The best of 2017 Personal Branding

Year 2017 It is history, so it's time take stock. The personal branding continues its momentum in recent years, and especially stressed the force is acquiring in two areas:

The first is Latin America, where Mexico and Brazil still lead the major events, and where in addition to countries such as Venezuela consolidated, vindicating their position are Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Peru, and Chile.

The second is the awakening of organizations, at least in Spain. They have been slow to realize the convenience of applying internal personal branding programs (Personal Branding, executive branding, employer branding, employee advocacy programs…). But they are doing and they will further boost.

The best of 2017 (in my own judgement, of course) Personal Branding

As I did in the balance of the year 2016, then detail the sixteen articles or videos that have influenced me (the order is not relevant), six recommended books, five must events and also the ten most read posts on this blog during 2017. If you want, the best of 2017.

16 highly recommended items in key personal brand

  1. Tired society. David Barreda. Although in reality it is a literature review (Fatigue society, Byung-Chul Han, Herder Editorial, 2017), It contains elements that invite reflection on some overdose of positivism “free” that transcends the kindness and may end up being tiresome.
  2. Brand Ambassadors, What are they and how they develop? Does it affect Leadership and Corporate Culture? Ylse Roa. But very complete article on the needs, Key strategies and implementation of programs of internal brand ambassadors. It includes three infographics created by Ylse own. Post well documented and key statistics for any organization that still have doubts about how to put these programs in place, with an increasingly evident ROI rate.
  3. You are what you decide (or not anymore) years. Andrés Pérez Ortega. Although not post those Andres “keys to”, and surely that has been more successful your blog (relative thing), I have received. Says the impact we leave today on others, It is something we have been "cooking" from far behind and not easy, even possible, change from one day to another. It refers to purpose, that of which never speak of Personal Branding 2.0 (those of dospuntocerolandia, in the jargon of Andrés).
  4. Brand ambassadors: his voice, your best guarantee. Eva Collado. Eva says goodbye 2017 big time, with a post about opportunities. Internal brand ambassadors are an undiscovered treasure for many organizations, and Eva compiles Article advantage of a program of employee advocacy, how to identify messengers and characteristics of this type of formation.
  5. Personal brand: of being who we are when we project. Profesor Vladimir road. We should call book, but it fails narrowly. Its about 12.000 words make, at least, in a masterful personal brand manual. It introduces us to the personal branding process and its outcome. Then delves into human needs and connects to the personal brand: ambition, coherence, inner peace, positioning. In the propositional phase presents us 7 keys “approach” of personal brand is placed. Mandatory read. Calmly.
  6. 8 Facile tips to boost your Personal Brand. Arancha Ruiz. She calls them facile, but I assure you that are written from experience. They are not topics, They are invaluable, and although it may seem that they are the result of logic, many of us fail in any (or many) from them. I like them because they go beyond the conventions.
  7. Personal branding and social networks. Hector Jimenez. In this video, Hector gives guidelines sensational things that are destroying our personal brand. I was struck by your phrase “one selfie performed in a bath and used as profile picture in #RRSS is a real attack on our brand”. Also recommends that if you have an emotional problem, do not count on networks, contémoslo al psychologist.
  8. Importance of Personal Branding. Claudio Inacio. Video that collects talk given by the author in Google Talk Actívate Madrid. An interesting talk about how a career is forged, told in autobiographical story mode. Footballer to workers, to immigrant, a hardware store worker and a professional reinvention based training and a lot of work. Direct language, of course. Just recommending patience, authenticity and hard work.
  9. 8 Steps to a Communication Plan personal brand. Pablo Adán says. As a connoisseur of marketing and advertising, Paul plunges us into a brand adapted to our personal plan. including infographics. In the post, He insists on a key concept: If you do not socialize your personal brand, It loses meaning. And it is that we are not only what we see of us, but especially what others see.
  10. Can 'Reset’ your personal brand and become a new professional? Tino Fernández. Expansion journalist brought us together in this article Andrés Pérez Ortega, Eva Collado and writer to develop one of the thorniest issues in personal branding. Be reborn, reinventing, reposition, relaunched. The verb is the least, the question is whether it is possible, tras a tarpaulin, resurface like a phoenix.
  11. How to destroy your network of contacts in Linkedin. Isabel Iglesias. It seems that humans still do not read us the instruction manual. Energetic and informative article by Isabel, denouncing malpractices in professional network and clarifies what is and what is not Linkedin. Y, above all, what it is, is your treasure. From his experience as an expert RR.HH, gives valuable guidance for those seeking employment or want to improve.
  12. If you doubt, Take a dip. Jordi Collell. A good speech on uncertainty, on the paradox of choice. Jordi those writings that we are forced to look inward, not to let the damn uncertainty of achieving optimum results make us give up the best option. I like that “You have to decide born, and therefore you have the right to go wrong”, some relief for the soul.
  13. The vital Capital. Fran Segarra. That thirtysomething psychologist shy of 1.95m will give plenty to talk about personal brand. This post demonstrated. Fran worked this concept of vital capital Personal Brand in one of the formations Get in Value, and then I saw him live applied in the event of personal brand in Aviles organized Elena Arnaiz. The vital personal brand capital consists of equity policy (experiential, the applied and self-management) and human capital (capital vital, relational and emotional). A smart way to go deeply into the introspective part of personal branding.
  14. The future belongs to those who learn and undertake. Joan Clotet. An extraordinary and very well counted on digital origin and evolution tour. Always seen from the eyes of this good digital humanist who prefers to understand what is happening as opportunities, not as threats. I endorse the words at the end of post: “I would urge everyone to learn and unlearn, to be attentive to the environment and anticipate opportunities to add value that surely are always out there, because this has only just begun and we are privileged peers in an exciting era in which the best is yet to come”.
  15. Who can be a brand ambassador in a company? Cristina Mulero. Good question. Not everyone is ready to be, and which companies stimulate andmployee advocacy, there will always be reluctant and prone. It is necessary to identify and understand which are the best spokesmen and bearers of public trust.
  16. The bubble filter or how artificial intelligence will dominate our thinking. Blog Cuatrecasas (Too bad not knowing who the author). Not about personal branding, but the importance it has with the application of AI (Artificial intelligence) in Google search algorithms. To think. to be scared. To be aware of the change.

