If Apple loses, we're all going to hell

Today is a great day for innovation and creativity.

Today we learned that Samsung You shall indemnify Apple plagiarism. Specifically, They were at stake iPhone patents. Samsung, with all my respect, He had no qualms about copying your model Galaxy everything that was in the iPhone. Of course, also he introduced some new, just missing, but Samsung saved millions in research.

So far the news, not just. Samsung appeal (of course) and the wheel continues. But why it is important that Apple has won the first pulse?

Because if Apple lost, we're all going to hell. Mean that those who believe, those investing, those investigating, those who innovate have no place in the world. That place would become of those who plagiarize, those who imitate.

This morning I read a tweet from a guy who was wondering what I get if Apple gets compensation from Samsung. Such symphony lacks vision (Thank you Daniel H. Pink), and trees do not let him see the forest. If justice does not protect those investing in R & D, back to the caves.

What if I have an iPhone? Why not, and my daughter has a Galaxy.

Back to look at this ad campaign “Think different”. May help us better understand how creativity works. Thanks Steve Jobs, Today's sentence is a great tribute to your work.

[youtube] = EryxBXY8OHo[/youtube]

No hero without dragon

Today we talk about innovation. And we talk about the essential role of specialized consultants innovation to achieve appreciable interesting.

When I see a friend or client some type of innovation arises it is often asked these forms:

1. Looking from inside the walls of the company. It is most common. Creativity meets all internal limitations we can imagine: “this we can not do here”, “We do not have staff to develop this idea”, “our customers do not fit”.

2. Look from the outside of the walls of the company. Excess benchmarking can also generate the false belief that life is too beautiful. Not everything that happens across the Atlantic working on our side.

3. blatantly copy the closest competitors. It is a reaction known. They call us and tell us: “I want an equal approach that Fulano”. Your answer Why? You know if it works?. Usually they do not know, but the short-termism makes hasty decisions.

Few are those who try to approach the issue professionally, and less those who resort to professional innovation to find new ways.

In recent months I have been fortunate to meet one of these professionals, Gian-Lluís Ribechini, dragon trying to break paradigms.

One of the advantages of Ribechini is his training as an engineer. Why? because where there is no method engineer. And if the method is to innovate, We have a beautiful mix of vertical thinking and lateral thinking that is unrivaled.

Do you want to innovate? Want to be a hero? Perfect, but remember: No hero without dragon.

Truisms about innovation

Among the literature that I have taken vacation was a book on innovation that I recommended a friend, “It's all done” Pau Garcia-Mila.

I imagine that I will be one of the few to whom the book has not liked. It is extended by His Royal Highness Felipe de Borbon and the epilogue is another Felipe, in this case Felipe González.

Anyone who reads it will be clear that the author of the book is a genius. And it is. But not for writing the book but for inventing the eyeOS operating system, one of the key Cloud computing performance. I am a daily user of Cloud computing and I think it is the best that has been created.

In this sense, I will always be grateful to Pau for this creation, it has saved me a lot of effort.

I think the problem is in the book. to get started, institutional coldness of the prologue to our prince “places” too.

But the book itself is a compendium of platitudes about innovation bored and brings nothing new. It is clear that Pau and his partner came up with the invention eyeOS by chance, to solve a space / time problem. They need to leave your files on a virtual place not carry heavy hard drives up and down. So far so good.

But I think maybe I was wrong- that if you give a casually invention it does not authorize you to write about innovation as its had planned three-year process that has borne fruit. And the book is that, deja vu written a manual on how to give birth post an idea, develop and implement.

Among the things that have shocked me is the claim that all human beings have an almost innate ability to generate ideas. I have experienced not, there are people who, even he is taking forward all kinds of stimuli, They are not capable of creating ideas.

It is also true that many people blocking their ideas, which leaves no flow, and many other people using vertical thinking to override their own ideas.

Pau is a genius, but he is too young to know that not everyone has the same ability to generate ideas, analyze and implement.

the topicazo that no capital is required to implement a good idea also appears in the book. These statements offend, since many cases I know of ideas that have been turned off by lack of capital. Launch a new market idea without being sure that the next day someone will use giving much greater promotion is usually a business suicide.

If any of you who have never read about innovation, The book can be a good guide. If you had already read before on the subject, see that the same concepts are repeated again and again.

Maybe the book is, definitely, title. Perhaps because it reminds me of the great poem by Martí i Pol “Right Now” which closes with a “…Everything is done and everything is possible” (everything is done and everything is possible).

Finally, I do not dwell more. I recommend you enjoy the invention of Pau, but I can save you the book.

Distinguish or extinct

retaking the conference on Personal Branding From the past 22 April in Madrid, said the owner of a phrase that caught my attention: distinguish or extinct. It was the final moral talk “wood create leader” of Juan Manuel Casado, President Casado Consulting.

Distinguish or extinct. I could not agree more. Anyone who tries to go unnoticed by the world labor can survive. We need to distinguish. Creativity is a fundamental tool to do, but we also need to have a clear vision of where we can go and set ourselves our own marketing plan. A marketing plan self? And why not. Not a long time ago, a consultant and good friend, Jordi Rigual, He launched the idea of ​​creating a marketing plan for Catalonia… and why not?.

If we do nothing, we do soon, and we do it in the most creative way possible, we will go extinct.


