Networking 02 / Never eat alone

Leo Amazon and several blogs the following critique of the book “Never eat alone” of Keith Ferrazzi:

Keith Ferrazzi is the youngest partner in the history of Deloitte Consulting and founder of the consulting firm Ferrazzi Greenlight. In the book, the author tries to differentiate itself from the classical techniques handshake and business cards rain.

Unlike other authors, Ferrazzi has an army of contacts that help you achieve your purposes just by moving a finger. In fact, throughout the book he insists that having this network of friends has struggled to do more favors to receive, sometimes working for free for nothing.

Ferrazzi tells us his experience from the point of view of someone who has trouble making friends. To Ferrazzi be breaking the ice is complicated, remember the names of the people you met at that event is complicated, maintaining relationships is complicated ... but there are some "tricks" out there that make it easy.

Ferrazzi speaks of networking as a natural process. In fact he mentions that he has never attended a networking event because it believes that relationships are forged not on common interests, but between common passions. You make an extra effort by whoever considers his friend (with whom he shared passions) and not by a known (who only joined her interests).

It seems an interesting insight into a defense of offline relationships.