5 ways to present my product I like

Friends of Guudjob They hiceron me an interview in his series Guudjob Personal Branding Academy, entitled How to present my product I like? If you have 6 I advise minutes watch the video in which Jaime Fernández Puente -although not shown- is the other side asking questions.

If you do not have that time, I make a summary reading in two minutes:

5 ways to present my product I like

Attempting to start a blog

Why not? If you know you do not want or can not write forever cure contents. In this post AulaCM do you have 25 tools to do. You can also reblogging, for it Tumblr It is the perfect platform.

In addition, If you have a blog with your as domain and keep with periodicals, you will find much more easily and you posicionarás better as a specialist in your area.

It works unconventional communication formats

Easier said than done. The best is the example of young man who found work using a campaign only 5 € on Google Adwords. Creative power. Also noteworthy is the case of the Catalan teacher Nuria Fuster who edited a video to get a job. And what if he did. In 24 hours.

Try to others talk about you (recognition)

Would it be crazy to ask friends, coworkers, fellow students, customers, family… to record a video saying two things about you? Of course. It's crazy because almost nobody has done What you expect? Why not, Other formats, as the survey feedback, tests that are usually done in companies, but as the video there is nothing.

The video is worth a thousand pictures and 100.000 words

Video is not the future, It is present. It is the ultimate expression of holistic language of a person, the message, sign language, the look, the voice… Everything is there. Let me ask you a simple question. How do you know a person better, on a piece of paper called his CV or a video 3 minutes explaining their achievements, Value Propositions, paths…? Need inspiration? Seen this man, Sir Ken Robinson, in this fantastic TED.

YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, Facebook video, Vine, Instagram video… It will not be that there are no tools for publishing…

Create your personal slogan

Everything leaves a brand. What we say and what we do not say. What we do and what we do. In our hands is managing that message or that silence so that it becomes an element of value for our customers, contributors, friends…

Why not, That's my personal slogan “Everything leaves a brand“. Actually part of a insight. The question is: If brands can have a slogan, Why we do not?

about Guudjob

Guudjob It is an excellent initiative from the perspective of personal branding. Specifically it is an app that allows professional valuations, among other functions recognize the good work of any employee in an organization. Great idea, friends!

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