signals (no KPI’s) a healthy personal brand

And I moved that a healthy personal brand is not having many followers on social networks. Although it is not incompatible with that.

There are some signs, often invisible in our daily lives, They are indicating that progress properly.

Conversely, very own illness Latin environment, known as #NoFeedback, prevents understand the good or bad rhythm of our personal brand. Bosses do not give feedback to their teams or teams to their bosses. But all is progress feedback, because we can reinforce the positive and minimize or correct the negative.

Here are 10 atypical signs (but true) a healthy personal brand

  1. You are a crack (or so they say). Your group of friends meets every six months and several people tell you that you agree crack ............……….…. (Put your specialty here). It will seem banal, but it has more importance than you think: you have identified as a specialist with a value proposition clear and robust.
  2. Your mother knows what you do. And not only that, you get customers. Si eres Community Manager (for example) and Your mother understands what you do, prize. Lee Point 1. You are a crack, already said your mother.
  3. You desvirtualizas up. The people you know on social networks want to meet you personally. Attend your presentations, You also theirs, or you send messages to grab a coffee and desvirtualizarte (palabro back pass coined referring to the world of bits to atoms).
  4. Do not be ordinary. You go from ordinary to extraordinary. You do things that are normal for you, but the people around you considered a milestone. And you'd never given importance.
  5. The longing syndrome. When you're some time without doing something you did habitually, your surroundings asks if you're okay, if something happens.
  6. Mohammed and the mountain. You are used to find customers, and suddenly customers are looking to you. And not only that, plus you are (symptom of healthy personal brand and impeccable SEO).
  7. Your Bucay / Coelho inside. Every time you need less Bucay and Paulo Coelho to motivate. You have learned to do it alone and your environment do it for you. Never leave your life in the hands of Mr sentences. Wonderful you find on Facebook, Google, Pinterest…
  8. Walker, yes no road. You learn how to know your compass and make your way north. It took you years to get, but now you can make quick decisions, accurate, and without consulting the oracle too (or the GPS).
  9. Chic @ for all. My grandfather told me that if you want someone to do something, encárgalo a busy person. When in the office or in your daily work counting on you for any whipped, It means that you have become an informal leader. Agree, They do not get paid for it, but you're influecer from head to toe. Cast, in the future, is charged.
  10. Has touched you. And you thought you had no number. You have chosen, yes. It's you. Close your eyes and re-open, you pinch, It is about you ... Have you thought that is not luck? Have you thought that maybe you deserved it?

Thank you Ana Reyes and Fran Segarra for helping me with your ideas to write these 10 signs of a healthy personal brand.

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