mequedouno: Nace a smart cost / high value with a side view of business

mequedounoIt had long since we've seen on the net a truly new idea. We got it: after a pre-campaign as suggestive, Today is born, a new online store that offers every day a real “plum”, only for 24 if not previously have broken stocks.

Mequedouno code uses humor, an unerring emotional way. The first product for sale is a hard drive iOmega Multimedia with a price 90 euros, well below what we would find even online outlets.

The interesting part is that we are not buying from a dealer in another part of the planet. At home and we bought our home warranty. Ideally your web subscribe to receive daily mail article offered. It seems that at the moment the offer focuses on consumer electronics, Small household appliances… To see if the thing works and soon we offer alternatives in other sectors.

To sum up in a nutshell, I would say that we talk about a smart cost / high value, a smart purchase. Congratulations to promoters!

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