Normality is overrated

Isn't it?, I do not invite you to become anti-system, He does not go around. It's just that our society, It has historically overvalued normal.

We are children of the generation stealth and discretion. Son, do not do this, anyone who does not. Son, do this, which it is what everyone does.

The story has changed, and will continue. According to the report “Work in 2033” PwC, “Distinguish between the large crowd will be the great challenge for workers, on the other hand, They require companies a new model and working relationship that allows them to work independently and for several employers”.

Normality is overrated: today, If you do what everyone else does, You're not going anywhere.

He has completed a degree and a master's degree is no longer a differentiating element. Perhaps what is relevant, you have acquired new skills, but your 200 classmates also. How do you ensure you choose you for a job, and not the other 200?

Accumulate 10 years of professional experience may seem Differential, but if we look at our side, We see thousands of equals.

In the field of securities, volunteer of an NGO, although neither is interesting differentiator.

Having a blog is great, but many professionals have one, and updated.

Where can then be the difference?

This is not to pull the rabbit out of the hat, It is as simple as SUMMER. I explain: if in addition to having studied a degree, mastered a foreign language, You have any professional experience, You do volunteer work and have a blog, I assure you will be a single person in the world.

The key to all this is to consider our values ​​and personality traits and emotional attributes that, coupled with rational, make a difference. It is you see what our value proposition.

Often it is considered that the difference is due to factors image (Josef Ajram and their tattoos, for example). The media drive that belief. But nothing is casual, a type as Ajram is no different in appearance, it is to defend a differential investment model (trading) and seek improvement in everything he does (sport…).

The teacher Xavier Sala i Martín is no different for wearing colorful jackets, it is to explain the economy through similes easy to understand for laymen and for being professor at Columbia University.

Beyond what you'd expect: cases

extraordinary people

This week I completed a process personal branding exciting with Dr. Salvado. He is someone who beyond his excellence as anesthetist, He got down 30 kilos weight, prepared to complete two ironman and create a catalog of health services out of the ordinary in a profile like yours. Beyond Health (beyond health), It is the essence of your project.

my admired Paula Fernández-Ochoa is lawyer, legal marketing specialist, personal brand, and last but not least is a consecrated athlete, whose account Instagram @vivircorRiendo makes it an exceptional professional.

Specialist human capital and colleague Eva Collado Durán It is also an expert in personal branding and social networks and digital transformation. That distinguishes it from any manager, the trainer consultant RR.HH, adding the value of the sum. And to add more, It is an emotional connector cream.

The brander staff Helena Casas It is also a scavenger emotions, psychologist and photographer, digital marketing expert, singer… His vision of personal branding is 360, which places it in a plane beyond the expectable, of normal.

My good friend and humanistic digital, Joan Clotet, is a knowmad in pure state. He works in a large organization, but is an entrepreneur with multiple projects add up your personal brand, and also to your organization. Of course, knowmad find an organization it is out of normal.


summarizing, and not frustrate expectations, not overreact. It's not about being an extraordinary person, just bring entrepreneurial DNA regardless of whether you have a single client (employed professional) or many. And that DNA It comes from the sum of powers, values ​​and concerns. Within a focus, of course. Is, put it in some way, the perfect personal brand.


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Human resources need to be transformed: resources out!

To transform… What and why?

Last Wednesday 1 February 2017 I attended as a guest and speaker at round table #DCH (Executives International Organization of Human Capital) which it took place in the Circle Equestrian Barcelona under the title “To transform… What and why?”

First of all, Thanks to Pau Hortal Juan Carlos Perez and Espinosa this invitation, which it allowed me to test the condition of so-called human resources and their capacity and technological change and adapt to social change.

What company you want to work? any

One of the stellar numbers was that of Pablo González, of Pangea, a centennial of 22 years who gave a lesson in working format already being installed, and that is far from the standards of classical companies, HR departments, and, as the same stressed, the millennial habits.

Warning González: The 50% jobs of today will disappear in 2025. There's that, and only missing 8 years old .

Gonzalez recommended that recruiters hiring for attitude, not experience. Absolutely right: mass 35 years of work experience me today are only useful recent 5. But there are still many baby boomers recruiting who value accumulated experience and prestige of schools over the attitude and skills.

Reference: “How to analyze your CV as your recruiter generation

HR and digital processing under minimum

For some unknown reason, the HR industry advocates the digital transformation without applying it first. It will be that of “Blacksmith at home…”, and Joana Sanchez (begin, Inesdi) He invited the officials who were in the room to transform digitally as a precursor to “to sell” digital transformation for others.

