Personal Branding and Blog Do inseparable?

Some time ago I wrote a post titled “Who says that blogs are dying?” which showed the effectiveness of blogs in managing personal brand but already noticed a shift in the conversation to social networks, which it resulted in less comment on blogs, something that today no one can argue that happens.

But increasingly gurus who already speak with certainty that blogs have died and are things forties with children appear. In the case of Jason Kottke in his post in Neiman Labs . Kottke explained that now people, tweets, instagramea, or repostea Tumblr, but nobody writes posts. The paradoxical thing is that he uses a blog to report on the death of the blog. Curious, ¿n0?

At about her one of the many questions we clients and students when they have to The blog can be the center of a digital communication strategy a process personal branding. The questions are usually the type: What if I can not write? And if you do not know what to write? Is the blog really need? Are the three most common issues and often paralyze, so I'll try to give a coherent answer.

  1. What if I can not write?

If you do not know how to write and you know you have two options. Learn or let it go. Yes, one can learn to write if desired, Today we have excellent professionals who teach do. It can also happen if you know write but do not you dare take the plunge; perhaps out of embarrassment. I know of cases and very close. Spend as languages, you've spent years studying, but if you do not rush to speak them little will serve you.

If you do not want to write but you insist on having your blog, you know that it's possible, since you can create your photoblog, or if you are good at your videoblog camera. And there's an easier option, very common among those using Tumblr, which it is rebloguear, something like posts that appear to play you more valuable (mentioning author and source) to become a good coach. That is to say, do not play the game but choose the best players.

  1. And if you do not know what to write?

Let me tell you this problem paralyzes more than the first, since internet It is full of abandoned blogs (abandonment for me is when I see a year without publications). The solution to this is called planning, and it is one of the parts of a process of personal brand management. From your skills, your value proposition and your key activities can generate a list of blog categories and from here look for sources of information alerts to document yourself. And above all you must not worry, There are well established bloggers who write improvising, no preset scheme, for example Juan Merodio, and do not do bad.

  1. Is the blog really need?

Isn't it?. Not at all. yes right. Today there are digital platforms such as Linkedin they have created spaces for any member can post something like a post, with almost all the tools of a blog, ability to share the writing on social networks…

Right because despite the rise of social networks and their microforms, to write a text with complete conceptual elements needed space, and if space is itself, the better. converse 140 characters, in case of Twitter, It has its limitations, although it is true that Today the feedback collected generates a post on social networks more than the post itself.

Probably if you had to define what your “digital home” not choose a social network whose interface does not directly control and change every few minutes. In your blog you can collect your personal or professional account, your references (blogroll), your business model, services, your specialties, your videos, Photographs, jobs, … That does not give him -today for today- any social networks.

Personal branding y blogs. They may not inseparable, but one thing without the other weakens.