#lateraltwits 21 Twitter como teaser

We've moved in the advertising environment know magic teaser. Do you remember those campaigns with powerful messages that do not sign anyone? That's a teaser (pronúnciese Tiser).It is also known as the unknown campaign.

It is an advance of a campaign, a release, an event. Its main function is to create notoriety and expectation around the event and cause the audience is “watchful eye” what might happen that day.

Twitter is an ideal medium for such campaigns. It is recommended to create a “hashtag” not overly unveil the content of the action. Just a few weeks ago from Twitter @soymimarca, We create a teaser campaign to heat engines which would be opening SOYMIMARCA VALENCIA, which it was finally 17 from January. I show the sequence of tweets of the week prior to launch, which they generated much excitement and more than one DM (direct message) wondering what the hell tramábamos.

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#lateraltwits 10 Twitter as a work tool

Good wednesday. Today we talk about Twitter as a working tool. Twitter in this field gives us many possibilities:

  • Search Businesses
  • People Search
  • Search topics (topics), adding #hashtags
  • Platform to announce deals on everything: of products, services, labor…
  • Platform to announce changes
  • Platform to announce new blog post
  • Platform to conduct surveys
  • Job search platform
  • Platform attracting potential clients or followers
  • interviews
  • Keyword
  • Advanced news
  • Search Reviews
  • Finding photos
  • Video Search
  • Search sayings with #Quotes or #frases
  • Live Event Tracking
  • And possibly I left me many more

Do you still think that Google can do all this? Do you not yet have an account on Twitter? If you want more information do not forget to visit the contact section. I hope on Friday with #lateraltwits 11 Twitter as a barometer of public opinion.

In the "LateralTwits" series we've talked about Twitter as a communication medium, Twitter as a platform for dialogue, Twitter as a means of information , Twitter as a means of contact, Twitter as a public forum, Twitter as a means of complaint, Twitter as a social network open and Twitter como SMS social and Twitter as a tool for personal branding.

Destroy a brand 11 Steps

We talk a lot to build personal brands. But for those who just do not quite believe the time has perhaps come to see it from the reverse angle: how to destroy a career. Although it seems easy, It takes time. Here are some steps to follow.

  1. Often lie. Not authentic ha @
  2. Inclumplir promises or purposes
  3. Prioritize quantity over quality
  4. No listening
  5. Being overly conformist or nonconformist
  6. Failure to follow topics, estancarlos
  7. Practice paralysis by analysis
  8. Practice excess autobombo
  9. Not have plan
  10. Coherence fail
  11. Overexertion invest in shares online vs offline and vice versa

We can think of many more ways to self-destruct, but 11 it seems a good number, and it is always more original than the classic Decalogue.

With a simple investment process, We have a good formula to create good personal brands. Take advantage!

augmented reality and personal branding II

Retaking the previous post on augmented reality From the past 14 of September, it seems that new matches are between augmented reality and development Personal Branding. In the blog specialized in AR “Wildeyes” We found this accompanying cartoon shows a scenario in which our fingerprint will be so visible that we can not mislead anyone.

Moraleja: better to have a good personal brand behind.

Augmented Reality personal branding

The newspaper “The country” already he realized in November 2009 the phenomenon of “augmented reality“. A definition of wikipedia, This is augmented reality (WITH) is the term used to define a direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment, the elements are combined with virtual elements to create a real-time mixed reality. It consists of a set of devices that add virtual information to the existing physical information. This is the main difference with the virtual reality, It does not replace physical reality, but superimposes data computer the real world.

Although augmented reality has multiple applications, we will focus on one very directly it affects the Personal Branding: The Swedish company TAT It has developed a software that enables AR record a video of someone and the application shows you the data of this person available on Internet. Someone may think this breaks privacy, but imagine what you would pay Facebook and other social networks for an application like this.

Do not you believe it? Take a look at this video:

[youtube= = tb0pMeg1UN0&fs=1&hl = en_US]