18. Do you use often Google to find answers?

If so, well done. Google It is one of the largest sources of knowledge. And not only for its search websites, as well as image search, blogs, Map, alerts… If you also have knowledge of English, expand your answers, since the sum razes. Google will take you to Wikipedia, a YouTube, the millions of blogs in the world, social networks, online press, thematic websites…

I only see one but. And is that many of us we do not know properly use Google metabuscador. Not the same look that Lateral Consulting “Lateral Consulting”. In the first case we have more than 1 million answers, most unrelated. In the second case we have just over 3.000 but totally related. Try it with your name or your company.

More clues?

  • AND: by default Google launches for results by joining the words entered by the user using this operator. So the final result of a search without specifying anything or using the AND operator will be the results that contain both the specified word list. The searches “Used cars AND” or “used car” you'll get the same results, a list of websites that contain the word cars and the word occasion.
  • OR the symbol "|” : If you want to specify that the appearance of the two words is not necessary in each search result, but each of them separately, you must specify the OR operator among the terms that must meet this criterion. “Used cars OR” you will now result in a list of websites that contain the term cars or occasion.
  • The operator - : to exclude search results. It must be specified before the term to be ignored so that results that do not contain the specified word are searched. “car -ocasión” will look for websites that contain the word car but not occasion.
  • You can assign different scopes to operators by delimiting them with parentheses: “(car OR motorcycle) AND occasion” will search all the Websites that contain the word cars or motorbikes and with either of these two it is essential that an opportunity appears.

special commands:

  • “site:site_name words to search”, look only on this site.
  • “ mathematics”, searches for all the pages that contain the word “mathematics” within the web You can check a site even when it doesn't work by clicking the “cache” that appears next to each of the search results.
  • It puts one “define:” followed by a word (not: define:Human Body) See definitions and encyclopedic texts on the subject.
  • using “cache:” before a URL, we'll be shown the content of Google's cache (this is useful at times when for some reason an address is temporarily unaccessible).
  • If you type “filetype:” followed by the extension of a file will search for pages containing the extension of that file. For example: University filetype:doc

17. What was the last time you tried to create something new?

If anything good has the crisis It is forcing the need for change. Not in vain, the Greek word crisis means change. It's hard, unless you work in the public administration, in recent years and months has not been a change in your employment status.

Right now it is when it is most important reinventing oneself. Something like a of construction Ferran Adrià, but your own ideas and projects. If you've done for years and no “sell”, urgently you need to change the perspective. Introduce new elements, evolve. The web 2.0 It has opened many new horizons. You can work online better than ever. TV viewing habits change, and increase the hours in front of computer and internet.

Can anyone imagine that personal branding might be just as fast and effective without the network?

Finally a tip. If you try while not creating something new, we go wrong. The changes come from creative processes. He spends a few hours a day to think of something new. If you need help, I suggest an old hand “A technique for producing ideas” of James Webb Young. It has years but it works.

16. ¿Availest to Google Alerts?

I recognize that I have a love-hate relationship with the Google Alerts. On the one hand, you saturate the incoming mailbox. But on the other, You spend valuable information about the issues that you have decided to subscribe.

Want to know what they say about you on the web? Writes a Google Alert with your name. At Google he is not almost nothing escapes. If someone mentioned in a blog, a tag, on a website or in any 2D, you will know.

Want to know the news about the trade of chickens sexador? Subscribe to alert Google “chickens sexador” and you will not miss anything. Material will have leftovers to prepare your next posts or tweets.

Jokes aside, Alerts are a great tool that saves you from being “strung up” 24h network and notifies you at the intervals you specify on the topic you have chosen.

What do you want to know?

15. How did you set up your personal brand?

There are many elements that make up a personal brand. Of course, training is one very important, It is laying the foundations of what later we will. But once we entered the labor market, What distinguishes us from others?… Authenticity? ¿Constant Restlessness? Warrior spirit?

Imagine yes, you're a person “real” in your area. Did you get connected? ¿No? Then you have no personal brand. Communication is essential to set up your personal brand. Makes sense. I do not know if you're a lawyer “authentic”, How can I hire you?…

You need to give a exposition your differential elements, and that you can get teaching, attending meetings sector, organizing workshops, managing a blog, managing account Twitter, writing regularly in some sectoral magazine, and in many ways more.

Once you've gotten this exhibition, You will achieve a figure set of three parts

  1. What people think of you
  2. I do not want people to think of you
  3. You want people to think of you

At the intersection of the three parties will find your personal brand.

12. Still at least 10 your specialty blogs?

This has changed, Let's not fool ourselves. Before we could get information from magazines sector, seminars, meetings, conferences. Then, with the emergence of web 1.0 forums emerged as places of sectoral meeting. The arrival of web 2.0 brought tools like Wikipedia, a virtual well of knowledge created by Internet users themselves. But today, without a doubt, the largest source of knowledge outside schools and universities are blogs.

The blog (short for web log) or log born in 2005 and now it has a community of millions of Internet users on the network. To understand the importance of blogging in generating knowledge and information transmission this excellent video I attached only 3′ created by

But the issue is how do you know which blogs that interest me are for my industry? There are several ways, but the best Google search blogs and put the keywords or tags.

Blog image by

11. How many virtual connections have?

Facebook friends, LinkedIn Contacts, Friends on MySpace, twitter followers, blog readers…

This is your virtual patromonio. If you want that is also a real estate, interacts con ellos. Send messages, Post notes, tweets, congratulates anniversaries, creates clusters. Your virtual connections are more important than you think. Perhaps Twitter is the virtual platform, where you can have followers who do not know anything, but that in teresan for your ideas. It's a great opportunity to meet world. Not you spoil.