Personal branding and digital brand @HoyStreaming

One does not always have the opportunity to compare ideas about the world of personal branding and digital brand professionals as Celia Hil, Antonio Postigo and a number of professionals who were attentive screens for over an hour and a half on live streaming.

It took place on Thursday 15 October 2015 in a Hangout organized and broadcast by HoyStreaming and soul Antonio Postigo.

For those who have lost it, I leave the video after these lines. He talked about everything, definition of chapters, of the reasons for managing brand or not do, methodologies and processes, referents, digital projection attitude and brand, self-knowledge tools…

They emerged more interesting questions from those who followed the event, and I make particular emphasis on the issues raised Joan Clotet, passionate about personal branding and the importance of introspection (knowledge of self) as an engine of personal brand management.

As always happens in these cases, It lacked time to answer all questions, but that we have the social networks. If anyone is encouraged to follow the conversation, I encourage you to do so in Twitter, Linkedin or Google+.

Bon Appetite!


augmented reality and personal branding II

Retaking the previous post on augmented reality From the past 14 of September, it seems that new matches are between augmented reality and development Personal Branding. In the blog specialized in AR “Wildeyes” We found this accompanying cartoon shows a scenario in which our fingerprint will be so visible that we can not mislead anyone.

Moraleja: better to have a good personal brand behind.