Share roundtable with Joana and, In addition to agree with what he said, I pointed out that it is useless if the digital transformation does not start from the top of the company.

Reference: “The digital processing starts at the top… or fails

Innovate and transform: Are there differences?

The question I had to answer to start my speech was about the difference between innovation and transform. There's no difference. The problem is that many people confuse innovate to create, and that really is different. A esferificación bread with tomato, oil and salt is not a creation, It is a new way (innovation) to raise a classic recipe, It is a transformation. Reminds the María Moliner dictionary, “Innovate: Introduce anything new in”.

Reference: “Considerations on innovation and brand marketing” Ignacio Muñoz, Branward

The transformation goes through not only attract talent, but care for the inside

When asked what barriers must be overcome to achieve transformation, I stated that RR.HH always talk about Employer Branding, techniques to attract external talent, and nobody talks about Employee Branding (o Employee Advocacy, strategies win/win to project the brand with the strength and credibility of business professionals). In this sense, I confessed my no membership “guild” and I advocated the introduction of personal branding in Human Resources Management, something that today is a utopia in the sector.

Reference: “Personal Branding in the company: Applications, pros and cons

What people say you will be the most important metric of the future

For lovers of big data and metrics, I remembered the great reflection Shiv Singh, responsible for Innovation at Visa Inc.: “What people say you will be the most important metric of the future”. Pure brand of personal that you think.

I lingered in “googlear” rapporteurs of the round tables, and projected digital personal brand was not exemplary in general. Juan Carlos Perez Espinosa saved (DHC & Facthum), the already referred Pablo González, Pol Hortal, Joana Sanchez, Joan Clotet and Christopher Paus.

Reference: Personal brand management, a pending

The talent is slow

It may seem a joke, but the pun Joan Clotet (Ferrovial) It contained a very clear claim. Talent sector requires greater innovation (transformation) and agility to meet the challenges of the future no longer, also today. Joan spoke of Digital Hub which he has organized his company to attract talent and training in digital skills Ferrovial professionals.

Reference: “Ferrovial creates a Digital Hub for the implementation of the digital strategy company

Functions and dysfunctions of the digital age

Chem Falgueras (e-magister) He stressed that digital tools represent an opportunity, but at the same time they allow dysfunction that can lead to plant closures and the disappearance of brands (Nokia, Kodak…).

Reference: “How Nokia lost the battle of innovation

Purpose, vision and ethics

Silvia Vilchez (MRW) set point “sanity” As for the digital fever: “Given the urgency digital, purpose, view, ethic, not generalize, courage”.

Reference: “A day in the life of people director“. The country.

Humans are not resources

Throughout the various interventions I could see that there were two types of managers, which remain as valid title “Human Resources” and those who have sought other formulas, like the case of own Silvia Vilches “Director of People”. Of course, I am aware that human resources are more than. A resource is the big data, cloud computing or wind power. But people are more. A couple of years ago I wrote in this blog we have to move from human resources to human resources. Is there any other alternative: resources out!

Reference: “HR Human Resources with

Images: DCH

My balance 2014 it can only be good: I have met great people

When it comes to the year-end balances come get used to highlight very egregious facts. I will not be different. Or if. My egregious facts are not behind contracts signed, Job well done, Ephemeral News. My egregious facts are people like you, great people.


On the downside, goodbye to my friends Cristina Torrens soul and Javier Giménez-Salinas, two volcanoes good vibes that I will miss every day of my life.


The positive, I have met people who have helped me be a little better, people with whom grows day by day. I wish I was a sponge to absorb more of them. You welcome ye to my life: Eva Collado, Joan Clotet, Carmen Rodrigo, Enrique Rueda, Cristina Mulero, María A. Sánchez, Ricard Pons, Anna Moreno, Elena Tecchiati, Toni Muñoz, Celia Hill, Virginia Guisasola, Alicia Pomares, Jordi Hereu, Pilar Ruiz, Ivan Portolés, True Ribera, Ilana Berenholc, Eva Tabah, Richard Wakefield, Laura Cabezas, Patricia Dalpra, Adriana Motta, Francesc Segarra, Anabel Obeso, Pepi Belles, Jordi Cabrisses, Isabel Ricciardi, Rubén G. Castro, Anna Noguera, and more sure that I leave.

A large balance. Merry Christmas to all, my old acquaintances, my new acquaintances and that angels fill you with kisses and hugs , Cristina and Javier!