destructive anonymous comments ran in the online press


Let's be honest, If there is something more like spam market version are the usual comments that appear after each news item published in the media in the network. Anonymity protects that so many hidden life characters equip themselves stupid things in a race that causes nausea hooligan. Even the most innocent news causes inflammatory comments, disqualifications, teasing, bawdy insults etc.

It seems that this is just, Fortunately. At least in Europe, anonymous comments seem to have days.

anonymous-maskLeo in column Quim Monzo of La Vanguardia Strasbourg yesterday that now warns that online media are responsible for readers' comments. One giant leap for mankind. It seems that, according Monzo, the Strasbourg Court “He has given reason to Estonians judges who had sentenced a web of his country to allow offensive comments were written . The court warns that online media are responsible for the comments that readers hang . The decision comes in the wake of the case of Delfi news portal , one of the largest in Estonia”.

That means anyone who wants to leave an offensive comment you risk that the media do not publish, since the medium assumes responsibility.

An example: In a story as seemingly innocent as this appeared yesterday: Nobel Peace Prize honoring Sharon Stone, Look at the absurdity of many comments. I do not even tell what happens when the news quotes a political, football coach or corruption case.

Are bad times for anonymous insulters, They have to change forum… or remove the mask.

It seeks to wash hands

I very striking an obituary I read yesterday La Vanguardia: PETER death Housin Craufurd (1930-2012), hands washer.

Photo: Flickr CC

It may be a deduction mine, but judging by the fact, the position may be vacant, and nothing less than launderer hands Queen of England at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, in Scotland.

Although long I hold that employment for life is gone, our friend Peter died at 82 with his boots on. And that's not all: he had inherited the job from his father, and now will make his eldest son, Alex.

Another curious fact: three people for making a ceremonial hand washing are needed and send the fees.

The news gives me the following reflection: Having an unemployment rate absolutely triggered, Why not create new jobs similar to that of Peter? Some examples:

  • Hands washer
  • Launderer feet
  • shaver
  • Launderer ears
  • Pelusilla cleaner clothes (special lift)
  • Bird droppings cleaner cars…

Not everything has to be online. In fact, technology creates jobs but also destroys; look but the car without driver Google… How many drivers will lose their jobs?.

More info on this link.

Family doctor with personal brand

We are struck by a story that appears today in La Vanguardia under the title: “My family doctor is blogger“. We are glad that finally this so discreet group decided to use the web tools 2.0 to strengthen their personal brand and incidentally give patients valuable information.

The note reads:

“This calendar lists the days that I have'guardia of interior', that they are bad for mentioned, and free days when there is a change in opening times and my days off and holidays”. This valuable patient information is posted on the blog of the family doctor Fernando Casado Madrid. The objective? Keep closer contact with patients. “If I'm late, notice by blog y Twitter those who have an appointment that day, but I also recommend links or articles that I consider particularly interesting”, Explain.

These initiatives remain exceptional. Nonetheless, Dr. Casado believes “sooner rather than later every doctor will have a blog especially aimed at patients”. “Recommend a good health web – advocates-is a medical procedure to copy recipes chronically ill or have proof”.

Cristiano, Mourinho and Messi become brands

We read this interesting article La Vanguardia Digital (Source EFE) in which Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho and Leo Messi They have stepped protected as “brand” commercial recognized before the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OAMI) from EU.

Here's the link from the article.

Daring to change or let it die

Yesterday we had the opportunity to read the interesting interview La Vanguardia of Víctor Amela the advertising Toni Segarra. Beyond the topics success of some campaigns, Segarra delves into the concept of change and adaptation in a definitive way, as they did in their day Philip Kotler and Fernando Trias de Bes in his book “Lateral Marketing”, which it is removed the title of this post “Daring to change or let it die”.

Segarra argues that advertising is a global concept, holistic. Not a spot 20″ one TV, It is also locate a store 300 m on 5th Avenue in Manhattan. Many brands are defended today by strategies “parapublicitarias” (if you allow me the expression), not based on the classical parameters of outdoor advertising, patronage, press, journals, TV… Hyper-targeting advertising causes need to think about different strategies for different groups.

The digital aparatado takes on a new dimension, as it allows maximum precision segmentations. An announcement of refrigerators when I'm not looking fridge is absurd. Hence the importance of search engines like Google. In fractions of a second are the best places and prices to find our fridge, including interactive catalogs, 3D demos and store listings zones. It is the new advertising. Be where and when to be. Web tools 2.0 Like the blogs, twitter, Facebook are new advertising media and beyond (often) control of advertising agencies.


