Personal Branding FAQ 20 Frequent questions (4)

As promised. Behind the first, This is Monday, and tercera delivery a few days ago I presented a FAQ (4) with new issues emerging in talks and formations. For the moment, I have tried the following questions and answers:

Frequent questions (1)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this takes a long time?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 2. Is this for when I lost my job?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 3. Is it to advertise my products and services?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 4. A personal brand do you have, it is created, is constructed?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 5. Why should I manage my personal brand?

Frequent questions (2)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 6. being employed, Does it make sense for me personal brand?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 7. Being manager why should I manage my personal brand?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 8. How soon will I see results in a process of personal branding?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 9. ¿El personal branding es marketing personal?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 10. Is any personal mark is the same as personal branding?

Frequent questions (3)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 11. How I can know what my personal brand?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 12. Will my personal brand begins in social networks?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 13. How does brand management personnel with career management?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 14. To what extent should expose my private life?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 15. Does personal branding is for everyone?

It's time to conclude the last five new issues

Frequent questions (4)

Personal Branding FAQ 16. Do you have room for personal branding in the company?

It is curious that the creator of the term personal branding, Tom Peters, think of it as a related competition Figure employee intra-entrepreneur. His concept Me Inc, o YO, S.L. Then, over the years and the emergence of blogs and social networks, the term independent professionals associated, autonomous, knowmads…

A year ago I published a post titled Personal Branding in organizations which portrays how the personal branding in the company can help:

  • Empower managers and other professionals and place them in the center of the mark (your people are your brand). This is accomplished through executive programs branding and personal branding.
  • Connect more effectively to the organization with its external stakeholders (customers, contributors, providers, public opinion, Potential customers…) through programs Employee Advocacy programs or internal brand ambassadors, with evident advantages towards the company using as leverage trust that generate the most technical profiles, but also with clear benefits for employees.
  • As a result of the above, attract the best external talent by programs Employer Branding. let's remember, is the first priority for the company and its professionals are aligned, and only then you can find the best talent.

Personal Branding FAQ 17. What requirements must meet personal brand consultant (personal burner)?

  • consultants / trainers project a strong personal brand, both offline and online, and the market are recognized as benchmarks
  • consultants / trainers with experience consulting and training in holistic personal branding (self-knowledge, strategy, visibility)
  • consultants / trainers with experience as employees and managers in organizations. What is known as professionals who have been in the line.

Personal Branding FAQ 18. Is necessary a blog to manage our brand?

Not at all. but it helps, and a lot. I owe this blog (with long boring 10 years of life) which many of my clients have contacted me. It is a digital home. Of course, you can write to places like Press (Linkedin blog), but do not forget that the house is not yours. That you can not have a section about me, portfolio, FAQ, Contact…

I have tried many times the benefits of blog, you're not working or employed. I invite you to read Personal Branding and Blog Do inseparable? to become more aware of the advantages of this format.

Personal Branding FAQ 19. How I can formarme in Personal Branding?

As the consultant and friend says José Miguel Bolívar, spare time, what is lacking is focus. You have different forms based on time (focus) and budget.