Six recommended books

personal branding books

  1. Influencers. Carlos Rebate. Empresa Activa 2017. Carlos echoes with a real community 1.000 true fans, any of us could live without complications. He did not remember the interview that made me. After a few months, receipt book at home. I did not understand what he painted a guy like me in that book. Until I read. It will not influence ephemeral digital, people will influence people through transformative insights and reflections. I learned a lot reading 21 interviews with people who barely knew and left me mark. Carlos define Influencers as a book on digital influence, marketing influence and personal branding. But for me it goes beyond, He speaks of disruptive thinking and ability to mobilize. The book includes colleagues as Raquel Roca, Juan Merodio, Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo, Frank Escipión, Andy Stalman… and many more.
  2. The social employee. Cheryl and Mark Burguess. Mc Graw Hill, 2014. Although he has his three years, and things have gone, this book is a delight. Explains how large companies work their social networks involving people and getting its scope and unimaginable returns. is the best thing is not just theoretical, but tells the success stories of companies like IBM, AT&T, Dell, Cisco, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, house, Acxiom along with examples of many other. Required reading to understand the actual operation of programs internal brand ambassadors (employee advocacy programs).
  3. How to monetize social networks. Maria Redondo and Pedro Rojas. Lid editorial, 2017. The verb monetizing attracts, I admit it. Many business models fall because they do not provide a reasonable return on investment. Maria and Pedro, two experts from the social media environment, finally reveal the keys to a professional and cost-effective management of social networks for businesses and professionals. I read it in one go on a flight from Madrid to Mexico City and recommend it to those who still believe that this is more tactical than strategic, and those who do not see or believe that the return on investment is return a matter of months. Excellent work that can only be done from the experience with hundreds of sectors, companies and cases.
  4. Social Selling. Tim Hughes, Matt Reynolds. Kogan Page, 2016. I have yet to read my books from my colleague Alex Lopez (Digital customer, Digital seller) Esmeralda Diaz Aroca and (Social Selling) on the same topic. However, I enjoyed this work of Hughes and Reynolds for the excellent contextualization of the figure of vendors, decision makers and a third figure that has emerged from the digital implosion, the Changemakers. The Changemakers are the informal leaders of organizations, connected, formed, informed, and end up making key purchasing decisions previously took the c-suites (great leaders).
  5. 7* Seven. several authors, Soymimarca dec. 2017. The annual meeting of Soymimarca, ebook format delivered on Christmas Day, He came again. But this time with a foreword by Laura Girl, one of the biggest believers and evangelists of personal branding.. Nearly 300.000 annual readings, This ebook is already a reference with more than 40 Selected blog posts Soymimarca. In addition, this year several copies of the previous edition were printed on the occasion of Personal Branding Congress Lab Day (in the image).
  6. Tu futuro es hoy. Francisco Alcaide and Laura Chica, Alienta, 2014. One of the good things that have happened to me 2017 He has been personally know Laura already Paco. Not only that, also work with them and share memorable moments. I realized my sin of not knowing his work, so my Christmas tree brought me all his books (everybody, what you read). I have begun “Tu futuro es hoy”. He encouraged me to start here a lapidary sentence:

The future does not exist, It is only one result, the result of what we do every day.

When I grow up I would write truths like this. Reading can not be better structured, format 40 keys to creating your destiny. And what I like, as an advertising and personal brand freak, is the insistence on the need for SPOTLIGHT, whose absence represents one of the greatest scourges of professionals in the XXI century. Just the mini-review with the major surprise in a book of this kind: a sort of epilogue 10 + 1 verses to take action, several authors (any anonymous) and final brooch… Laura Chica!. I do not reproduce, buy the book, damn it.

