How important is today the personal branding?

A student, Luis, You must prepare its TFG (Work Final Grade) and gives me to give you a hand. The importance of personal branding will more, I see more and more students who dedicate their TFG to topic.

But something strikes me. Fixation by youtubers.

It turns out that there are very few youtubers based creative work and tremendous effort to earn a good living and created millions communities. That attracts this generation begins. quick fame and easy money, That is what it seems. But only one in a million get it, and the formula is not applicable to other.

There is only one Patri Jordan girls and their secrets, They are reaching 8,5 million subscribers. And there is only one rubius more than 9 million subscribers. And a Auronplay, whose two video about jokes to accumulate prostitutos 17 million views. And we could go up 20 cracks.

Before this panorama, it is logical that Luis has chosen as the theme of his work personal brand of youtubers. I leave your questions and my answers.

How important is today the personal branding?

It is essential to manage three areas of our identity:

  1. What is our personal brand today (How do others perceive us)
  2. What we want our personal brand tomorrow (strategy)
  3. How we will present our message and value proposition (communication)

How can affect personal branding in the professional field and in the life of a person?

Personal branding understood as the footprint we leave on others absolutely influences in our lives, because depending on the value and sensations that we perceive option or we will not be.

The discretion that characterized the era of our parents is no longer operational. If we do not, we do not exist, or at least, we are clear that we will not find.

But remember something essential: before communicating need to know what to communicate, and before you know what to communicate need to know how we perceive.

Do we all have to build and take care of personal brand image or only those who are public figures?

Everyone without exception must manage (not create) and enhance our brand. The important thing is that here we must not create anything. Personal branding is like matter, is not created nor destroyed, only transformed( and manages).

From the first days of life left mark on others. Because, the brand is already created when we are young or adults and we plan to manage.

Do you think that the Youtubers need to watch your personal brand?

Everyone without exception must take care. Perhaps we could exclude hermits. But the rest we must do if we want to progress and be related in some specialty.

YouTubers need your brand to be very attractive and differential, since it is based success. But at the same time must be genuine. Personal branding is not created character symbol fictitiously, but each of us can take on different roles. I explain. When Risto Mejide He has the role of interviewer on his sofa chester is a Risto, when assessing the performance of an artist it is another, and when it is another advertising. But it is always Risto Mejide, does not change their names.

Looking to create a positive personal brand image can not bring these to lose naturalness?

It depends. If your brand is positive and sells, ahead. If your brand is controversial and sells, ahead.

What factors can influence the personal brand of a YouTuber? Is it only your videos?

Her videos are your product. But the brand consists of more factors: your community is key, your personality, the people who presciben and support (influencers), the way they communicate and share their videos through different social networks ... There is a whole range of activities and meanings around a brand.

Is it positive convey a different image to the real with the sole aim of winning followers?Would it have negative consequences over time?

The example is valid here Mejide. We have one brand, but we can adopt several roles. It's not convey a different image, hat is changing. In the same way that not headed like a child than an adult, a client to a colleague. We adopt different roles.

Otherwise exist, which is to the adoption of a character. The example would be Barragán, appearing in such films Torrente and shows of various kinds, and that has nothing in common with his real person. I know perfectly, was my boss for five years. In this case, It has built a complementary personal mark having a commercial. Conveys a different image, but with a different identity. Here it is not about roles.

José María Rubio, Mr. barragan

Source: Puntoger

Transmit a different image with the same brand (first name) It is negative with time, since the lack of consistency can ruin everything. Having said that, people evolve, and it is not the same as the Picasso of the Cubist Blue Period.

Is it possible to reverse the image that you have of your followers? That is to say, Can you go from being bad otherwise seen solely taking care of the personal brand?

It depends on the "sin" committed. David Bisbal goofed in a tweet talking about Egyptian pyramids in the middle of popular revolt, but his brand is stronger than a specific problem of reputation. Others, as the player Sergio Ramos, They have left a somewhat distorted image projected nevermind actually charged too.

david bisbal reputation Error

A Youtuber base its notoriety in mistreating women on the street has a short tour. It is like burning a Bible or the Koran in the street: the first day surprise, but due to the lack of relevance of the subject become so stupid not have continuity or interest.

How you can face a crisis of our personal brand?

Offering something of such value that ultimately the crisis is over. Showing the human side. Giving Face, admitting errors. And having patience. This is not achieved in 24 hours.

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