You do not want to be a white mark

Mathematics do not lie. The White marks or brands and distribution mean the 50% the market in many sectors.

The preguntaréis Are white markings are required? From a cyclical point of view, we might agree that if, They are necessary. But from a marketing angle, I dare say that white markings are the expression of the failure of copyright marks. If I do not say, reviento.

Many brands They have failed to justify their value. If we add that many trademarks manufactured for distribution brands, chaos is already on the table. This murderer cocktail has been caused, among other things- the linearity of communication, very persuasive short-term campaigns, but with no emotional projection of the brand values long-term.

And the people, Can people become white markings? Without a doubt.

Before, go unnoticed was worth. In the mili, for example, It noted above or below was a contrasting danger. People should do the right thing, the scheduled, the established. The difference was not primada.

But now, uy now… Now you have to manage themselves differently, more aggressive, very focused. Creativity is the difference. Which he does not project something falls on the spiral of boredom, vacuum, with the risk of becoming a personal brand white. Please Google, googles your name… ¿No sales?, you are a white label.

If that is your case, I suggest a visit to paragraph “Contact“. Few sessions we can turn around the situation, uncovering the powerful personal brand, unique and wonderful that is within you.