Five essential events

  1. Personal Branding Lab Day 2017. This event met last June 2017 its third anniversary (3edition) with an innovative format: the webinar. It was opened, connected so that total 1.800 people, an absolute record. Here's a video summary, and if you want to see any of the 25 presentations 2017 (including 45 more among 2015 and 2016) can you register here. The event was dedicated this year to personal branding in organizations, and collaborators poster, led by Alicia Navarro Ro and Nilton, It was very complete:
  2. personal branding lab day

    Everyone who collaborated on the PBLabDay17.

    PBEX Personal Branding Experience Brasil. this event, organized for the second consecutive year Daniela Viek and his team from Sao Paulo, He was attending classes (unlike the first edition, It was online). That is to say, He has experienced the reverse process PBLabDay. Here's a Video summary of the event, which brought together the best professionals of personal branding in Brazil, Portugal, and the intervention of our friend Nancy Vazquez (Latin touch). I have no doubt that the PBEX continue, and with some surprise. We are aware of the news of Daniela.

  3. #MPAviles Day Personal Brand in Aviles. It was one of the surprises of the year, Elena Arnaiz hand and Team Training and Employment of the City of Aviles. A day of hectic activity, with speakers from the best, and a crowded room. Moderated by Nilton Navarro (Infojobs) who also did the same in the PBLabDay17. The best summary I you have here, Hand own Elena, one of the HR professional is better understanding and spreading the strength of personal brand.
  4. Your brand, your job. this event, of March, It was another surprise, and it was not less. Look at the cartelazo, with the best from each house. Nilton again and Infojobs collaborating and focusing on personal branding. ;-) In this case, the impulse was Silvia Saucedo and his team Silvia orient yourself, coinciding with the 30 Anniversary of Radio Guadalquivir. As the title promises, It focused on the huge market supply and labor demand in Spain. Silvia hopefully be encouraged to continue it, sure it will not be wanting…
  5. Emprende RTVE, with long boring Ami Bondia. It would be a crime to forget personal brander Ami Bondía and momentum to personal branding from the channel TVE and 24h. We lacked a great way to give coverage to the personal brand, and that is definitely TV. Congratulations to me, twice (new mother) and I hope you can remain “the voice” personal brand on screens beyond internet.

The 10 most read post 2017

  1. Personal Branding in the company: Applications, pros and cons. Compendium of key implementation strategies of personal branding in organizations (executive branding, personal branding, employee advocacy programs, employer branding…), The main advantages, KPI's basic and fundamental requirements for successfully carrying out such programs. The post then published as micro-ebook on Slideshare, getting near 70.000 and screenings 2.800 downloads.
  2. 23 reasons to get in value in a changing environment. One of the recurring questions of managers and professionals is why it is relevant personal brand in my company or my employees? The post includes 23 strong reasons based on insights different authors of leadership environments, entrepreneurship, Personal Branding, marketing, HR, coaching…
  3. Jobseekers, better go for the 80 and forget 20. Because a 80% people kill themselves to find the 20% of jobs? Access the hidden job market (a 80% to offer) It is vital, so in the post keys WOM development (word-of-mouth or communication WOM). He also stressed the importance of our key partners (business model) and how to get your prescription, and protocols to be more effective in that search.
  4. What makes you a unique person in the world. If you ask me about the book that has most influenced me in my life, I do not have doubts: The little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. There is a passage that the fox tells the little prince “I am not for you more than a fox like a hundred thousand foxes”, and that derives a relationship that will turn one another in unique in the world. A brief post, intimate.
  5. Value and Values, the heart of the personal brand. The post highlights the evolution of models, from selection by merit-family-contact skills and finally to the combination of value proposition + Values. also I insist that is not communicating, it is to communicate well. Amplify a bad message is to die. We too importances to the magnitude of our communities and little value that we generate. The post has been referenced by Francisco Alcaide in his post 75 items to end 2017.
  6. 14 cases invisible personal brand that changed the world. Following an experiment I made in Linkedin to publish microposts with powerful images and captions, I encouraged her to compile this post 14 cases of people who went unnoticed but made great social changes, political and cultural.
  7. No corporate vision no employer branding worth. If you take a look at Google Trends, you see that the term employer branding this on fire. But many companies believe they must attract external talent without having the house tidy and thorough internal people involved in the project. Corporate vision must be inclusive, inspiring and empathetic (you can make it your own). I make special mention of the vision and courage of EY and José Luis Risco turbo engine to bet on the personal brand of its people to the event #YoConstruyoEY.
  8. What is the trigger for your career? Carl Jung said that about “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to be”, and with that I define the two types of impulses that led us to where we are today: the idealistic impulse (all had childhood dreams) and channeler momentum, a fuze that detonates the action plan.
  9. What is a stakeholder and how it affects brand management staff. Known in Spanish as “interest groups”, the stakeholders They are a key point in our strategy of partnership and communication. And that works both professionals being employed as their own. The question is do we identify them? How do we get each group? What goals and what value proposition?
  10. The best of 2016 Personal Branding A year ago, at this time, I thought of this format “the best of…” always from a very personal point of view. The post has to travel to be in the “top 10” of this year, and it encouraged me to repeat. The truth is that it requires a major effort, but thanks to tools like Pocket, everything has been easier.

I hope you enjoyed this particular vision of the best of 2017 trends. I wish the best for 2018. heart.

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