal, only business".

They are dedicated to spreading false rumors, to make big small. Falsify images and videos with relative ease, their digital skills are spacious. Border crime, but they do not reach the level of the next group:

The troll seeking police

It is a professional. Works with multiple IP's, what facilitates digital crime. It is better not mess with them. They can enter any network, track any profile. They can also practice phishing (Spoofing) or cyberbullying.

Some may pursue noble causes, how to disable dangerous Trolls, but in any case what they do is illegal. They not usually do for money.

They are not supernatural

As you can see, there is no supernatural, but dropped them the name of Trolls. Some are opportunists, other evil thing, but they are human beings, There's no doubt.

What would be wrong is to put them all at the same level.

Should I create me a troll profile?

It depends. If the thing goes alter ego, ahead. There is only one "but". You'll have double work. And do not potenciarás your personal brand, but of a masked character.

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