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#FakeContacts When a stranger asks you to spread his project (or worse)

"I have started a new project that I think you might be interested in and I would also like to explore if you can help us in the dissemination". This phrase, poorly worded -- why deny it- (I've started, you can help us) it's becoming one of the new viruses of today. If you're short on time, I summarize it in a … Read more

Analyzing blog threats from guillem recolons

Personal brand diagnosis 11: Analyzing threats

In the 10 previous chapters of the Iceberg series I have worked with the diagnosis of our personal brand: perceived identity, own identity, digital identity identity by name in search engines, on social media and by keywords. I have also discussed with Elena Arnaiz the "D" of "Weaknesses" of the STHFO, the "F" of Strongholds with Xavi Roca. … Read more

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Personal brand diagnosis 7: Digital identity on social media

In the 6 previous chapters have focused on perceived identity (external feedback), in its own (self-diagnosis tests) and in digital identity by name. This chapter discusses digital identity on social media. And in the next we'll try the most complex but effective, our digital identity by keywords. If you have little … Read more

Digital Selling Index

Personal brand diagnosis 5: Digital Selling Index

Within the diagnostic phase, we started with Alex Lopez the digital series, this time analyzing the powerful Digital Selling Index tool. Until now, previous chapters of offline diagnosis have dealt with external feedback, with Naomi Vico. In internal feedback, the D.I.S.C. tool. with Virginia Guisasola, the test of the 16 personalities with Helena Casas, … Read more

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#Storytelling: 366 accounts in perpetual images

What happens when you spend a whole year publishing daily stories in images that have been left for the story? Well, when you look back you realize the power of the image and its ability to tell stories. Among the 2 March 2019 and the 1 March 2020 … Read more

Advantages of private profiles on social media

Pros and cons of having private profiles on social media

I see that having private or public profiles still raises doubts for many social media users. In this post I explain, with the help of Oscar Del Santo, the pros and cons of having a private profile, although I advance you that from the point of view of your personal brand, there are more advantages and opportunities … Read more

content remains king

The content remains the king of the jungle 2.0

If many gave up on the blog (And they were wrong), now the same voices augur the end of the era of content. And, from what I see, they're wrong again. The platforms where the content resides may evolve (You know, Podcasts...), but little else. Content remains king. This is … Read more

From influencers to influencers (substantial change)

From influencers to influencers (substantial change)

Influencers or influencers? This is the third of the trends I scored a few days ago in the post Trends 2020 at Personal Branding. The first, already developed, is the drive of social awareness and personal branding. And the second, When facts are imposed on the sayings. Of course, the word influencers is … Read more