6. Like trying new things?

The question gets it, but even if you read it and tell yes, there is a vast majority of professionals who do not like at all to change routines. An example of “real life” we have on visits to the restaurant. On a table is always asking conservative macaroni and beef tenderloin, who dares with a carpaccio of monkfish or going further and try some algae raw prawn.

The tipoplogía of innovative hedonist, a typical profile of 80′, responds to this third diner who does not afraid to try new things. In the business world it is interesting to open the mind to new proposals, especially when you want to progress (an international destination) or when you want to find a new job.

It may be the case try something new and that does not satisfy us, but the risk “is part of the business”. Japanese companies are notoriously conservative. Westerners let them invent and perfect… It is not like this, absolutely. I am an admirer of the company Honda, one of the world's largest sources of creativity. Apply it to robotics, and depending on their results, apply it to ship engines, car…