Segarra still the issue of the fuerza White brand, and it does so with resignation: Advertising and the supposed value it generates It has not been a weapon to fight the white mark: the opposite. The new consumer “smells” marketing and flees from him. Between a Activia Danone and bifidus yogurt Farmer, What is the difference? A lot, but the consumer he gets a: Activia spend a lot on advertising and therefore more expensive. Little he has served Danone and Nestle have invested astronomical sums in developing new ferments to improve our health. Some invent and other cloned, and cloned into the Chinese way, cheaper.

Perhaps the new strategy consists trademarks reinventing every day, making obsolete the product two months ago. Or perhaps consists focus its efforts on cheapen the production process, distribution and communication. Or maybe manufacture for the maximum number of white marks. Or perhaps make the consumer the author of the formulas, I involve him, create an emotional bond Bulletproof.

Whatever it is, I am with Segarra, with Kotler and Trias de Bes: Daring to change or let it die.

"Excellent, but not enough "vs NUDGE . Similarities between Edward de Bono and new sources of inspiration for Obama.

In his message "new words" of 2 February, Edward de Bono It highlights the need to create new words to facilitate language. I was especially struck by the thought that De Bono on the new word “Abhne” (Excellent, but not enough, of English "Excellent But Not Enough”). Without that word it is hard to ask for a change without attacking what.

Not so much to seek perfection as search alternatives Once we have found the answer to a problem. The question here is whether we have found the right answer using the parameters of logic or whether we should review other possible answers, a priori "out of logic", but that lead us to the right path for other paths.



Here I link with the philosophy of push or "NUDGE” (microingeniería social” by nudging ", mistranslated) that is inspiring policy Obama. Nudge, the book of Richard Thaler, It includes an illustrative story: an operator cleaning came up with an ingenious measure: draw a fly at a certain point the public urinal, aware that men pointed with great success in the Dutch public toilets. The problem was resolved quickly: men pointed to the insect and cleaning costs down.

Nudge is based on the need to correct, without resorting to prohibit or force, irrational behavior that neither meet the desires of the same individual. Maybe not the revolutionary change that many wanted Obama, but the philosophy of push results in health, education and more fields, insists Thaler. I think this philosophy coincides with the Ebne De Bono, because it stems from the concern to go beyond, keep looking, nonconformity with status quo.

For more information (in Spanish) about Nudge, I recommend you read this article La Vanguardia.

“In Europe there is a crisis of values, reigns as 'Islamically correct', Secularism is sick”

The phrase, of Magdi Allam, it has drawn my attention. It has a powerful emotional charge. You will agree or disagree, but it is undeniable that the phenomenon of immigration is changing perspectives. The Christianity, predominant in recent 2.000 years in Europe, you are losing weight in favor of secularism and religions “imported” from immigration.

The phrase appears in article Maria-Paz Lopez, La Vanguardia, Tuesday edition, page 5 under the title “Cross-Allam“. I deals with the story of an ex-Muslim baptized by Pope, you just found a Christian party in Italy. a curiosity.

The notorious part of the sentence is “Islamically correct what prevails“. The truth is that Europe is becoming a civilization “sponge“, which rapidly absorbs the phenomena that come from other areas, other cultures. Santa Claus celebrate as normal, forgetting our Kings, our mangers. We connect to Facebook, We see CNN. Some no longer remember the origin of Easter holidays, but everyone knows when Ramadan falls. Crisis of values? maybe. There are also new values ​​coming from outside. Perhaps now we are more united than before. The truth is that the picture is changing, and Christianity needs to take a media push not lose weight in the European society. Is it the .pregunta is a side approach of Christianity?

kolbe_loquenecesitasesamorI have had the opportunity to browse through the magazine ever “Kolbe“, a magazine program produced by several Catholics who teaches creative advertising a new way, an approach lateral, to understand the Catholic religion. My good friend Manolo Portabella It is one of the authors of the journal. Address Kolbe Foundation Internet is and one of its objectives is “preach the gospel putting him on a modern context, actual”. If the way to see things “Kolbe” is spread over, possibly Christianity recover part of their lost portion.

I leave you with some examples of creativity Kolbe.



A 1% of the population achieves a change on the rest. Interesting story from La Vanguardia about the power of blogs

Although some take them for overcome, blogs continue its expansion in the network. I recommend reading this article Maite Gutiérrez appeared yesterday in the newspaper La Vanguardia.

The extent of digital socialization

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