Caballé, Lottery and marks Spain


This week the great soprano Montserrat Caballé It has been doubly news. On the one hand it has received a Doctor Honoris Causa in the UIMP in Zaragoza (congratulations) and on the other we have seen co-starring in the Christmas announcement of the national lottery.

Caballé's speech at the UIMP

The diva has never hidden his status as brand ambassador for Spain, and it is known for his dislike of Catalan nationalism. Of course, It's in your right, missing more. In his acceptance speech he made in Zaragoza he compared the Via Catalana last 11 September with the chains of slavery and He wept with emotion when he spoke of the unity of Spain. Up to this point, nothing to say, reproach ...

… Any? Perhaps if there is one. A related criticism brand consistency. The soprano can not declare their unconditional love for Spain as having its tax residence in Andorra. The truth, you have to throw the matter noses. You should not mourn with excitement for the unity of Andorra?. It turns out that he loves country does not receive a single euro tax Doña Montserrat. Ugly, ugly.

The announcement lottery

Lords National Lottery Spain They have decided to print a change in communication Christmas, and abandon the dream of dreams speech (many years championed by "the bald lottery"). This year they have decided to go for the brand and Spain have adopted a starring Hispanic campaign as champions Montserrat Caballé, Marta Sánchez, Raphael, David Bustamante and Niña Pastori. I will not evaluate ad, and so they have the social networks without mercy, júzgalo you:

[youtube] = Iwk8-wDcaEc[/youtube]

Here I do see CONSISTENCY WITH SPAIN MARK: if what is intended is to continue transmitting an image of tambourine, salchichera, of horterada, tasteless, false smiles, yes, Its coherent. Perhaps the announcement could be useful for someone who needs to lose weight fast: You should see three or four times in a row (more would be lethal): surely the desire to arrive soon “throw“.

three actions:

  1. I join the campaign #quevuelvaelcalvo
  2. I try to change my tenth for a good bottle Oliver Conti, DO Emporda
  3. I will continue listening to music Caballé, but I no longer pay for it, if she slacks off taxes, I also.