  • Books: If you're starting, I recommend you “Personal Brand for Dummies” Pérez Ortega Andres, “El reto” Paul Adam, “Desmárcate” Xavi Roca, “El mapa de tu talento” Arancha Ruiz or “How to sell your personal brand” Raquel Gómez. If you want to inspire in people who have raised their own brand, I advise “Marca eres tú” Eva Collado Durán and “Un café con Chan” Ami Bondia. If you already know the concept and want to be a pro, definitely “Expertología” Pérez Andrés Ortega is the choice. If you want to dive deeper into self-knowledge, I try to “Who are you” Laura Chica, “Tu futuro es hoy” written by Laura's own Alcaide and Francisco Chica “Smart Feedback” Rosa and Jane Troco and Naomi Vico. If you want to expand on strategy, I suggest “Tu modelo de negocio” Clark, Osterwalder y Pigneur. If you want visibility tools, test “Your visibility plan” Neus Arques and “You have the OIR” Pérez Ortega Andres.
  • Blogs: Feedly enters and places the word “personal branding” or “Personal Branding” and subscribe to 10 or 12 blogs that will appear first. Forgiveness do not you know Feedly? be, be, be…
  • Consultancy: There are many good consultants / as personal branding in Spain / Latin America. I would not fit here. When you recommend one, Look for it in their own social networks and blog (if it does not have, I discard it) and make sure it is personal branding specialist, not someone who has it as a service. Shies away from using the term “Personal Branding 2.0”. Prices depend heavily on cache consulting consultant and methodology employing. Not the same process 3 one sessions 15 or a monthly mentoring permanent.
  • Training: The best formations are the companies that hire for your professional. I hate to say, but that's how it is. A two-day workshop can afford not everyone, and less with specialists good. You have university training in the Graduate Personal Branding Blanquerna URL, a course almost 100% online with a face week in Barcelona.
  • Online courses: There are many, although the quality is disappointing. Fortunately, this week, Udo and the great mentor Andrés Pérez Ortega They have launched the course “Design your personal brand strategy step by step“. I'm following and it's great.
  • congress: In Spanish, There is a congress, yes, Personal Branding Lab Day (PBLabDay for friends) which is already preparing its fourth edition for June. In Portuguese and Spanish, this PBEX Brazil, Personal Branding Experience, which is usually done in November. Besides that, I subscribe to Google Alert “Congress personal brand” because they go out to consider specific events.
  • videos: there are thousands. It's hard to choose. I like Google Actívate of Claudio Inacio, es autobiographical and inspirational. He too TEDx Slope Bailiff Arancha Ruiz, yes, TEDx Fundesem Andrés Pérez Ortega y, If you let me, yes, TEDx Lleida William of such Recolons.
  • Wikipedia: Do not even think about it. It is the opposite of reality. Someday I promise, with my professional colleagues, give a change as it deserves.

Personal Branding FAQ 20. When you end a process of Personal Branding?

you suspect, true? It does not finish. Well, I lie, just at the time of transfer. Not our personal brand, which it acts as a legacy when we're not.

That does not mean you do not know people who have decided to end the process. They are a small group that has formed and does not see him the advantages and disadvantages yes. I respect, in the world must have all. A process of personal branding is a training process, as he stated Socrates, “I only know that I know nothing”. Training is something inherent in our life. The day we stop enable us to create value.


I hope I have clarified doubts and concepts with this quarter FAQ (4). This ends here, but I do not rule out that later returns with a new collection. Have a nice week!

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Ten years incontinence, ten years of this blog

Ten years of not being able to suppress my thoughts, my ideas. Ten years incontinence. The principle is undressing. Then you realize that striptease Mental is not negative if you have your audience and, above all, if it adds value.

You are right, this month ten years of this blog are met

It was spring 2007. I reached an agreement with John Paul Tréguer in Paris to represent his successful agency TVLowCost in Spain. The idea was good: packetize advertising campaigns on national TV at affordable price (250.000€) and including research, 6 Ad scripts, shooting 3 or 4 Ad versions from 7 and 10 TV campaign seconds approx. 250 GRPs (some 250 audience points summed crude).

The way to reach customers devised by Jean-Paul was (And it is) buy email lists (permission marketing) to send a monthly newsletter, and, more important, manage a blog. What is a blog? At that time I had no idea, for me it was a web blog but staff. But I was wrong, He did not need to be personal and present its dynamism and, It was not a web use.

First steps in blogging

In April 2007 He had already created two blogs, TVLowCost that of Spain and another for a political candidate. And in December, does 10 years old , I opened my own. Then the URL was My own company was called so, Lateral Consulting, and it was not until 2010 that I changed the name to the current

If I dared to open my own blog was because I was already familiar with the content creation and publishing platforms Blogspot and WordPress (I unify finally WordPress, there is no comparison). By that time hardly existed SEO, It was mainly to create a tag cloud for visitors to blog could find content more easily.

