As you do something, you do all. The 3-4-1 the # PBEX2018

The phrase “As you do something, you do all” It is Alan Urbina, co-founder of Integra Personal Branding next to Nancy Vazquez. Integra team has just organized the third edition of a # PBEX2018 (Personal Branding Experience) magnificent in his city, several times the Heroic Puebla de Zaragoza, in Mexico.

axiom: As you do something, you do all

So is. Our attitude determines our behavior, always. It is a great principle of self-knowledge, an axiom book. Alan was the importance of soft skills in his paper, and I prefaced our way of thinking and acting like the way we approach… What are these skills?

According to the Word Economic Forum, in its report Future of Jobs 2018, the 10 main labor skills are:

  1. Solving complex problems
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. People Management
  5. Coordination of people
  6. emotional intelligence
  7. Assessment and decision making
  8. Service orientation
  9. Negotiation
  10. cognitive flexibility

Of them, Many are soft skills in our attitude (and not just our preparation) it's everything. Remember, as you do something, you do all.

3-4-1 What is the tres?

The three It is the third edition of Personal Branding Experience, known as PBEX2018 or PBExperience 2018. Born in 2016 in Brazil as an international event, of hand personal burner Daniela Viek. In its first edition, when I had the honor of participating, the format was chosen online. In 2017 attendance was in Sao Paulo. Y 2018, the third edition skipped the border of Brazil to spend in Mexico, with online interventions for subscribers.

What is four?

Four is a number associated with the magnificent city of Puebla, or if you prefer, Puebla de Zaragoza Heroica. Puebla withstood four times the invader, and prevented even the French will support the South troops in the Civil War of the United States. Pictured header you can see a panorama of the city, guys at 1,6 million but with a “big area” nearly four million.

General Ignacio Zaragoza was responsible for the French troops could not go to Mexico, hence the name Zaragoza. The original name was Puebla de los Angeles (Angelópolis), which he changed after the deed of general 1862.

For my three visits, I certify that Puebla, Besides, It is one of the world capitals of gastronomy. Come on, worth a visit, at least. What better place to host the PBEX2018?

And one?

One refers to the PBEX2018 He joined professionals from many countries: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, U.S, Uruguay and some more that leave me. But all were one. A family. Professionals who understand that together we can promote personal branding to make it an official competition. To introduce them to business schools, in universities, in companies, in the administrations… in people.

The content? They were a lot, Now the party is pending online, where the papers that could see the days are duplicated 9 and 10 November. In coming days wide this article with the main ideas that emerged.

Daniela Viek and Personal Branding Integra team do their job well. And you know, as you do something, you do all.

Personal Branding is not about you, It's about adding value to your customers

I know (fairly good) a guy who's bio on Twitter, Instagram is…

Shoeshine of the XXI century. I love, helping other people to shine

We are not the key. The key is to add value to others

Although the expression “Personal Branding” and also “Personal Personal” may indicate otherwise, this is not about us… contradictory? Isn't it?. A person has value based on what he brings to others, a adding value to others, whether customers, contributors, friends, etc.

If we are willing to invest a good sum of money for an art masterpiece, it is because for us has value. It is an intimate relationship, as may other people do not have it at all.

Personal Branding is about adding value, not about self-selling

I liked an article by my colleague Marco Tomasone called 10 Symptoms of ego branding, published on the blog Integra Personal Branding. In the post, Marco perfectly defines the symptoms “of the ego Brander”. If I had to summarize them into one, I would say this profile (very common on and off the web) it's about self-selling.

Do you recognize any profile of those who have thousands of followers and they don't follow anyone?? They are ego branders. They only care about them, they don't give a shit about the rest of the world..

Any personal branding strategy should aim to solve problems and identify opportunities to our stakeholders (stakeholders). Whether customers, providers, superiors, colleagues, shareholders…

Dan Pink made it clear in a comic

The writer Daniel Pink, Author, among others, from best seller A whole new mind, published the comic The adventures of Johnny Bunko. One chapter of the comic (highly recommended, by the way) is called It’s not about you (no se trata de ti). Pink is the need to project our personal brand to the value we can add to the other.

This is not a spirit of service, it's about making our environment grow, improve, improve, shine.

If you help others shine, the reflection will make you shine

Yes, the word “Personal” confuses us

I don't blame those who may think that personal branding, understood as the management of our personal brand, it's about us. Every week I read articles against personal brand of authors who have not bothered to read a book. The reality is that the word brand and its process, branding, always involve adding value. I often say that with no value there's no brand..

If you get to this blog for the first time and did not know that personal brand is not personal, sorry for the confusion. Stay with an idea: personal brand is what we project in others, personal branding is analyzing how we add value to others.

#EKGranada18Knowmads space is to add value, definitely

This week has taken place the 2nd edition of Espacio Knowmads, in Cadiz, the # EKCadiz18. Following the success of the first edition in Huelva in May 2018, the creator and promoter of the initiative, David Barreda, and the main sponsor, the Cajasol Foundation, are replicating the event in other cities.

The cover photo is a view of the bay of Cadiz in all its glory. Now the event moved to Granada, where David is joining us again. In addition to Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Elena Arnaiz, David himself and I, this time we will have two very special guests as Sonia Rodriguez Muriel and Azahara G. Peralta. And the co-sponsorship Fundación Caja Granada. The #EKGranada being held on 20 November.

AGENDA November

  • 5, 6 and 7, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Workshop BRAVE, I teach with Ilana Berenholc and Reinaldo Campos. registration here.
  • 9, 10 and 11, Puebla, Mexico. Personal Branding Experience #PBEX. registration here
  • 20. Granada. Knowmads space. registration (free) here.
  • 23. Business Forum Murcia. days directives. Conference on Personal Branding and Values. Information and Registration on this link.
  • 28. Something interesting happen in Zaragoza. I can not say more. Stay tuned.
  • 29, 30. Workshop Personal Brand and Relationship Management. Ferrovial, Euroforum II in San Lorenzo del Escorial. You can follow the hashtag #MarcaPersonalSumma