A spicy touch to the personal brand

Mexico, hot (human), color and a piquant

If somewhere in the world combines color,, hot and spicy, That's Mexico. Last Personal Branding Lab Day He showed the musculature of Latin America and Brazil in personal brand. And these days I have had the opportunity to experience live the strength of Mexico hand equipment Integra Personal Branding (Nancy Vazquez, Alan and Sandy Urbina Quiroz) that I advise to follow closely.

integra personal branding mexico

Alan Urbina, Guillem Recolons, Nancy Vazquez, Sandy Mendoza Quiroz and Abimael (Cholula, Mexico)


It strikes me that the introduction of personal branding in some countries of America, and especially Brazil, He came through the personal image. It has a certain logic; the image alone without identity, self-knowledge and strategy lacks solidity, is a tip of the iceberg sinking because no basis. Complemented needed to give the point of brand consistency. Brazil currently a very powerful personal branding group, with long boring Ilana Berenholc, Daniela Viek, Nelson Emilio, Patricia Dalpra, Arthur Bender, Deize Andrade, among many others.

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay

Unlike Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay introduced the personal brand through self-knowledge, the first step of developing a brand. It would be the equivalent of diagnosis branding, and that, the southern part of America known and much. I want to highlight in this group Hector Jimenez, whose experience and influence reach many countries in the region. Not leave me Roberto Arancibia, from Chile.

Colombia, Venezuela, Peru

Another focus would leave leadership, and there would have to Colombia, Venezuela, Peru. Leadership is self-leadership void, as well manifests Raquel Gómez from Bogota soul. Venezuela occupies a vital role in promoting personal branding, both within the country and from outside. Fernando Rios, Veronica Sanchez, Edgady Point, Yrma Sánchez, Gabriel Patrizzi, Ylse Roa… From Peru, dew Ames Also part of the leadership to build personal brand cycle.

Dominican Republic

I do not want to forget a lone wolf who has given personal branding a holistic view and academic, Dominican professor of Cuban origin Vladimir Estrada, a great researcher and creator of content.

Although Brazil is one of the most dynamic countries, personal branding is gradually permeating. At first, as it happened in Spain, It develops individual consulting, and the slow but solid cycle is the introduction of personal branding in business.

more Central

In the area of ​​Central America, Integra team also Personal Branding in Mexico, Arturo Fernández personal branding has been working in Mexico a few years ago. And in Panama, It has joined the big family Yael Bern, young but too well prepared.

Living is incredible

In Mexico I had the chance to talk before an elite group of insurance agents leading company in the country, GNP Seguros. Are the authors of tagline Living is incredible, which has established itself as a philosophy of life after more than 8 years of existence. Mexico needs more companies like GNP brave who are not afraid to train their people in personal brand to empower them and give them weapons to be the best brand ambassadors.

living is incredible

San Juan del Río, Querétaro, Mx

In the background, We always say that there is something worse than train your people and leave, which it is not to form it and remain in the company.


Development and growth programs personal brand in organizations in the region it will not be possible without the support of big business, they need like no build trust with their markets beyond traditional communication.

And on the other hand, you need to create partnerships between branders staff to show strong teams that can respond to all personal branding programs in the company, such as training programs, de executive branding, de employee advocacy (internal brand ambassadors) y employer branding. This requires gathering powers of self-knowledge, strategic, and corporate and personal communication. Integra equipment such as Personal Branding are on the line, and Ilana Berenholc initiatives and Daniela Viek, promoter of International Week of Personal Branding from Brazil.


To end, I leave the video Thursday Integra Personal Branding when I had the honor of participating last 31 of August. With a spicy touch, of course. Happy start to the season!


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