Personal Branding Plan: Manage -already- the script of your life

Personal Branding Plan launches today, the first online personal brand self-management course. An ambitious and cooperative project that answers these questions: Are you waiting for the chance of a lifetime and it hasn't just arrived? Are you dissatisfied with your current job but are afraid of a change? Is your project powerful … Read more

Professionals seek 'personal branding'

Here we leave the article of María Paz López appeared last Thursday in La Vanguardia Strategies for employment in times of crisis Professionals seek 'personal branding' The method has two phases: self-analysis of strengths and how to communicate them to others | Digital identity is based on interaction and contacts; if you don't interact, No … Read more

personal brand iceberg

The personal brand iceberg

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here attached the personal branding process (personal brand management methodology) become the visual metaphor of the iceberg: The Personal Brand Iceberg is a methodology created in 2010 by Guillem Recolons which distinguishes three areas of work: Self (fingerprint diagnosis … Read more