Although social networks already existed, in Spain few had in 2007 an account on Twitter or Facebook or Linkedin. The important thing was to share the blog in places like Delicious, DIGG and some more healing platform.

The first post

The 12 from December 2007 I published the first post Marketing lateral. The pleasure of rereading Kotler, a review of a book that struck me as much as “the Bible” Lateral thinking, the great thinker Maltese Edward de Bono.

The early years focused more on content areas at that time occupied my field of action: political communication, lateral thinking and environment low cost.

Rereading some of those early posts judiciously today, we would say they were content very simple, anti SEO (very brief post), but with ideas and insights a certain value. And always in personal tone. Who writes a blog as a press release company always boring.

Little by little, transmitting personal brand

It is true that a blog is an "accelerator" personal brand. I explain: what previously he was on the mark in private circles (job, friends, family) extends to the blog your circle of influence humanity connected. Big responsibility.

Besides going to expand that circle of influence, since 2007 I started working without being aware of it yet- personal branding consulting. My first customers: political leaders, artists, managers and entrepreneurs. I called him "personal communication consulting".

A few months later, my friend Linda Reichard said -mirándome with serious rictus- what you are doing is called personal branding.

Awareness of Personal Branding

From that moment I began to realize that there was a strategic process (then something primal) to manage personal branding people, Personal branding. I started to read the first manifesto of personal branding, article Tom PetersThe Brand Called YOU“. My friend recommended me to read Dan Schawbel, and William Arruda. Excellent excellent books and blogs. In addition, I discovered Neus Arques with his And you, what brand you are? (Alienta 2007) very oriented to personal reputation. Shortly after I read Personal brand of Andrés Pérez Ortega (Basic, 2008).

Later, I started with other authors such as Brenda Bence (How you are like shampoo), Catherine Kaputa (You are a brand), Hubert Rampersad (Be the CEO of your life), …

Although most texts are very much focused on the need to differentiate, as advertising it was clear that this was VALUE. He remembers that in “Brand = unique value proposition). I also clear that a simple method was needed to manage it, based on three key phases: self-knowledge, personal strategy and visibility; later, to inaugurate Soymimarca, I baptized him as “Iceberg method Personal Brand“.

First content on personal branding

The first post is just 150 words (was little SEO), called “The impact of the web 2.0 in the Personal Branding“. Thereafter there 300 articles under the category Personal Branding, which eventually it drifted to personal branding applications in organizations. If I add that the 400 written in the blog Soymimarca and I add external collaborations, I'm near 1.000 articles.

The most read

I started “audit” the web in February 2012, so maybe I forget some relevant content on the road. The 10 most read, according to Google Analytics, high to low are:

  1. What makes you a unique person in the world. January 2017
  2. How to analyze your CV based on the generation recruiter. July 2016
  3. Personal Branding in the company. Applications, pros and cons. January 2017
  4. What kind of thinker are. December 2015
  5. The best of 2016 Personal Branding. January 2017
  6. Disappearing professions are you on the list? April 2014
  7. 8 steps to find a good job. August 2015
  8. And you, and you discovered your superpowers? December 2016
  9. 23 reasons to get in value. April 2017
  10. Sr. Risto Mejide, things as they are: Thank you. September 2014

With what I most enjoyed

Los rankings son los rankings, but along the way are some items that may have the greatest influence among my clients.

  1. The pain in the ass of the name Garcia. June 2012
  2. What is a stakeholder and how it affects brand management staff? Mayo 2017
  3. Storytelling, connecting speech, seduces and convinces. April 2016
  4. Mark package as value proposition works? April 2017
  5. Personal Branding y plan B: Key transition. February 2016
  6. 14 questions to see if I fit in an organization. April 2015
  7. What is the trigger for your career? August 2017
  8. A professor of personal brand without personal brand? March 2014
  9. useless words and personal brand. September 2016
  10. Stupidity of stereotypes. June 2016

This does not end here

I threaten: I intend to continue writing. I wish the thing for another ten years. If this has lasted 10 years I owe it to you, the readers. Thanks with all my heart. Everything leaves a brand, recargáis energy and you mine.